2016 Winner of Distinction Award

Better Business Bureau Recognizes American Pools with Winner of Distinction Award.

In recognizing businesses and non-profits for their achievements and commitment to quality in the workplace, American Pools was recognized at the annual Better Business Bureau Awards of Excellence on May 11, 2016. ¬†Recognized as a Winner of Distinction Award, this was the third time to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau for service excellence. ¬†When asked what it means to American Pools to receive this recognition for the third time, Wayne Stringer, President, states “We work hard to provide top notch service to our customers and clients and it is an honor to be recognized for our efforts,.”

WAYNE BBB PIC, may 2016

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53 Responses to “2016 Winner of Distinction Award”

  1. Larry Marshall says:

    Congratulations to you and your company! You staff has always treated my wife and I with the utmost respect since you built our pool back in 98.
    Good things happen to good people and your folks are the best!

  2. Penny Knotts says:

    My husband and I are very interested in a fiber glass pool. Your Guadalupe model in particular. Our investigation has shown that all other fiber glass pool manufacturers make only 15ft inside width pools. The pool you make is 19ft. wide on the inside? Wow!

    Please contact us at 361-***-**** during the evening.

    • wayne says:

      Hey Penny! Glad to report that your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool model Guadalupe was completed prior to your first swim party on July 4th! We also wish to thank you for the referral of your two friends to us. Gloria’s pool was wrapped up in August and Sarah’s pool has just started in their new house.

  3. Evelyn Powell says:

    Please accept my congratulations too!

    We are wanting to build a nice, cool, low maintainence fiberglass pool this summer. Please give us a call at 281 *** ****.

    Thank you!!

    • wayne says:

      I hope your are finding that your American Fiberglass Pool model Rio Bravo is meeting your criteria to be nice, cool, and low maintenance. Some how I know it is!!

  4. Adolpho Inez says:

    Our home is in Freeport Texas. Can you give estimates here? If yes 979_******* is my phone.

    Bravo for your company winning another award!

    • wayne says:

      We enjoyed working with your family and wish you lots of memory making in your American Fiberglass Pool model San Antonio.

  5. Silas Portland says:

    Please accept my sincere congrats on winning another award from the BBB.
    Since you built our pool back in 2003, you have always been very responsive to any assistance we requested.

    We wish you guys continued success.

  6. Rhonda Zachary says:

    You guys really seem to have your stuff together.
    Congratulations on your most recent Award.

    We want a fiberglass pool installed by a reliable company like you guys.

    Call me at 713-***-****.
    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      It was our privilege to have worked with you and Pete. Thanks also for all the pics you sent us of the model Brazos pool construction.

  7. Oscar G. says:

    Nice to see that you are so service oriented.
    Some companies don’t wish to talk again after they have your money.

    Please give me a call asap at 281*******.

    • wayne says:

      I’m sure y’all are enjoying the American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos II. Last time I was at your house there were at least 15 kids splashing around in the pool.

  8. Lucas Tice says:

    Thanks to all of you at American Pools for the beautiful job you did on our fiberglass pool installation in December. The pool was an extra special Christmas gift to our grand kids.
    Us older folks have enjoyed the pool as well as a perfect place to exercise. We enjoyed the crew that installed the pool with their smiling attitudes every day and attention to the details. Congratulations on your award and keep up the fantastic work!
    All the best, Lucas and Sarah

    • wayne says:

      Many thanks for all the kind thoughts. We enjoyed Tina’s apple spice cake she sent back with our tech after the pool school was performed. How about sharing the recipe if it is not a family secret?

  9. Gregory says:

    My wife and I (plus the children) are wanting a new fiberglass pool. Your credintials are impressive.

    Contact us please at 979*******.
    Thank you.

    • wayne says:

      I’m sure your American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos has kept everyone cool this past summer. Also, thank you for sending us the pictures of your pool after the landscaping.

  10. Kate Neal says:

    Great job! Congratulations!
    You did a fantastic job on our pool in February of this year as well.
    The San Jacinto model is just the perfect size for our family, just as you suggested.
    Both of our neighbors on either side are wanting pools too.
    Call Sammi @ 281******* and Kayla @ 281*******.

    • wayne says:

      We appreciate your kind words. Your neighbors are both quite happy too. Kayla has referred us to her brother as well. We will be starting his pool next week.

  11. George Hardin says:

    Greetings! Please give me a phone call to discuss having a fiberglass pool built asap.

    • wayne says:

      Hey George, your American Fiberglass Pool model San Marcos was completed in 9 days. Was that enough ASAP for you?

  12. Flint says:

    I am interested in meeting with you to discuss a fiberglass pool for my family.
    Call me at 979*******

    • wayne says:

      The American Fiberglass Pool model Rio Grande we did for your family turned out very nice. I saw the pics of the faux stone deck selection y’all made. Great choice and happy swimming!

