We at American Fiberglass Pools are very proud of our 43 years of manufacturing quality fiberglass pools that so many pool owners around the world love to swim in!  Let us take a look at a short list of fiberglass pool industry “firsts” that we can take responsibility for.

1.         1971 was the year of the “first” fiberglass pool shell built over 16’ wide.  The American Fiberglass Pool model Rio Grande mold was designed and built to be 18’ wide o.d. (outside dimensions).  Up to that time, no other fiberglass pool mold had ever been made to build a pool over 16’ o.d.  This “first” allowed American Fiberglass Pools to be size competitive with gunite pools.

2.         1972 was the year of the “first” freeform fiberglass pool shell built.  The American Fiberglass Pool model Brazos mold was designed and built to be a 17’ o.d. kidney shaped pool.  Up to that time no other fiberglass pool mold had ever been made except for variations of rectangles or roman based designs.

3.         1977 was the year of the “first” American Fiberglass Pool shell manufactured in the U.S. using vinyl ester (VE) resin.  VE resin is highly corrosion resistant and is credited in most circles as being the biggest change for the better in fiberglass pools and spas ever.  It’s kind of funny that some fiberglass pool manufacturers claim they were the innovators of this material concept, especially when they were not even in business yet or that they came to the American Fiberglass Pool’s factory to learn how to apply it.  At that time the only VE available was Dow Chemical 411B.  The material was not even pre-promoted.  (This means we were adding other chemical agents to make it set up hard.)  We worked extensively at the time with Dow to test the product on swimming pools.

4.         1982 was the year of the “first” use of gravel as a backfill under a fiberglass pool.  My dad came up with this idea on a pool we were installing in a virtual swamp setting.  We utilized the gravel on several other projects and decided to go back to torpedo sand for better compaction.  Today, probably 50% of all fiberglass pool installers utilize gravel or a similar backfill.

5.         1999 was the year of the “first” use of Kevlar in a fiberglass pool.  American Fiberglass Pools had each model mold analyzed by a structural engineer.  With his help, a Kevlar banding system was implemented in the manufacturing of almost every American Fiberglass Pools model.  To our knowledge we are still the only fiberglass pool manufacturer that elects to utilize this expensive material.

6.         2004 was the year of the “first” ultra large fiberglass pools being manufactured.  The addition of the American Fiberglass Pools model Frio and Guadalupe were the very first 20’ wide o.d. fiberglass pools.  These pools allowed even more competitiveness against gunite pools and allowed American Fiberglass Pools entry into the lucrative commercial pool market.

7.         2013 was the year of the “first” American Fiberglass Pools Award of Distinction” from the BBB.  No other fiberglass pool manufacturer has ever been awarded this prestigious award.

So what’s the next “first” for American Fiberglass Pools?  Right now that’s a secret but I promise to let you know when it happens!

Quote of the day:

“Not enjoyment and not sorrow is our destined way, but to act that each tomorrow may find us further than today.”  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow




  1. John Seelers says:

    Our AFP has been installed now for almost 30 yrs. We have never had a single complaint about it. The pool has lived up to all of our expectations.
    We are building a new home in the Woodlands and want another pool from you guys.
    Give me a call at 832-******* so you can meet me at the site very soon.
    The house closes in Sept.

    • wayne says:

      So good to visit with your family again after all these years! We look forward to assisting y’all again in January with another beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool for your new home!

  2. Tia Ganz says:

    Your company is quite an innovator. Please call us about a new pool.

    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      I have enjoyed all our visits the last 6 weeks and your new American Fiberglass Pool will begin construction next week. We appreciate your selection of American Fiberglass Pools as your pool of choice!

  3. Runaway Train 3 says:

    I have been following your blog for several months now. I must say that I appreciate your efforts to be informative and to enlighten us on new subjects.

    We already have a fiberglass pool and have been swimming happily in it for 18 years. We did a lot of investigation prior to purchase and it seems that your blog confirms that our original assumptions were more than correct.

    If ever we move and need another pool, you guys will be the first company we contact.

    I would strongly recommend that anyone looking for a new pool think fiberglass pools FIRST!!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for joining us here and glad to know that your fiberglass pool has been so wonderful for 18 years. If we can ever help in any way, let us know.

  4. M. B. B. says:

    Our home is in the Tyler area in east Texas.
    We have seen several cracked gunite pools so are interested in only a fiberglass pool at our new home.

    Please have the rep nearest us give us a call ASAP.

    • wayne says:

      Our dealer in your area ordered your pool a couple of weeks ago for an October 3rd delivery. Your family will be having loads of fun for many years to come in your American Fiberglass Pool model Colorado.

  5. Uri Velach says:

    We are wanting to construct a fiberglass swimming pool within the next 30 days. We also like to keep our money local. The fact that your company manufactures the pool in the Houston area is a huge plus. We have had to deal with corporations available only by ’800′ numbers too many times in the past with very poor results. You can reach me on my cell phone at 281-***-**** to set up a visit to our home for an estimate.

