Are Seasonal Discounts Real?

Why buying a pool after the summer is a wise choice.

When it’s 100 degrees in the middle of the summer, pool buyers are truly a motivated bunch of folks.  An endless list of phone calls to pool companies seeking information, another stream of pool sales guys sitting at your kitchen table, hours of driving from showroom to showroom researching prices while the sun beats down on your head.  But wait!  Savvy pool buyers wait until after summer is over to buy their pools.

The truth be told….  Most pool contractors do experience a decline in demand once the summer boom is over.  Of course the amount of decline tends to vary on where you are located.  The Southwest, like Texas, does not experience the kind of decline as in the Northeast and Midwest.  Prepared pool shoppers are ready to take advantage of the pool industries’ off season.  How about an American Fiberglass Pool as a family holiday gift.  Can you really provide anything better, more fun, more relaxing, more memory making than an American Fiberglass Pool?

The installation can be faster….  Why so?  The construction workers are less rushed and better equipped to perform a quicker installation.  As opposed to a summertime installation at peak demand, customers have to wait weeks just to get the pool started and as my dad used to say, burning daylight.  During the off season pool buyers will have increased access to knowledgeable pool installation personnel who can complete their pool in a timelier manner, if the weather allows.

Cost of construction goes down….  Prices on tools, concrete, sand and other necessary supplies go down as demand decreases following the hectic summer months.  Most pool guys and gals can obtain construction materials at better prices, which in turn allow them the ability to offer better prices to potential pool buyers.  Typically, in January of every year the cost of goods go up.  So that true window of savings is October – January.

Landscaping takes hold better….   The fall is the perfect time to plant grass and put decorative plants into beds.  Let us face it, pool construction can create the need for yard repair, and of course the need of landscaping of the backyard to complete the backyard oasis you have always wanted.  Most plants need 4-6 months to settle in and start growing so it’s better to get started on that sooner rather than later and so that your plants are vibrant looking when those swim parties and BBQ’s begin.

American Fiberglass Pools is offering some incredible fall promotions at this time.  Contact us today to find out the promotions available in your area.

Quote of the day:  “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his own feet.”  James Openheim


San Jacinto

San Jacinto

27 Responses to “Are Seasonal Discounts Real?”

  1. L. Holmes says:

    I have always heard that boats go on sale in the fall season too.

    I would much rather have a pool so I could enjoy it every day.

    Call @ 713-*** ****

    • wayne says:

      Lance, as they say, the two happiest days of a boat owners life are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells the boat! A pool will be the one thing that everyone can enjoy both young and old for years to come. Speaking of enjoyment, we enjoyed building your family’s American Fiberglass Pool model Frio and trust you were able to take a few dips before the weather changed.

  2. Sidney Richards says:

    We have been shopping pools since Feb. of this year. If your incentives are good enough, we are ready to purchase now. You may call us at 979-*******

    • wayne says:

      I guess those incentives made sense for you and that you will especially enjoy your new American Fiberglass Pool model Neches in a couple of months when swim season arrives.

  3. G. C. says:

    Owning a pool is a lifestyle upgrade deluxe.
    Getting a great price along with the value and quality are the key things to search for prior to purchase.

  4. Debbie says:

    I have hoped that this is the case. Please call us when you can. We live near Austin.

    512-*** ****

    • wayne says:

      Sorry we were not able to assist you due to all the utility easements located in your backyard. It was a privilege to have met y’all and we wish you the best!

  5. Talia says:

    Our home is in the west end of Galveston. Is this a good place to build a pool and what kind is best? We have all sand here and the water table is always high.


    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      We have American Fiberglass Pools all over the island, probably 300 or more. Make that 301 with yours starting next week. All the permits are finally back and it has to stop raining sometime.

  6. H. Cox says:

    My family has been building pools for over 29 years. We traditionally do offer fall/winter buying incentives. I concur with you that now is the absolute best time to purchase a new pool!

  7. I Love Poodles says:

    We bought our pool last October and saved about 11% off the price we were quoted in June.
    See, it does save you some $$$ buying in the fall.

  8. Jack says:

    This is good news! We have wanted to speak with you guys about a fiberglass pool for several months.

    You can call us at 979-*******

    Call in the evening please.

    • wayne says:

      Glad you reached us and we were glad to build your American Fiberglass Pool model Wichita. It fit just right in your very small backyard. Enjoy!

  9. Bart Stolle says:

    I am glad that we bought our pool from you last Sept. We were able to have all our landscaping completed and well entrenched prior to swim season arriving in earnest.
    The deal we got on the pool was extra nice too.
    All the best to you guys at American Pools, thanks for the beautiful job, and much continued success!!!!

  10. Barry J. says:

    Been thinking about a pool for years. Almost bought one from you two years ago.
    We have been saving up & should be able to purchase with cash.
    You impressed us back then so much that you are the only pool guy we are re contacting.

    713 *** ****

    • wayne says:

      It was a real pleasure to work with you and Tina. It was nice to know that we built you exactly what you had been waiting for.

  11. kyle franken says:

    we had you give us a price on a pool 4 years ago. we have been saving up to pay for the pool with cash. give us a call so we can get a pool and receive your season ending discounts.


    • wayne says:

      We thank you a bunch for remembering to holler at us when your pool plans rolled around again. That deck overlay you chose was spectacular! I showed a picture of it to a prospective pool buyer last month and they want their pool to look just like yours.

  12. D. Ryan says:

    You came out to see us in February this year.

    We are ready to pull the trigger on your model Frio.

    No other fiber glass pool company has a pool that rivals that pool in size.

    Just to remind you, we live in Victoria.


    Thank you and we look forward to getting started ASAP.

    • wayne says:

      We always appreciate working with folks like y’all! My guys thank you for all the ice tea and BBQ you kept treating them to as the pool was constructed.

  13. Ted Gerrick says:

    I have been following your blog for a while now.
    I find that your topics are upbeat and enlightened.
    My wife and I are very interested in building a fiberglass pool this winter so it is ready for a cool March swim.
    you can call us during the evening at 281*******.

  14. Raj Jindal says:

    Fibre glas pools have become extremely popular in India, Thailand,& Pakistan.

    We tend to tile the pool surfacing. This makes beautiful installation.

  15. Dave Mutl says:

    I like your style on this blog. Lots of different info, a few laughs, and interesting tidbits.