That’s right, I said for beach homes!  Now you may think, “Why would someone want a pool when a beautiful beach is available?”  Well, some folks want the privacy, the convenience, and the fresh water of their own pool.  This also allows them to avoid the crowds on the beach and in many cases increased the rental value of the property due to the private pool that is on the same elevation of the house itself.

How is all this accomplished?  An engineer must design a support system of pilings under the pool.  Then a floor or cradle of treated wood is constructed for the fiberglass shell to be lowered into.  Installing the plumbing is very easy since all the fixtures are exposed on the exterior of the pool shell.  A wood deck around the pool and railings at the edge of the deck finishes everything off and another beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool is installed and ready for swimming!

It is not my intent to tell you that this type of installation is the norm.  It takes engineering, lots of state and possibly federal permits and of course $$$.  We have worked on close to a dozen installations like this over the last 6 years from Florida to Texas.  We have a much increased interest level for this type of pool installation over the last 2 years specially.  If this type of installation is exactly what you have been waiting for, give American Fiberglass Pools a call today.  We have engineers and constructors available to assist you in designing, permitting, and building your beach house pool.

I trust you will enjoy the pictures below and would encourage you to let us know what you think.  Just click on reply below.

American Pool


Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Note the substructure and the pool underneath the deck.

Fiber Glass Swimming Pools

Rio Bravo



  1. Franco Scarcillini says:

    Neat type of installation. I have seen a few of your pools like this in Galveston.
    Really makes a beautiful project.

  2. Thank you for the information .
    Fiberglass Materials indeed are used in most of the construction material.
    Fiberglass are sturdy and give a good balance.

  3. Derrick Sampson says:

    I never would have thought such a pool could be built!
    What is the biggest non diving model that you would be comfortable installing under these circumstances?
    We live in North Carolina. Can you deliver a pool to us here?

    Thank you!!

    • wayne says:

      The largest American Fiberglass Pool installed in this manner is our model Rio Bravo, 17′ x 35′.

  4. Stan Lowe says:

    Amazingly we have been searching for something like this for our beach house in Rockport for 1 1/2 years. Thanks for this timely posting.

    Reach us at 361-***-****.

    • wayne says:

      Hey Stan! As soon as your engineer plans return we will get started for you. Expect them back Nov. 1 or so.

  5. Roger Barnes says:

    I like this concept a bunch. Our water front home is in Seabrook. When can you come see us? call at 713-*******.
    We intend to have things complete on the pool by Feb. 2014

    • wayne says:

      Hi Roger! All your engineering plans are ready so I expect to begin construction by Nov. 15. All should be complete in plenty of time for your Feb. 2014 house warming.

  6. second sacker says:

    This pool installation concept should be a more common thing. If your place gets a storm surge, the pool is as protected as the house since both are at least 14′ above natural grade.

    Kudos to you guys for promoting the concept.
    I need to speak with you about our place in Port Aransas. 361*******.

    • wayne says:

      We look forward to starting your pool within the next 30 days after the pilings and platform are completed. It will truly be a show case.

  7. G. Winston says:

    We do not have a beach house. However we are interested to know if your pools can be put in partially above the ground?
    The 2 pools we are hot on are the San Antonio and the San Jacinto.
    Our home is in the Beach City area near Baytown.
    Please contact us at 281-***-**** anytime.


    • wayne says:

      Hey Geoff, I have been swamped and a little tardy on responses here. Hope y’all are having a blast in the beautiful model San Antonio pool we finished for you back in September. I will be stopping by to take a couple of pics in a week or so.

  8. Swimhound 2 says:

    Do you expect to be in the Seadrift area anytime soon? We would love for you to stop by to see us about one of these remarkable installations.

    Thank you!!

    • wayne says:

      All your permits from State of Texas to build the pool are imminent. You won’t miss any swim time in 2014.

  9. B.C. says:

    Thanks again for helping us build our beach house pool back in February.
    You guys are great to work with!
    The rental price for our property went up $1200 a week since we installed the pool.
    We expect to pay off the pool & the substructure in only 2 seasons!


  10. Harley Blodgette. says:

    Life is too short not to live it to the fullest. If I had a beach home, this type of pool would be the 1st amenity I would add.
    What a super concept.

    • wayne says:

      True sir! We can build you a beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool on the ground too. When do you wish to get started?

  11. Jed Krueger. says:

    I am going to forward this post to my brother in Destin. He has been researching this subject for construction after the first of the year. I assume that you can get him a pool there?

  12. Bert Downs. says:

    How long does it take to build a pool like these?
    Can your team come to Alabama?


    • wayne says:

      Permits are necessary from state and sometimes federal agencies. Engineering plans are also necessary.
      Typically 3-6 months with all that stuff included. No problem getting a pool to you in Alabama.

  13. Flo Anderson. says:

    Great concept you have there.
    Have you ever put one of your pools on the roof of a building?
    We have a loft in Houston and would love to hear from you.

    • wayne says:

      We have put American Fiberglass Pools on roof tops many times. This too requires special permits and engineering.
      Give me a holler to discuss.

  14. T.Cary says:

    this kind of installation could really catch on if more people knew about it. you should publish this in various rags that are going to beach house owners around the country.

    Good luck!

  15. Russ Jackson says:

    We have enjoyed our American Pool now for over 23 yrs. The pool was put at ground level at our beach home in Surfside. Wish we could have built it like you describe in this blog.
    It would have stopped us from cleaning out the pool after storms.
    Even so, our family life would not have been the same without the pool.
    Y’all were and have been great people to work with.

    Best of everything to y’all!!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear that your American Fiberglass Pool made a nice dent in your family life.