Chances are that if you are reading this you know that you’re likely going to get your family that pool they have always wanted sometime soon. You have finally decided to make the decision to cool off at home from now on. With all this being said, many of you are going about this “pool buying decision process” the wrong way by delaying your scheduling decision.
WHY WE DELAY: Right now when you look outside you wonder if this cold and wet weather will last forever. And why not? It is supposed to be 29° degrees here at the American Fiberglass Pool factory on Thursday night! Because of this, you are delaying and putting off that pool purchasing decision that will before you realize it hit you like a ton of bricks in the near future! If I had a dollar for every time a pool purchasing customer has said to me over the last 44 years, “You mean you can’t start our pool for 6-8 weeks?”, well, let’s just say I would be living on a beach in Hawaii instead of writing you this list!
In my opinion, when late March gets here and the daily temps are in the 80’s, all of a sudden our brains come out of hibernation and we start to realize “Wow, we need to get our pool plans going right away!”. What we don’t realize is most pools are sold at that time and the construction backlog can possibly be weeks or even months. To give you an example, last March our construction division sold 54 pools for families like yours. In April we sold 71 more. Also, when you factor in the uncertainty of a wet spring along with the hundreds of pools we supply our dealer network with around the country; things can get backed up significantly. Needless to say, this situation can be a real bummer for folks that procrastinated so long to talk to the pool guy and also for us too since we like to keep things in a nice construction grove year round.
So by now I’m sure that you get my point, but read on as I list the most obvious reasons that you need to purchase a pool NOW versus waiting until spring arrives.
1. YOU LIKELY WILL SPEND MORE MONEY IF YOU WAIT: To be frank with you, our material vendors tend to raise prices on materials and products we use right after the first of the year EVERY year. We even just received another price increase for 2/27/15. When demand is high for most materials or items, prices are high as well. When demand is low, prices are lower. This is all simple economics! So, take advantage of the lower prices before the demand increases.
2. YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT LONGER TO SWIM: We have already established that March can mean a 6-8 week construction backlog because so many folks delay their purchasing decision until warm weather arrives. That flood of sales means that instead of your pool guy getting started as soon as the permits are completed, he can’t actually start for 45-60 days. This, as you can well imagine, may cut into the swim season significantly.
3. THIS IS STILL THE TIME TO GET “BUYING INCENTIVES” FROM YOUR POOL BUILDER: It is very common to get LED multi-colored lights, possibly upgraded pool surfacing like the shimmer surfaces available on American Fiberglass Pools and discounts on saltwater chlorination systems, etc. All these incentive items will disappear in a month or so.
4. YOUR YARD WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO GET BACK TO NORMAL: Any type of construction can get messy, especially if the season is a wet one. For those pool buyers that get their pool installed now, their yards will look much nicer come next pool season compared to those persons that make a later purchase.
5. LESS STRESS: I can tell you absolutely that NOW pool installations are less stressful. There is plenty of 2015 swim time in front of us! There is plenty of time NOW for construction to be completed even prior to the end of March if you get the ball rolling now and the weather cooperates.
6. YOU ARE NOT SO RUSHED: No one wants to be rushed when they are spending thousands of dollars on a swimming pool. It is good to take your time and to have your wits about you when making a decision. By shopping for a pool now, you can make a relaxed and informed decision. You won’t have to make a decision simply on “Who can start my pool the soonest?”
7. THE COST OF VACATIONS KEEP GOING UP: With oil prices starting to inch back up and the cost of gasoline already above that level of making vacations even more expensive than you budgeted for; why not get that pool now so your family can “staycation” at home every single day? A pool purchase from the right pool guy means forever enjoyment, relaxation, exercise, and backyard BBQ’s!
8. MAKE SPECIAL MEMORIES: Your pool and outdoor living area will literally change your life. All of a sudden the teens will want to stay home and invite their friends over for pool parties. Imagine how you will feel knowing exactly where your kids area. Outdoor cooking and grilling around the pool will make everyday a holiday, promise! No more rentals to hold parties or holiday celebrations. Your home with your pool area will be your venue of choice for almost every activity. Think of all the great times you will have, the videos, the pics; all will provide your family with special moments in time to remember while being pool side with your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool!!
9. AWESOME FINANCING IS NOW AVAILABLE: That’s right, if you borrow, let’s say $35,000.00, for as much as 180 months, your payment right now is only about $300 a month. What’s more, the interest is tax deductible, the rate is “fixed” over the life of the loan and better yet, there is NO prepayment penalty. We now have lenders offering 20 year terms! We have lots of lenders available that also include unsecured loans. Very interesting, don’t you think? If you give us a call I can give you further details.
So, now you have it. I can only hope that this simple list helps you in your efforts to have an enjoyable pool buying experience now and lots of great swimming and fun in 2015 and beyond! Lastly, as the old saying goes, “Memories last a lifetime, opportunity seldom does”. Consider this opportunity and feel free to call anytime.
Thought of the day: “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Albert Einstein





