BUYER ALERT: Some fiberglass pools are being made with Chinese or other foreign raw materials!

I believe that most of us in the USA think that all fiberglass pools are made alike.  I have to say that you who believe this are wrong.  During the last few years the fiberglass reinforced product (FRP) industry has been flooded with foreign, especially Chinese materials.  We at American Fiberglass Pools are pleased to say that we use ONLY USA manufactured raw materials.  To some of us, the slogan “Buy American” may sound like nothing more than an idea being advanced by American manufacturers to sell products made here in the USA. The real truth is there is a myriad of reasons that you should consider purchasing a fiberglass pool that is made with American raw materials and American labor.  To follow are just a few reasons.

1.         The materials made overseas more often than not do not meet, much less exceed, USA standards.  Chinese fiberglass, in particular, is erratic in its specifications and is stiff, making it hard to roll out flat on the surface of a mold.  American Fiberglass Pools has actually put the Chinese material thru extensive 3rd party lab testing and have found that the “lay up” process (aka putting the material on a pool manufacturing mold) for this material is at best difficult to work with and takes up to 35% more resin to utilize than American made material.   This is due to the fiberglass being too thick and too thin throughout the sheets applied to a mold.  This will actually increase the resin cost and the labor cost during the manufacturing of a fiberglass swimming pool.

2.         CHINESE fiberglass has also been found to be too rigid.  Fiberglass pools are widely praised for having flexural strength that makes them a superior pool to have in expansive soil conditions.  Building a pool that is too rigid can remove some or even all of that flexural quality a fiberglass pool is supposed to have.  Oh yes, that material made in China is less expensive than American Fiberglass, as much as 25-30% in some cases, but what is the cost to the lives of Americans looking for jobs here?

3.         By purchasing products made in other countries, these other fiberglass pool manufacturers are undermining the concept of “free & fair trade”.  The USA cannot ultimately compete on price when other countries are willing to massively exploit and pollute their own populance.  When you buy ONLY AMERICAN MADE products you are promoting and insisting on a higher standard of products.  Besides, why would you want to shift American money to countries that are truly not friends with the USA or democracy?

4.         The lack of the USA’s ability to manufacture many products is strategically unsound. When you seek out fiberglass pools made only with American made materials, you foster American independence from the rest of the world!

5.         American made products promote JOBS here in the USA.  Let’s face it, any jobs shipped abroad almost never return.  When you purchase an American Fiberglass pool, you are helping to keep our economy growing.

6.         It is a domino effect when you buy products like American Fiberglass Pools that are made only using American made products, that money you spend stays here in the USA where it belongs! That money goes to pay the wages of many people that are directly and indirectly responsible for creating American Fiberglass Pools.  Each of those individuals spend that money on other American made goods, services, and the cycle continues.  By the purchase of an American Fiberglass Pool, the more you stimulate the economy and the more American jobs are created.  Speaking a bit about taxes, American workers pay taxes on wages earned in the USA.

7. Lastly, purchasing an American Fiberglass Pool, made solely with American made products you are creating MORE JOBS. Statistically, for every manufacturing job there are FIVE additional jobs created.  So you do the math.  Dollar for dollar it is a great investment in our amazing homeland!

In closing, there are some fiberglass pool manufacturers using Australian gelcoats, Mexican resins and such.  American Fiberglass Pools has always used only American made products since our doors opened up almost 42 years ago.  We are proud of our beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pools, proud of our close to sixty employees, and most of all, proud to be American.

Your thought would be appreciated below.

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62 Responses to “BUYER ALERT: Some fiberglass pools are being made with Chinese or other foreign raw materials!”

  1. Tom Denner says:

    Nice article Wayne ! Wish that all of the buying public would only buy 100% AMERICAN made products when they make major purchases.

  2. Tracy Copeland says:

    Glad to hear that American Fiberglass Pools is committed to using only AMERICAN MADE materials during the manufacturing of their pools.

    It is the patriotic way to conduct business and further is the RIGHT thing to do!

    Shame on those fiberglass pool manufacturers that don’t buy strictly AMERICAN made materials. Shame on them for using US dollars and shipping them out of the USA.

  3. J. Caruso says:

    How can a buyer be sure that their fiberglass pool is built of 100% American materials?

