43 Years and 4 Generations of Fiberglass Pool Building




 1/23/1971 – 1/23/2014

AMERICAN FIBERGLASS POOLS is now celebrating 43 years of fiberglass pool manufacturing, installing, and service. AMERICAN FIBERGLASS POOLS is the oldest, continuously operated, fiberglass pool manufacturer in the USA. We have never changed OUR NAME, OUR LOCATION, OUR PHONE NUMBER or OUR OWNERSHIP. AMERICAN FIBERGLASS POOLS has never filed bankruptcy like many of our competitors over the years! In 2013 we proudly became the very first fiberglass pool manufacturer in the USA to win a BBB Award of Distinction. We now have 4 generations of the Stringer family working at AMERICAN FIBERGLASS POOLS. Our business has been built upon and has thrived on integrity, hard work, and dedication to our 43 years of satisfied clients across the USA, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. To celebrate our 43 years of achievement, we are offering special discounts on all AMERICAN FIBERGLASS POOLS sold between now and 2/23/14. Ask your AMERICAN FIBERGLASS POOL dealer or installer for the details of this program! American Fiberglass Pools is looking forward to another fantastic year in 2014 and to adding to our list of happy and satisfied clients.

Quote of the day: “Every calling is great when greatly pursued.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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47 Responses to “43 Years and 4 Generations of Fiberglass Pool Building”

  1. Buffer Zone says:

    Fantastic & congratulations!
    You don’t find companies in any type of business that are able to stay around for that many years.

    We are ready to become another one of your satisfied clients.

    Call us @ 281-*******.
    BTW, my name is Dean. Thanks!

    • wayne says:

      Hey Dean. Nice to have met with your family back on 1/22. We expect to build your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool by the 20th if it ever stops raining!

  2. Devon Zaine says:

    Even though we had you build our pool 16 years ago we still like to keep up with you.
    Please accept our well wishes for the 43rd anniversary of American Pools!
    We were and still are so pleased with our fiberglass pool.

  3. Clarence and Tanya Williams says:

    You were great people to do our pool back in 1984 and obviously still that way.

    A hearty congratulations to the Stringer Family for all those years of dedication to customers like us!!!!

    • wayne says:

      Clarence, thank you! I was only 28 years old when your pool was built and remember the job very well. We wish your family all the best.

  4. Ben Seimens says:

    Your company has remarkable staying power. Congratulations are certainly well deserved.

  5. Ed Joiner says:

    Wow! That’s a long time to be building pools.

    We want an estimate and live in Clute, TX.
    Please call us at 979-***-****.

    Thank you, E. J.

    • Wade Bering says:

      Way to go guys! Please call us at 832******* for a estimate on a fiberglass pool.

      You certainly appear to be the best one to talk to.

      BTW, I got your name and info from the BBB here in Houston.

      • wayne says:

        Hi Wade, Thanks! All your building permits are expected in tomorrow. Weather allowable we will be at your home within a week.

  6. Haley Verlander says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Your family is very deserving of all the congratulations you are receiving. Your crews did a beautiful job on our new pool this last summer and we are having a hard time waiting on spring to arrive.

    May the good Lord continue to bless and keep you and we are wishing you a wonderful sales year.

    Haley and Rick

  7. Benjamin Levine says:

    I am not the kind of person that responds to things on the web. However I must say that your company was so easy to work with last spring & that your workmanship was pristine.
    My family wishes you continued success & another 43yrs. of customers like us!

  8. Harry Fairmonte says:

    You guys must be doing a lot of things right to be around 43 years.

    We have been considering getting a pool for 4 years & now are ready to move forward so swim time is finally here for us.

    You can contact us at 713-******* day or night.

    Thank you & congratulations on your anniversary!


    • wayne says:

      We should be ready to build your pool within a couple of weeks weather allowable. We thank you for allowing us to work with you!

  9. C. Knight says:

    Let me add my congratulations to you and your exceptional staff.

    Thank you again for doing us such a super job back in August.

    Most people do not recommend their pool builder but we sure do recommend you every chance we get!

  10. Greg Wilson says:

    Typically time in business means success. I checked out your BBB rating and an A+ rating means you are successful too. You folks must be exceptional pool builders so I am excited to ask you to call me about a pool.713-***-**** gets me all the time.

  11. Bradley Nunn says:

    Enjoyed your website And wish you congratulations. We almost purchased a pool from you last year but are ready to do the deed now.Hope you remember us , we live in Liberty.
    Our phone is 409-*******.

    • wayne says:

      Of course I remember you! And thanks again for all the hospitality when we scheduled your pool a couple of weeks ago.

  12. Frank Thompson says:

    Congrates ! Please give us a call about a new fiberglass pool at our home in Brenham.

    936***-****. We want to swim in April.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks! Your bank closing is scheduled for the 17th. We will be there shortly after that to build your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool.

  13. Sam Lopez says:

    You guys are great people no doubt about it.
    You installers were so nice to be around.
    We thank you for all the attention to detail while working with us.

    Congratulations on your longitivity!

  14. Carl Robles says:

    Any time I see a company that been around so long it makes me comfortable about their abilities. Obviously American Fiberglass Pools is one of those type of companies.

    All the best to you and keep on doing all the same things that have made you a success to date!

  15. Collins Clan says:

    We remember well how nice & efficient your workers were when our pool was built back in 96.Glad to see that your company is doing so well.

  16. Addie says:

    Loooong time in biz there!
    Heartiest congratulations to your family.

  17. Thomas Van der Coevering says:

    Impressive credentials!
    Our intentions are to build a fibre glas pool within the next 30 days.
    Please contact me to set an interview for a price of the project.

    361-***-****. Call me at your leisure.

  18. Carrie Franz says:

    We enjoyed you building our pool last Feb. and if we ever move American pools will be our only call to build us another pool. We just love the low maintenance.

    May you have much deserved continued success!!

    Carrie and Family

  19. Christie Goode says:

    Nice things happen to nice people! Your workers were incredible and so easy to talk to. Wayne, everything went as you described in our very first visit together. We love our pool and were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the pool is and how smooth the process to build it was.
    Congratulations to your family for all those years of success!

  20. Claiborne Bunch says:

    Mr. Wayne,
    We wanted you to know that our pool you sold us 19 years ago is still in great shape and beautiful to be in and around.
    We have extensively landscaped everything. Next time you are in the hill country, you should stop by to see us and have a glass of peach tea we make from Fredricksberg peaches. All the best to you and your family!!

    • wayne says:

      I love the Wimberly area and will make it a point to give you a holler on my next trip your way. I have never forgotten about your ice tea!!

  21. Ian Daigle says:

    Your company was easy to work with during our pool construction in 2011 and did us a fine, fine job.

    Thank you again and we wish you continued business growth.

  22. Scooter Grimes says:

    Hey there Wayne!
    Glad to see how well you are doing.
    We are still having a blast in our pool you built us 13 years ago.
    Stop by when you have a chance as we are going to build a new house and another American Pool.
    713-***-**** gets me anytime.


  23. We had a f/g pool built by another pool builder recently. We spoke to you while in the pool company investigation process. Are you willing to come back out to our home and to help us get the problems fixed? You can contact us at 832-***-****.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.