Chances are that if you are reading this you know that you’re likely going to get your family that pool they have always wanted sometime soon. You have finally decided to make the decision to cool off at home from now on. With all this being said, many of you are going about this “pool buying decision process” the wrong way by delaying your scheduling decision.

WHY WE DELAY: Right now when you look outside in Houston it is 76°. It is supposed to be in the 80’s here at the American Fiberglass Pool factory on all next week! Because of this, why are you are delaying and putting off that pool purchasing decision that will before you realize it hit you like a ton of bricks in the near future! If I had a dollar for every time a pool purchasing customer has said to me over the last 45 years, “You mean you can’t start our pool for 6-8 weeks?”, well, let’s just say I would be living on a beach in Hawaii instead of writing you this list!
In my opinion, when late March gets here and the daily temps are in the 80’s every day, all of a sudden our brains come out of hibernation and we start to realize “Wow, we need to get our pool plans going right away!”. What we don’t realize is most pools are sold at that time and the construction backlog can possibly be weeks or even months. To give you an example, last March our construction division sold 57 pools for families like yours. In April we sold 83 more. Also, when you factor in the uncertainty of a wet spring along with the hundreds of pools we supply our dealer network with around the country; things can get backed up significantly. Needless to say, this situation can be a real bummer for folks that procrastinated so long to talk to the pool guy, then waited too long to make a decision, and also for us too since we like to keep things in a nice construction groove year round, and to assist our customers as quick as possible.
So by now I’m sure that you get my point, but read on as I list the most obvious reasons that you need to purchase a pool NOW versus waiting until spring arrives.
1. YOU LIKELY WILL SPEND MORE MONEY IF YOU WAIT: To be frank with you, our material vendors tend to raise prices on materials and products we use right after the first of the year, EVERY year. We even just received another price increase for 2/16/16. When demand is high for most materials or items, prices are high as well. When demand is low, prices are lower. This is all simple economics! So, take advantage of the lower prices before the demand increases over the next two months.
2. YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT LONGER TO SWIM: We have already established that March can mean a 6-8 week construction backlog because so many folks delay their purchasing decision until warm weather arrives. That flood of sales means that instead of your pool guy getting started as soon as the permits are completed, he can’t actually start for 45-60 days. This, as you can well imagine, may cut into the swim season significantly.
3. THIS IS STILL THE TIME TO GET “BUYING INCENTIVES” FROM YOUR POOL BUILDER: It is very common to get LED multi-colored lights, possibly upgraded pool surfacing like the shimmer surfaces available on American Fiberglass Pools and discounts on saltwater chlorination systems, etc. All these incentive items will disappear in a month or so.
4. YOUR YARD WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO GET BACK TO NORMAL: Any type of construction can get messy, especially if the season is a wet one. For those pool buyers that get their pool installed now, their yards will look much nicer come next pool season compared to those persons that make a later purchase.
5. LESS STRESS: I can tell you absolutely that NOW pool installations are less stressful. There is plenty of 2016 swim time in front of us! There is plenty of time NOW for construction to be completed even prior to the end of March if you get the ball rolling now and the weather cooperates.
6. YOU ARE NOT SO RUSHED: No one wants to be rushed when they are spending thousands of dollars on a swimming pool. It is good to take your time and to have your wits about you when making a decision. By shopping for a pool now, you can make a relaxed and informed decision. You won’t have to make a decision simply on “Who can start my pool the soonest?”
7. THE COST OF VACATIONS KEEP GOING UP: Even with oil prices starting to drop and the cost of gasoline more affordable, the cost of airfare and hotels is still quite expensive. Why not get that pool now so your family can “staycation” at home every single day? A pool purchase from the right pool guy means forever enjoyment, relaxation, exercise, and backyard BBQ’s!
8. MAKE SPECIAL MEMORIES: Your pool and outdoor living area will literally change your life. All of a sudden the teens will want to stay home and invite their friends over for pool parties. Imagine how you will feel knowing exactly where your kids are! Outdoor cooking and grilling around the pool will make everyday a holiday, promise! No more rentals to hold parties or holiday celebrations. Your home with your pool area will be your venue of choice for almost every activity. Think of all the great times you will have, the videos, the pics; all will provide your family with special moments in time to remember while being pool side with your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool!!
9. AWESOME FINANCING IS NOW AVAILABLE: That’s right, if you borrow, let’s say $35,000.00, for as much as 180 months, your payment right now is only about $300 a month. What’s more, the interest is tax deductible, the rate is “fixed” over the life of the loan and better yet, there is NO prepayment penalty. We now have lenders offering 20 year terms! We have lots of lenders available that also include unsecured loans. Very interesting, don’t you think? If you give us a call I can give you further details.
10. FINALLY FOLLOW THRU ON THAT NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: An American Fiberglass Pool is the perfect pool to do water aerobics, exercise, and lose some of those extra pounds without taking a pounding by walking or running on concrete. Almost 70% of your weight disappears while you are in an American Fiberglass Pool. No more sore feet, achy joints, or blisters.
So, now you have it. I can only hope that this simple list helps you in your efforts to have an enjoyable pool buying experience now and lots of great swimming and fun in 2015 and beyond!

