Benefits of Owning An AMERICAN FIBERGLASS POOL VS. An Above Ground Pool

Ownership of an American Fiberglass Pool can provide countless benefits for you and your family.  When you compare owning an above ground pool, the inground American Fiberglass Pool is much easier to maintain and to own.  As well, an American Fiberglass Pool will continue to forever provide hours of fun each week for you and your family.  To follow are just a few of the benefits of owning an American Fiberglass Pool.

1. HEALTH REASONS:  Swimming is by far the best type of exercise you can do.  Swimming provides total body workout that helps keep you healthy and feeling good.  Swimming helps to provide relief for those of us with arthritis, joint disorders, or even back issues.  Science has repeatedly shown that immersing your body in water is the best way to find relief from stress on your spine and joints.  The water removes the effects of gravity that occurs on our body.  If you purchase a heated pool, you can literally swim and enjoy all these benefits year round.  Some pool buyers even build pools with enclosures so that the entire pool area environment is heated.

2. COST: If you compare an above ground pool, an American Fiberglass Pool is more cost effective over the long run.  An above ground pool will require more maintenance including the replacement of liners.  With an American Fiberglass Pool, you will easily enjoy 25-40 years of easy maintenance without having to change out expensive parts or components.  Without a doubt the initial cost of an American Fiberglass Pool will be more than an above ground pool but the cost of ownership on the American Fiberglass Pool is typically limited to only the few pool chemicals you purchase.  In addition, an American Fiberglass Pool is built for rugged durability and are vastly more sturdy than an above ground pool.  Let’s face it, an American Fiberglass Pool will last decades longer than a flimsy metal structure.  Over the course of years you may end up replacing things so many times on an above ground pool that you might easily pay for the one time installation of an American Fiberglass Pool.

3. VALUE:  In addition to all the family fun and enjoyment, an American Fiberglass Pool will increase your property value.  If you ever think about selling your home years down the line, an American Fiberglass Pool can add tens of thousands to the sale price of your home.  In some cases you can increase the price of your home beyond the pool’s initial installation cost.  Friends of mine in the real estate business have told me there is a definite group of buyers (especially with kids) that are looking for homes available with inground pools.  Never have I heard of anyone being blown away about a house with an above ground pool.  In most cases, the buyer wants them removed prior to purchase.

4. SPECIAL EVENTS: An American Fiberglass Pool will provide your family a way to spend time together without having to pack things up to travel or spend money to go out.  You will be able to spend time together hosting pool parties, having family fun nights, having endless water volleyball tournaments, having BBQ’s, or just sitting by the pool enjoying an adult beverage with the relaxing sound of the waterfall around you.  Many fond memories are sure to be made and will outweigh the cost of any American Fiberglass Pool installation cost.

So give us a call today at 1-800-324-POOL (7665) for the location of the nearest American Fiberglass Pool dealer nearest you.

Your thoughts are always welcome!

47 Responses to “Benefits of Owning An AMERICAN FIBERGLASS POOL VS. An Above Ground Pool”

  1. Sidney D. says:

    Hi Wayne,
    You really hit the proverbial nail on the head with this one. We struggled with above ground pools [3] for 7 years before you built our American Fiberglass Pool this year. We could almost have paid for a ‘real pool’ with all the money we wasted on the above ground ones.
    Thank you again for building us the pool of our dreams!!


    • wayne says:

      Sid, you and Tasha are quite welcome! I enjoyed visiting with you thru out the project. Those chocolate marshmallow brownies you kept giving me were outstanding!!! We appreciate your business.

  2. Gerald Kochs says:

    We have been going thru an above ground pool every few years for almost 10 years now. What a nightmare!

    We are ready for a major change in tactics. Everything we have read about your pools is positive. We live in Rosharon where the soil conditions are terrible. It appears that your pools hold up much better than concrete pools do in those conditions.

    Please call us for a review of our yard and to provide a cost on your model San Antonio. 832*******.