  1. Marta Jordan says:

    We have been looking at so many websites about all kinds of pools.
    Your writing seems to be both interesting and timely.
    Please give us a call at your earliest convenience to visit our home to provide a price on a new fiberglass pool.
    Our any time phone number is 713*******.

    Thank you very much!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for visiting with us and welcome aboard as a soon to be owner of a beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool! We expect all the permits and such to be ready within 10 days so we can get going on the pool construction.

  2. Sheryl S. says:

    Swimming pools are a big investment, it certainly pays to investigate who with & what pool type you spend your money.
    I keep returning to fiberglass as the proper pool to buy.
    Frankly, it only makes good sense.

    • wayne says:

      You made the right choice by joining our ever expanding list of American Fiberglass Pool owners. We will be privileged to begin your family’s pool in a week or so.

  3. John Duran says:

    Please call us during the evening @ 832*******.

    We live in the Brookshire area. You put a pool in for a neighbor of ours last year.
    We were impressed with the way your men worked and the final product is beautiful.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for the kind words sir. We are pleased that you like the way we build our pools. We are also very happy to say that your new American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos II will be starting in a matter of days.

  4. John Needhem says:

    Call me at 713*******.
    We are sold on building only a fiberglass pool.

  5. Gary Moorcreek says:

    We are wanting to get a fiberglass pool built this spring. A lot of education on the subject has exposed several different manufacturing methods. Are all fiberglass pools essentially the same or are there big differences?
    Please give us a call to discuss this and to provide us with an exact quote.

    Thank you. 713-***-****

    • wayne says:

      Not all fiberglass pools are built the same just like all gunite pools are not built the same. In a nutshell, only American Fiberglass Pools can say that we have 44 years of experience on how to manufacture fiberglass pools that last almost forever.

  6. Paul Babcock says:

    So happy we found your website.
    Please call us at 281******* to look at our yard and provide us a price on your model San Antonio.

    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for joining us here. The San Antonio is a very popular choice for many of our clients. Once your financing closes next week, we won’t be far behind in building your new pool!

  7. Rob Unger says:

    All these reasons you have listed make a lot of horse sense. We thought we would wait until April to start the pool buying process. After reading your blog, NOW is the time to get things rolling.

    Call please.

    • wayne says:

      Correctamundo sir! As we discussed just yesterday, your model San Marcos is already finished here at the factory and we are just waiting on your HOA approval to get started.

  8. Richard S. says:

    Going to get a new fiberglass pool asap after reading this blog.
    We live in Alvin and know several people you have built pools for here over the years.
    One pool you built for the Fields was built at least 16 yrs. ago. It still looks great and they highly recommend you.
    Call us please at 281*******. This is my cell phone so call anytime.

    • wayne says:

      Always glad to hear from referrals from older pools we have built. You folks will be as happy as the Fields family in 16 years too!

  9. Jacob says:

    Thanks for the advice!
    Call me at 512-*******.
    We want to be swimming by 4/15.
    Thank you.

    • wayne says:

      4/15 will be a little optimistic based on all the bad weather lately but we should not be too far behind that date. Go ahead and plan that 1st pool party for the weekend of the 24th.

  10. Hank Rosin says:

    When can you have someone visit with us about a new fiberglas pool? We are quite a way from Houston.
    We live in Kirbyville. There are lots of fiberglas pools around here I guess because the soil is so bad that concrete pools crack often. We have 3 neighbors that have experienced cracks and leaks in their concrete pools.
    409-***-**** or 409-***-****.

    • wayne says:

      As you now know, we have build several pools in your area over the years. We are glad that you will be another reference for us in East Texas.

  11. C. Freed says:

    Can you call us to talk shop about your model Frio pool? That pool is huge and exactly what we want.


    • wayne says:

      The Frio is the largest diving model fiberglass pool there is. It will look great in your huge backyard when we finish in a couple of weeks. Happy swimming soon!