Lastly: Thought of the day: “Political correctness is tyranny with manners”. Charlton Heston


  1. Noelle says:

    Thank you for opening my eyes on the right time to purchase a new pool. I had intended to wait until March to start interviewing pool contractors. I have been studying pool types and fiberglass has many more advantages than concrete pools do. I especially like the lower maintenance.
    Please call me when you can.

    Thank you

    • wayne says:

      We are glad you decided early to schedule your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW American Fiberglass Pool model San Jacinto. If it ever quits raining we should be able to begin your pool by the end of March. You should be able to swim in plenty of time before the water gets warm enough!

  2. Justin G. says:

    Great thoughts you shared here! We would like an estimate on a fiberglass asap. 361*******. Feel free to call anytime.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks sir! Glad you liked our blog! Your American Fiberglass Pool model Neches has been built in our fiberglass pool factory and we should see you in 10-14 days to begin the construction.

  3. Paul Lively says:

    Thank you so much for the great job you did for us back in Sept. Our pool, a Frio model, is just huge! You told us that it would be but until you see it you just cannot fathom it.
    Please pass along a big hey to all your guys especially Henry. You have a very special guy in him and you are lucky to have him. How he could work that hard yet keep us all in stitches is remarkable! I never saw him without a big smile.

    • wayne says:

      Hey Paul and thank you for the extra kind words. We are so glad that y’all are pleased with your new pool and your are so right about Henry. He is a great guy and just completed his 36th year with American Fiberglass Pools.

  4. Ron Sasalito says:

    We always enjoy reading your postings here. We have followed you for over 2 years while continuously investigating pool contractors and building materials. It appears that fiberglass pools are the only way to go, HANDS DOWN! Your call to discuss this would be much appreciated at 409*******.
    We live in Galveston.

    • wayne says:

      Hi Ron, thanks for all the nice thoughts and your building permits were picked up earlier this week. We should be seeing you again within a week.

  5. Uri Duhon says:

    Nice web site and thanks for writing this article.
    We have been searching for the right type of pool and the right type of pool builder for months.
    We have decided that a fiberglass pool will be best for us. Now we are starting to contact potential pool businesses.
    At your earliest opportunity, please call at 979-***-****.

    • wayne says:

      I appreciate your kind works about our website. Your Gaudalupe model American Fiberglass Pool should be completed in our fiberglass pool factory late next week. We should be ready to start construction shortly after that.

  6. Lewis Pruett says:

    I am very interested in owning a fiber glass pool before summer arrives.

    Contact me at 409*******

    • wayne says:

      Hi Lewis, we are anxious to build your American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos as soon as your new home is completed.

  7. Ted Lawson says:

    Your Guadalupe model would look great behind our place in the country. Do you build pools around La Grange?

    If so, please give us a call at 512-***-****.

    • wayne says:

      We sure do build American Fiberglass Pool in Granger! We should be able to start construction on the largest fiberglass pool available in the USA, a Guadalupe in 2-3 weeks.

  8. Robert M. says:

    Your reasons are all valid sir! I too have been building pools a long time {Florida} & are still amazed at how many pool buyers want you to start yesterday when they decided to purchase the pool in March or April.