    • wayne says:

      We are happy to report that your nightmare with an above ground pool is over. Your new American Fiberglass Pool model San Antonio is scheduled for excavation on June 26. Happy swimming (soon)!

  3. Kai Jamieson says:

    The last on ground pool we had cost us $12k. It lasted a whopping 3 years before the grass grew up thru the liner and the bolts holding the thing together rusted out.
    We are so disappointed because we did not buy cheap but yet it failed so quickly.
    We are done with above ground pools.
    Your company looks to be very good and we like that you build the fiberglass pools your self.
    Call us at 713-***-****. We want a real pool asap.
    we do not need financing.

    Thank you….

    • wayne says:

      I just received today an email from the lender that y’all have been approved for your new loan on a beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool. I will see you at the closing on the 23rd and will have your family splashing around soon after.

  4. Katie says:

    Thank for such an enlightening article.
    My husband and I were preparing to purchase an above ground pool for $15,675.00.
    We read this and decided to build a fibre glas pool.
    Call us at 832-***-****

    • wayne says:

      Hey Katie. I’m glad you purchased a permanent American Fiberglass Pool model Trinity instead of that above ground pool. You will not regret it!

  5. Roger Timmons says:

    Bravo To your company for being in business for 43 yrs plus and for having such a fantastic product line. We want to thank your staff again for all the extra efforts
    of get our pool completed for my daughter’s BD party. Even all the rain we had during the construction was overcome by your awesome workers!!

    We tell all our friends and neighbors that you are the best!!!!

  6. Martin Carcano says:

    Please give me a call to discuss your beautiful pools. I live in Rockport, TX. Seems everyone with a pool around here that I know has a fiberglass pool and loves them. My # is 361*******.

    • wayne says:

      As soon as the permits are completed, we will be starting your American Fiberglass Pool model San Jacinto. Happy swimming (soon)!

  7. Teresa says:

    We really like the pics on your website.
    The Guadalupe model you have is huge and really intrigues us. Our yard is very large so we do not wish to have a small pool that is lost in our yard.

    You can call us at 281*******. We want you to send a rep out to meet with us as soon as is possible.

    Thank you, Teresa N.

    • wayne says:

      The Guadalupe was indeed the best fit for your yard. As soon as yo have all those trees removed, let us know so we can get your new American Fiberglass Pool on schedule.

  8. Godwin says:

    I have owned every type of pool that you can think of. Above ground, in-ground gunite, in-ground vinyl, & in-ground fiberglass.

    The fiberglass pool was the easiest pool to maintain period, it never cracked, wrinkled, or stained.

    The best pool & best value was the fiberglass pool.

  9. Donna Tyre says:

    You guys did a marvelous job building our pool this spring.

    I just wanted to say “thank you” again.

    • wayne says:

      You and all your family are very welcome. We truly enjoyed your hospitality during the construction.

  10. Warren Hilton says:

    Sometimes we all have to learn the hard way.
    I have wasted $20 grand or close to it on aboveground pools.

    I need a fiberglass pool this time so I don’t ever have to replace a pool again.


    • wayne says:

      We were happy to be selected as your pool builder of choice on 6/4/14. Thank you for your confidence in us!

  11. Ian Telschik says:

    I have been researching types of inground pools for close to 4 yrs. Now I have been investigating who I want to build my fiberglass pool. I have ruled out owning a ****** pool since there seems to be many issues related to the core material that they use and the lack of thickness of the finished product.
    At your earliest opportunity, please call me at 512*******.

    • wayne says:

      We welcome you aboard our list of clients. Fiberglass pools built without “core” materials are usually twice as thick and twice as strong as “core” built pools.

  12. Harvey Bishop says:

    Owning an ABG pool is typically a great waste of money and time. Indeed, many Home Owners Associations around the country will not even allow them to be installed. A Buddy of mine did not look into this and had to eat $6500 on a AGP he could not set up!

    He now owns an American Fiberglass Pool like I have for almost 17 yrs. He is a smart shopper now!