  12. Suzanne Hampton says:

    Hi Wayne!
    Just checking in to see how you all are doing since finishing our pool last spring?
    Thanks again for all the hard work in building our dream pool. As you know, we waited 6 years to save up cash to build it. In the short time we have enjoyed it, the pool has been worth every sacrifice we made to save for it.
    All your people are extra special and Robert and I wish you much continued success!!

  13. F.Samms says:

    Thank you for the same advice that you gave us 4 springs ago.
    You were & are correct that waiting to decide to build a pool until April/May only delays your swim season unnecessarily.
    Building our pool was the best investment in our family life ever. All of our activities are centered on being in & around our pool.
    BTW, you were right about that too.

    • wayne says:

      So nice to hare from you Fredo and glad the family is having such a blast in your American Fiberglass Pool model Rio Bravo.

  14. Carl Connery says:

    Nice and easy to read blog. I really like that your company makes the pools.

    Call 832******* to reach me about an appointment

    • wayne says:

      Thanks sir, we appreciate your nice thoughts. We will have you splashing around in your new American Fiberglass Pool model San Jacinto in 2-3 weeks from now.

  15. E.McClain says:

    We purchased our pool from your company 3 years ago. The buying process was smooth and easy. The construction phase had a lot of rain but your men kept plugging away and did a beautiful job. Up keep on the pool has been even less than you told us to expect. Bottom line, you guys are great, do wonderful work, and have a fantastic product.

    • wayne says:

      Thank you Esther! We have not forgotten your key lime pie either. It was the best I have ever had! BTW, send em some pics of your pool please.

  16. M. L. says:

    We are anxious to move forward with a new pool.
    Please call us @ 281*******.
    We want our budget to be on the $30k range.

    • wayne says:

      We are just as anxious to assist you with the American Fiberglass Pool model San Antonio you selected.

  17. Jeremy O. says:

    Your points are all well taken! Especially the one about getting started with the memory making asap. I grew up with a pool and my siblings and I still talk about our pool escapades decades later. Our Mom and Dad only had to look out the back door to know where we and our friends were hanging out. Hope it is the same way with our kids.

    713-***-**** is my cell phone so please call.

    • wayne says:

      So do my siblings and so do my kids! Now my grand kids are all tanned well and making memories too!

  18. Viktor says:

    Your company represents well the fibre glas pool industry. Congratulations.

  19. J. Young says:

    Thank you for the advice. You can call us at 361-******* during the evening.
    We know 7 families that you have built pools for.
    All of them love bragging about your workers.

    • wayne says:

      Wow! Now that we are building your American Fiberglass Pool, that makes almost 1/2 of your town of Sea Drift as owners of one of our pools.

  20. Mike Gerhrig says:

    Please call us to discuss your pools. We live on acreage out in the country in Brazoria county.

    Most of our friends have gunite pools but are all having problems. I guess it is the type of soil we have here.

    The fiberglass pools seem to have flexibility so I suppose they will hold up much better. What do you think?


  21. Ed Merriman says:

    I have read your blog for over a year & enjoy the style & content.
    We have been delaying our decision to get a pool built but the kids are not getting younger.
    Give us a call so we can get things started.

  22. Charles Teig says:

    Please call me during the day @ 713*******.
    We have been interested in buying a fiberglass pool for several months.

  23. Dean Clark says:

    Fiberglass Pools are wonderful to own. I have had 4 during the last 30 or so years. I’m happy to report that they are easily maintained and after speaking with friends that have concrete pools, the fiberglass pool uses a lot less chemicals too.
    Congratulations to your company longitivity and if ever I need another pool I will call you! !

  24. N. Singh says:

    The fibre glas pool market has grown tremendously in India over the last 10 years. We now maintain several manufacturers that are also offering all tile pool surfaces. Our middle class continues to grow in steady percentages each year. Owning a pool is a common request. Fibre glas is the best material to respond to this need as it installs much quicker, easier, and is easier to maintain.

  25. Bob E. says:

    If saving time is important to you, get a fiberglass pool that requires minimal time to maintain, I average less than 10 minutes a week to vac and test my water.

    Several of my buds spend a couple of hours a week keeping their gunite pools in shape.

    I highly recommend a fiberglass pool.

  26. Len Sherman. says:

    You are welcome to call us to discuss a fiberglass pool for our new home. We really like your Pecos 2 model.
    Is that the largest kidney shaped fiberglass pool? I cannot find one bigger on the net.



  27. Gerry . says:

    Please call me at 713-***-****.
    We want the largest fiberglass pool possible.
    The 19×43 Guadalupe model is quite interesting.