    Thank you,

    • wayne says:

      Congrats on your recent purchase of our American Fiberglass Pool model Rio Bravo. Your family of 8 will have plenty of swim room to enjoy.

  6. D. Roberts,Jr. says:

    I read somewhere while reading your blogs that your company has several pools still owned by original owners that have had them for over 40 years and that they have not had to perform major pool repairs.
    I find that to be quite remarkable!
    Obviously your pools are made to last forever!!
    I have built gunite pools in Florida now for 26 years and have to admit that my customers have spent $1000′s maintaining, re-plastering, and re-tiling those pools over their ownership cycle. I am amazed at your pools durability.
    If you need a Dealer over here, give me a call.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for joining us on the blog! I will see you in Orlando in a few weeks at the show and look forward to working out a plan for us to work together.

  7. Perry Simon says:

    Impressive list of first you folks have!
    Give us a call about how we can go about owning one of your pools.


    • wayne says:

      Nice to have met with you back on 8/21. I’m sorry that your backyard was full of utility easements and that we are unable to assist you. If you ever move to a new home, thanks in advance for remembering to holler back at us!

  8. Rob Cagle says:

    Owning a pool is a big decision. Picking a pool builder is even a bigger one. All investigation leads us back to your company as the product and builder to work with.
    We spoke with you last April and are now ready to roll.


    • wayne says:

      I’m glad we got to visit with you and your bride and happy that you selected American Fiberglass Pools as your pool of choice.

  9. Stephen Ackerman says:

    Cool bog! Your company really has it together.
    Call us @361-***-**** down here in Port Aransas.
    We already know 4 pool owners that you did pools for the last few years. We await you call.

    • wayne says:

      Now that you have purchased your pool from us, I guess I need to split our referral fee 4 ways since you know so many of our clients. Happy to be working with you sir!

  10. Bob Jones says:

    Great blog you have going here!!

    We have completed our education on inground pools and have chosen to have a fiberglass pool installed.
    We live in Blessing,TX. Call at 979*******.
    Best time to call is the evening

    • wayne says:

      I enjoy meeting you and your American Fiberglass Pool model Neches was actually completed in the fiberglass factory yesterday. See you soon!

  11. M. Davenport says:

    I have owned all kinds of pools my entire adult life. I can readily say that my fiberglass pools have been the easiest to take care of, the most durable, the only pools I never had to re-surface in a short number of years. I have never owned an American Pool but from the list of things I have read about the product, next time I build another pool I will be hollering at you guys!


  12. Teddy Zahn says:

    I suspect that your company has achieved even more than you have listed. Congratulations for everything!

    I have seen many cracked concrete pools thru the years. Swelling clay & expansive soils are h*** on concrete structures.

  13. Rob P. says:

    I am a pool guy in Alabama. I would like to speak with someone about representing your pools in my area.
    I have experience in vinyl and shotcrete.
    It is becoming more difficult each year to rely on sub contactors.
    Seems like the fiber pools can be installed with one trained crew. Only should take a couple of weeks to finish it all.

    Call me at 205*******.

    • wayne says:

      We are very pleased that we will be working together! Your company has a great reputation just like American Fiberglass Pool!

  14. Chris Ortiz says:

    You guys sound like some real smart cookies and have tons of fiberglass pool experience. We live in Flower Mound and would appreciate your call back.


    Thank you!

  15. Damien says:

    Nice blog and your company has a rich history to share with us. My wife and I want a pool.

    Being a contractor, I know it is important to deal with companies with great products, services, and reputations.
    Seems your company fits the bill on all of these.

    Call us at 512-***-****.

  16. S. Meyfield says:

    I am impressed by the rich history of your company!!

    Please call us at 713-******* or 713-*******

  17. Mary Cushing says:

    I have been reading & enjoying your blog for over a year. Congratulations for all your industry first & your high marks for customer satisfaction!

  18. Craig Oliphant says:

    Very impressive list of accomplishments that your company has. My experience with previous pools I have built is that pool builders seem to come and go in a short matter of years. You people seemed to be going for quite a record of longitivity. We are ready to build another pool but this time it will be a fiberglass pool as we are fed up with having to remodel gunite pools prior to listing our homes for sale.

    Call us one evening at 361-***-****. Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      We are happy to say you should expect our crew next week to begin your American Fiberglass Pool model San Marcos.

  19. Kim M. says:

    Great stuff to share!!!

  20. Donald Boyd says:

    Been researching pools now for almost 4 years. As you can see, I take my time on big decisions.
    I have been impressed by all that I have read about fiberglass pools and American Fiberglass Pools in particular. We have horrible soil conditions so fiberglass will be the best way to go.
    Now we are ready to buy a pool. Please have your local rep give us a call.
    We live in Lake Charles, LA.


    • wayne says:

      Your pool was ordered last week from our dealer in your area. The Trinity model has been our biggest seller ever since it was first introduced in 1981.