    • wayne says:

      Thank you again for referring Brad to us. We are pleased to hear that your American Fiberglass Pool still swims well!

  13. Evan Garnard says:

    Hey Wayne,

    When you built our pool this spring all your guys were so nice and detailed. Our family wants to thank each and every one of you for a job well done!

    Evan, Julie, Marcus and Savannah

  14. Jimmy Haines says:

    Our studies say that fiberglass pools are the best pools to own in shifting soil conditions.
    Further, our research says your pools are the best made as well. We live in what used to be a swamp so we know for sure that a gunite pool will not work here.

    You can call us for an appt. at 979*******.
    We live in Bay City.

    • wayne says:

      You are so correct. Fiberglass pools absolutely hold up better than any other kind of pool in expansive soil conditions. It just makes sense that concrete is too rigid and that it cracks too easily.

  15. Ronald Swoboda says:

    Fiberglass pools are the thinking mans pool.
    There is so much info available proving that they are the best pool to own under all soil conditions. Why a person would buy an above ground pool I just don’t know. Why a person would buy a concrete pool is even harder to figure out, all that extra work and chemicals, yuuuck! Who has the time?

  16. Mary Lynn Welch says:

    We recently had our aboveground pool collapse. It sent a tidal wave of water toward our house knocking down our sliding glass door. The mess was incredible. Never, never again will we own anything that is not permanent. We really would like to have a fiberglass pool. Your company is the only local manufacturer and we want to do business with a local company.
    You may call us at 713-*******.

    Thank you!!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks Mary. Sorry about your above ground pool mishap. We are looking forward to your American Fiberglass Pool starting in another couple of weeks.

  17. Sammy C. Vera says:

    I am very interested in having someone come to our home to discuss an American Fiberglass Pool. The best time to call is morning at 281*******.

    • wayne says:

      So sorry that your backyard was so full of utility easements. When you get to your next house, give us another holler!

  18. Harold Barnes says:

    I have owned above ground pools. Yes they do have lots of potential issues.
    They do serve a purpose if you intend to move in a hand full of years or if you are short of the funds it will take to purchase a permanently built pool.
    I think we all can admit that they are better than no pool at all.
    From what I have read, if I ever get an inground pool, it would have to be a fiberglass pool.

  19. Dan B. says:

    I cannot understand why anyone would not look into your fiberglass pools prior to making a choice on what kind of pool to buy.
    They are so easy to maintain and do not require liner changes or re plastering.

  20. Juan Zepeda says:

    We are tired of all the problems that our above ground pool has had the last 2 years.
    Do you work in Danbury?
    If so, please call us for an estimate on your fiberglass pools.
    979******* is my cell phone number.

    • wayne says:

      We have pools all around your home. We are thankful that you have chosen us to build your pool.

  21. Paul H. says:

    Our family has enjoyed several above ground pools in the past.
    T here is nothing like swimming in an in ground however.
    With that said, please give me a call for an estimate on your pools.


    • wayne says:

      Your new American Fiberglass Pool model San Jacinto should come out of financing early next week. We are anxious for you to swim!

  22. M. L. Nance says:

    I have read thru many of your blog entries. I like the topics of discussion. Congratulations for having such a well read website!

  23. C. Bentley says:

    Above ground pools are just too hot to enjoy when the temps reach 90+ degrees.
    We check the temp in ours last summer several times. The water was 98-101 degrees. That is more like a hot tub than a pool. Even the kids avoided the pool at that time!

    We understand that fiberglass pools are cooler to own than the concrete ones.
    Please call us at 832*******.

    • wayne says:

      Above ground pools are heated by the sun on top and on the sides. They do get VERY hot in the summer. Fiberglass pools are cooler by 10-12 degrees and a ton more comfortable.

  24. Jim Pleek says:

    We are interested in a fiberglass pool. Can you come to our home to tell us what a pool can include and what the available options are?
    If so, call at 979.***.****

    Thank you,Jim