    Buying a pool NOW is the smartest decision a pool buyer can make….

  9. Steve Breshears says:

    Thank you all again for the nice job on our pool back in December. We enjoyed the heck out of your workers, especially the leader Henry.
    You are fortunate to have him and the rest of the crew as well.

    One of our neighbors is interested in a pool,
    you can reach James at 832*******.

    Good luck with him. He loves our pool!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for the accolades and thanks for the referral of your neighbor. I’m sure you are aware by now that they purchased a San Antonio model pool from us.

  10. Cheri says:

    I think you are correct that it is time to get a pool if you intend to swim this spring.
    Every pool company that we have spoken to lately says they can’t get started until April. We also have decided that our pool must be a fiber glass pool since it will hold up much better in the expansive soil we have. Please call me at 409-***-****.

    Thank You!

    • wayne says:

      It was good thinking to get started early on your pool purchase decision. We expect your financing to be closing next week. Won’t be long and you will be enjoying your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool model Trinity.

  11. Adrian K. says:

    Nice website & good advice. Contact me @(979) ******* asap please.

    You must have a great team put together since you have been around for 45 years!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for you kind opinion! We do have a wonderful team here at American Fiberglass Pools. We hope to have your pool in and complete for your party on April 16. Just stop doing any rain dances.

  12. Tino Mendoza says:

    We have been researching the different kinds of swimming pools that are available for over a year.

    We are now convinced that a fiberglas pool is the only pool to own due to the much lesser maintenance, the better ability to withstand damages from soil movement, and never requiring resurfacing.

    Your call to us at 832-***-**** would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Folds that do their homework almost always buy a fiberglass pool. We are glad you selected us to build yours!

  13. Jim Tildon says:

    Many thanks for the tips!
    Please call us at 979-*******.
    We agree that now is the right time to purchase a new fiberglass pool.

    • wayne says:

      Your welcome! WE know you could have chosen among several pool companies and we are pleased that you selected American Fiberglass Pools!

  14. Charlie Higgins says:

    Hi Wayne!
    Just wanted to say hey & thanks again for the super job on our pool last September.
    The whole family loved your crew, especially Henry!
    We wish you folks a blessed year & look forward to sending you all our friends, family, & neighbors when they want to build a pool too!!

    • wayne says:

      You all are quite welcome! Our guys loved working with y’all too! Your grilling for them everyday spoiled our troops!

  15. Stefan says:

    Please call us to discuss your fiberglass pools.
    We are interested in a pool in the 20×40ft range.

  16. George Deist says:

    Fiber glass pools appear to be the best type of pool to own for a variety of reasons. We would like to have an in the home consultation on what shape and size pool will best meet our small backyard limitations.

    Please call during the evening.
    Thank you.

    • wayne says:

      We are glad you elected to have an American Fiberglass Pool Trinity model installed at your new home. Just give us a heads up when you have moved in.

  17. Jean-Marc says:

    Picking the right type of pool is easy. Namely because I do not want a pool that is a lot of work. That narrows it down to a fiberglass pool. Would you please give me a call @ 713*******

  18. Oscar Cortez says:

    There are many thousands of fibre glas pools being constructed in Mexico every year. I am very interested in providing your pools in Monterey. The car manufacturing business is fast growing there as well as the pool buying class of the public.


    • wayne says:

      We are pleased to be working with you as a Mexico distribution yard for our beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pools.

  19. Deborah Gentry says:

    You guys did a fantastic job on our pool! Thank you sooooo much! We are counting the days until swim season starts. We had to let the kids get in the pool 2 weeks ago to initiate themselves. I wish I had taken some pics!!

    • wayne says:

      It was truly a privilege to work with your family! We wish you lots of memory making in your American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos.

  20. Leslie D. says:

    Please have a rep contact us at 714-*******.
    We recently moved to Sugarland from California.
    There are lots of fiberglass pools back there in earthquake land.

    • wayne says:

      You are right! The very first fiberglass pools were installed over on the left coast and their claim to fame was that they were ‘Earthquake Proof’. Hope you enjoy living in Texas and swimming in an American Fiberglass Pool model Trinity.

