American Fiberglass Models Perfect for "Baby Boomers"

American Fiberglass Pools has many beautiful models available including the largest swimming area fiberglass pools manufactured in the USA!  Our designs and sizes are just perfect for the addition of water features of any type, various kinds of decking material, and of course all sizes are available in a wide variety of awesome High Definition colors. Of course not all pool buyers are folks that want all the bells and whistles on their next pool purchase; this includes the “baby boomer” pool buyer.

So exactly what is a “baby boomer” pool buyer?   Here is my definition:  A significant part of the population, but to be on point, they have been around long enough to acquire a reserve of wealth that younger people have not been able to save up to yet.  Statistically they control over 80% of the personal financial assets and have over 50% of the discretionary spending power.  They are the baby boom of nearly 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 and have molded the world as we know it today.  OK, I know my definition is a little long, but please bear with me another minute or so…

Many baby boomers grew up with a swimming pool in their parents, friends, or relative’s home.  I remember very well all the fun and excitement spent in those backyard swimmin’ holes of my youth.  As we got into our 30’s and were raising our own family, the real pool buying explosion began.  Many of us have owned and enjoyed several pools during our lifetime.  The trend I have seen is that first time pool buyers typically purchased pools with lots of bells and whistles.  This usually culminated in a full blown “pool monument” on the 2nd or 3rd pool purchase.  Spas, slides, waterfalls, fiber optic lights, fancy decking, etc. was the order of the day.  What has changed between now and then?

Well, first of all, the kids are all grown and gone.  There is no longer a need for a large, elaborate pool to keep them home and occupied.  No more need for slides, diving boards, and all that other stuff.    Life is more simple now so a smaller pool without the huge amenity package is much more desirable.  Here’s why:

1. You likely have downsized the house and the yard.  A smaller pool will fit perfectly in most tiny backyards.

2. You want less maintenance to deal with. Just like a smaller house and yard means less maintenance, so does a smaller pool.  An American Fiberglass Pool will offer you the least amount of work / maintenance that any inground pool can provide.

3. You don’t have a lot of swimmers to accommodate.  The kids are grown up and the grandkids only come over occasionally.  It’s just the two of you 90% of the time.

4. You really are not into swimming laps anymore.  Today’s pool recreation is cooling off, BBQ-ing, social events, water aerobics, exercise, and something to take away the aches and pains.

5. You want to make a smaller investment on your pool this time around.

So by now I would like to believe that we are on the same page on this subject.  Who needs to build a monument anymore?  You have been there and done that, maybe more than once.   All you need now is a simple pool that is easy to take care of and looks nice.  The most common pools that we construct for baby boomers are the Nueces (10’ X 20’), the San Marcos (10’X20’), and the Trinity (11’ X 27’).  Some pictures of these pictures are below.  These pool models typically install quickly (2-3 weeks), sell for the right price, and provide all the exercise / entertainment value necessary.

Do you sound like you are a baby boomer?  Even if you are not, we would be pleased to hear your response.

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24 Responses to “American Fiberglass Models Perfect for “Baby Boomers””

  1. Cynthia Rives says:

    Dear Sir,
    You are right on the money with this blog topic ! We are in our mid 50′s and have owned several pool monuments in our lifetime. Now we are ready for another pool but it will be a small one as you described. Please have your nearest installer to us contact us. We live in Galveston and do not wish to wait until the real heat arrives.
    Thank you Sir, Cynthia Rives

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hello Cynthia, welcome aboard to our family of American Fiberglass Pool owners. AS you already know since you looked at 7 of them, we do a lot of pool construction in Galveston.

  2. Chuck Harris says:

    Smaller pool, smaller $$$, smaller maintenance cost. Sounds like a win, win, win, while enjoying SWIM, SWIM, SWIM!!

  3. Sharon Hax says:

    I guess we are a little ahead of our time. We have been enjoying the heck out of our smallish pool we bought from you 4years ago. Simple & so easy to take care of with all the big pool enjoyment!
    We are thinking about adding some additional pool deck before too long. Is this something you can do for us Wayne?
    When you have a chance, please let us know. Thanks, Sharon

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hi Sharon, We much appreciate that of all the pool guys and gals out there that you selected us to build your pool back in 2008. Let us know when you are ready to move forward with the additional concrete.

  4. Yancy Driver says:

    This posting really hit a home run with us.
    We live in Brookshire near Houston and are definitely wanting one of the pools you have listed.
    We have previously had big concrete pools but do not want another concrete pool. We want a pool that can be taken care of in a few minutes a week. One of our friends [the Beckley's in Sealy] have had one of your pools for 14 years and still love it.Please contact us ASAP. Thank you….

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hi Yancy, Welcome aboard to our family of American Fiberglass Pool owners. We will strive to keep you as pleased as the Beckleys have been now for 14 years!

  5. Jeremy Huber says:

    We live in the Beaumont area and know lots of friends with fiberglass pools.All of them seem to love them.Do you build pools over here? If yes, please contact us. The San Marcos pool looks like the one we are most interested in.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hi Jeremy, As you are now aware, we have tons of references of American Fiberglass Pool owners in your area. Your pool scheduled to be excavated next week so we will see you again then!

  6. Tim Spooner says:

    We too have been having a blast in our pool that your dealer here in Bryan built for us 4 years ago. We were right to to buy small then and it will be looking to buy another small pool when we move to Conroe within the month. Do you have anything new that you think we might like to add this time?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hi Tim, Thanks for the nice words! Absolutely we are ready to assist you with an American Fiberglass Pool again when you move to Conroe!

  7. T D Parker says:

    Do you build pools in Brazoria,TX area? We have been reading a bunch of nice info on the internet about you and your company. We are wanting to swim before July 4th. Is this possible?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hi TD, You visited with several of our many references in Brazoria County prior to investing in your own American Fiberglass Pool. Thanks for the kind words about us. Swimming by the 4th of July will be a piece of cake!

  8. spic & span says:

    Why don’t most concrete pool builders offer small pools like you do? Or if they do, why are the small concrete pools so incredibly expensive? Would much appreciate your reply. s&s

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Spic, Concrete / gunite builders have to work on the minimum charge even from their long list of sub-contractors. 72′ perimeter is typically the minimum charge if your pool is smaller than that.
      This process makes smaller pools built in concrete and gunite un-economical to buy.

  9. Sid Johnson says:

    Interesting concept these smaller pools. Makes sense. Seems that a lot of my friends with bigger pools wish that they had purchased pools as you so descrbed. Bigger is not always better as the old adage says.

  10. GPS says:

    I truly like your ideas on posted on this blog ! Every other pool guy seems to try to build huge , expensive , loaded up pool packages. You on the other hand are suggesting that people keep their pools simple , save money and time on the length of construction.
    Bravo to you sir !!

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for the compliment! We want to make American Fiberglass Pools so affordable that anyone can get one.

  11. J.T. Rothers says:

    I really like the thoughts you are putting on this blog!!!!
    This one is the best one yet.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      JT Glad you enjoy our blog. It is folks like you that makes it fun to provide all the information we can.

  12. Phil Couglan says:

    Timely post! The bride and I are looking for a pool exactly as you describe. We have owned a couple of big, frilled out gunite pools in the past but this time something small and easy to take care of is the only way we will go. Please contact us at 281-***-****. Thanks!!

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hey Phil, Thanks again for signing up with us to provide your family’s backyard splash town! I heard just this morning your financing will close on Monday, so happy swimming soon!