  13. Isabelle Conn says:

    Congratulations. Please call me to set a time a representative from your company can stop over to discuss a fiber glass pool.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for becoming another satisfied American Fiberglass Pool owner. The San Jacinto model American Fiberglass Pool was perfect for the yard space you had available. All the best and join us again!

  14. Kate M. says:

    Our research on pools keep leading back to fiberglass. Our research on pool builders keep leading back to American Fiberglass Pools.
    Please call me at 713 *** ****.

  15. Maya F. says:

    Our interest is in your model Frio.
    We live on a ranch outside Columbus,TX.
    Reach us at 979 *** ****.

    • wayne says:

      Hi Maya, with several hundred acres to work with, you chose the biggest fiberglass diving pool in the USA. The Frio works beautifully into the amenity package of pool, outdoor kitchen, and pergola. Have fun!

  16. Edward Petrie says:

    We are so happy that we choose to have an American Fiberglass Pool installed last summer. We had all of August thru October to splash around until cooler weather set in. We thought long and hard about waiting until this spring to build the pool but are so glad that we built during the summer. Now our yard is perfect, all the grass/landscaping appears to have been there for years. Your men and office staff were all friendly, they were easy to work with. The details were not missed, and I felt comfortable with the process from a-z.
    Best wishes for your continued success!!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks guy! We are obliged to you for all the nice thoughts and wish your family lots of fun and relaxation in your Rio Grande model American Fiberglass Pool.

  17. James Whitley says:

    Wayne, you and your team did us an awesome job back in March. You all deserve to get this award and many more.

  18. Bryan Cardiff says:

    We need a call to discuss your fiberglass pools.
    We have been investigating pools and pool companies for 4 months.

    Call at 713-***-****.
    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Taking a while to weigh out the options is never a bad plan. We much appreciate that after all that research you selected American Fiberglass Pools to construct your pool.

  19. Jim Bond says:

    I have owned all types of swimming pools during my adulthood. I can truly say that a fiberglass pool is the easiest type to maintain. Never did I have a lick of trouble with either of the two fiberglass pools I owned.

  20. Pete Harrison says:

    Very few people seem to win that type of of recognition. You guys have won that award 3 times.
    We want to get a pool and you guys have a great reputation.
    Please contact us asap at 281*******.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for joining us and we look forward to building your American Fiberglass Pool model Colorado this November when you close on your new home.

  21. Rob Geyeen says:

    A new pool is part of our plans over the next 60 days.
    If you can call us to set up a time for a quote please call at 713 *** ****.

    • wayne says:

      Welcome aboard our family of American Fiberglass Pool owners! The model Wichita swim spa you selected will be usable year round with the heat/chill pump we installed.

  22. Mike Crowe says:

    Nice award & congratulations!

    From what I have read over & over, fiberglass pools are the only type of pool to have in expansion soil conditions. Our home is in Alvin where the ground is really bad.

    Give me a call please @ 281******* to discuss which of your pools will work for us.

    • wayne says:

      American Fiberglass Pools are the right choice for expansive soil conditions. Alvin is full of ‘gumbo’ soil. I have seen many a failed concrete pool in your area in my career. Trust your family is getting lots of enjoyment in the American Fiberglass Pool model Llano we installed back in July.

  23. Chandra and Harris says:

    We just loved your men that put in our pool a couple of months ago. They were always polite, willing to answer questions, and kept the backyard cleaner than we ever expected. You deserve accolades and awards that you receive.

  24. JI'm Sasso says:

    Congratulations on your latest award!
    Please call me to get pricing on a fiberglass pool.

    832-***-****. Best time to call is in the afternoon.

    • wayne says:

      Sorry to have been the one to tell you that your yard was all utility easements. I really thought we could work in a pool, but maybe next time. All the best!

  25. Tyler Babin says:

    Good going American Pools! When you built our Rio Grande model last year you did us a wonderful job.
    Thanks again and we highly recommend you to anyone that wants a new pool.

  26. J. Gerswin says:

    My family is completely satisfied and enjoying our Pecos II model American Fiberglass Pool.
    The project went smoothly in spite of the lousy weather we experienced.

    Your crew just never gave up and kept on working in the rain and mud. Their efforts were and are appreciated.

    Thanks to all of you for getting our pool completed in time for our daughter’s 16th birthday party this weekend.
    We will never forget all the extra efforts!!!

  27. Sharon Landis says:

    Great going ! You guys really do a fantastic job on getting pools built. We looked at what type of pool to purchase and what pool company to build it for almost 3 years. We selected a fiberglass pool to be installed by American Pools since our research said that this was the only way to go. Thank you for all the extra efforts to finish our pool on time and make it end up gorgeous in spite of the terrible weather.

  28. Santos Mata says:

    We are ready to build a pool for our grand children to enjoy while they visit us. A call to us at 979******* or 979******* would be appreciated.
    Fiberglass pools seemingly are much easier to maintain. I like that feature the best!

    Thanks, Santos

    • wayne says:

      Well sir, I hope your 16 grandchildren are having the time of their lives at your house in the American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos II we installed.