  21. Help Wanted says:

    We live near Austin and recently had a fiberglass pool installed. We have had lots of issues with the pool builder and could use some expert advise if you are interested.
    Please call at 512*******.
    Thank you!

  22. Roy Timms says:

    Finding a well qualified contractor in any construction business is not an easy task. It took me three years to select a home builder. I have been looking into pool contractors to work for me for almost a year. The reputation of your company and product are fantastic. To that extent, I encourage you to call me to set a date to provide an estimate.


  23. Samantha says:

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  24. Rob Karnes says:

    We very much would love to own a pool. After reading your website we have come to the understanding that fiberglass pools are truly the best pools to have.
    We welcome your call to discuss your American Pools.


  25. Paul Barnett says:

    Just wanted you to know that we enjoy your blog every time you post.

    We also have completed all our studies on pools and pool builders.

    We are ready to speak with you about a fiberglass pool.


  26. Sarah Jahns says:

    Is it possible for someone from your company to stop by to make recommendations for us? We know we want a fiberglass pool but are torn between a diving and non diving pool. Of course it is the kids that want the diving board.


  27. Bradford Collingsworth says:

    Do you build pools in Chambers County area? We recently purchased a week end home there and want a small pool in the 10×20 range. Max depth of 4ft. If you have some time to contact us to discuss options please do.


  28. Sid Nesbitt says:

    I much appreciate your attempts to be educational about pool stuff to all of us out here.

    Please call us about a pool quote.


  29. Karen McCarthy says:

    We have spent hundreds of hours trying to study the various types of inground pools available.

    We now know that a vinyl pool is not compatible in our area due to the high water table and all the large trees.

    We like the custom appeal of concrete pools but refuse to deal with all the extra maintenance.

    Fiberglass offers the ease of care we seek and the product that will last the longest.

    Please call me at 713-*******

    Thank you!

  30. Ian Clinton says:

    Sounds like you have a bunch of sound reasons that we should not wait on our pool purchase.

    You can call me at 713*******.

    Thank you

  31. Rob Berry says:

    Please give me a call.
    281 *** ****.

  32. Shiloh B. says:

    Our family swam in one of your pools last summer at some friend’s house, the Rodgers in Tomball. They said the pool was built about 23 years ago. We had a great time and the pool looked absolutely fantastic. We just moved into our new home in Splendora and want a pool for our place. Please call at 281-***-****.

    Thank you, thank you!

  33. Chelsea Biore'. says:

    Thank you for the many tips in this article.
    We have been searching for the right type of swimming pool to consider.

    Our research keeps coming back to your company.

    Please call us at 713*******

  34. James Caffey says:

    All & all fiber glass pools are the pool to own if you seek a product that will last forever along with ease of care. Quite frankly, I do not see how anyone could ‘settle’ on a gunite pool or a vinyl liner pool.

    I have friends with each type of pool so I can speak from lots of experience.

  35. E. Tucker says:

    There are so many obvious attributes to owning a fiberglass pool. I like the low operational cost the most. Less chemicals, less electricity, never having to pay for re-surfacing, etc.
    Your call would be appreciated @ 281-***-****.

  36. Hal Renaud says:

    Great blog!

    Fiberglass Pools appear to be a great investment. I have owned a couple of concrete pools previously and the time I spent taking care of them cannot be calculated in cost.

    Please contact me at 713-***-****.

  37. Dennis McDaniels says:

    I have read a whole lot about fiberglass pools over the last month. It is quite obvious that they are the pool to own if you are a person without the time to spend cleaning & caring for it like a concrete pool requires.
    Can you have a sales associate contact me at 281*******?

  38. Jim Nero says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Fiber glass pools seem to have been available for almost 60 years.
    Is that correct?
    If so they must be a great product and do all the things advertised.
    Would you please call us to speak about us buying one?
    Reach me at 979 *** **** thanks.

  39. Wesley B. says:

    Wayne, your crew refurbished our 36 year old fiberglass pool and it looks fantastic. Tile was added at the top and it truly looks like a new pool. The old concrete deck was replaced with new concrete and a faux flagstone finish and it also looks very good. The question I want to ask is concerning the faux flagstone, do we ever have to add any sealer or other type of finish and if we do how often does this happen.