    How can those manufacturers in good concicious offer long term warranties on foreign made materials?

    If ever they insist that the materials used were a problem, where is a consumer to go for restitution? China? Mexico? Australia?I don’t think so………..

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      First thing to do is to ask the in home sales person. They should be able to reach a factory rep that you can talk to as well. I can’t give you a good answer or your 2nd question other than some of us have standards and others don’t. Your last question I can only wish that person seeking restitution, “Good Luck”!

  4. Pullig says:

    I am curious how you can tell by looking if a pool unit is made with foreign materials?

    Are you saying that that matrial is that much inferior?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      A trained eye familiar with FRP products can almost always tell when a Chinese fiberglass has been used in the building process of a pool. I am saying that it quite often does not meet USA product specifications. I am saying that it is more difficult to apply and I am saying it is significantly less cost than USA manufactured fiberglass materials.

  5. M. Blessing says:

    Those of us that watched the debate last night saw both candidates railing about the Chi-coms manipulating the system with their money and flooding our country with cheap,inferior goods. Seems to me that American made fiberglass pools should be made wiyh American made products.
    For those of you that elect to buy non-American products, you are not patriots, you are traitors!
    M. Blessing

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      I did watch that debate as well and heard all the chatter too about the Chinese manipulating their money to stay ahead of us. I am not ready yet to call anyone a traitor, but I do wish everyone could be more patriotic to the USA.

  6. Texan Fans 5 says:

    Your blog post is shocking news!!
    No thinking American citizen should want to purchase a pool made with Chinese, Australian, or Mexican made materials!!

    I think you should go one step further and post the names of those pool manufacturers that are not using 100% MADE IN THE USA materials.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Your right, this is shocking to most people. I certainly know who all or most of the users of the foreign materials are, but at this time will decline to state their names. You however can ask them the right questions and insist on proof of the answers.

  7. A. P. Parades says:

    My family believes in buying only American made goods.
    American Fiberglass Pools appears to be the only fiberglass pool maker that actually states that the materials used in the fiber glass pool they make are !00% Made in the USA.
    We want a pool built right away at our home in Palacios,TX. Please call us so that we can get prices and schedule the work.
    My cell phone is 979-***-****.
    thank you for your time.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hey A.P. It was nice to have met you and your family last week. Welcome to our family of customers! We should be ready to begin your pool construction by 11/7/12.

  8. Mike Hall says:

    Has your company always used made in the USA materials during your manufacturing process?
    Also, do you know how long this foriegn material has been available in the market place here in the states?
    We have a fiberglass pool that was installed a few years ago in Michigan. We are curious if our pool has non-American products in it.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      1st question: Absolutely! 2nd question: We first saw it offered in 2002. 3rd question: Call me @ 800-324-7665, tell me your pool manufacturer and I will advise.

  9. Tyler House says:

    What U. S. company[s] actually distribute this contraband foreign material to the fiberglass pool manufacturers?
    Those creeps need to be outted as well. They have sales personell out on the street hawking that poorquality material.
    Appears that there is a chain of ownership prior to it ending up in someone’s backyard in the shape of a swimming pool……..


    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      There are several wholesale distributors around the USA that offer this material. Some fiberglass pool manufacturers are buying container loads direct from foreign manufacturers.

  10. Sarah Mahoney says:

    It is a sad day to hear that this kind of behavior seems to be acceptable within the pool business as well. Pool buyers should shun the purchasing of pools made with that foreign junk material. We are going to get a fiberglass pool this winter and I can assure you that we will avoid like the plague manufacturers that do not build 100% American made products.

  11. Crunchberry says:

    Do you have plans to open another manufacturing location sometime soon?

    If you do, will it be close to the Northeast market area?

    As for the blog topic, I know for a fact that there are at least 3 pool manufacturing facilities up here using Chinese fiberglass.

    That is another reason I will not purchase my pools we install from them!!

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Yes we do. We are currently looking at properties in N.C. and N.J. I am fully aware of at least 4 pool manufacturing companies in the N.E. that are using that stuff.

  12. Steve says:

    What a load of rubbish. Leisure Pools fir example imports its gel coat from Australia (FGI), its resin from Singapore and gets all it fiberglass from China. The pool is as good any any and its built in Australia and the USA.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for joining us and thanks for the admission of being a guilty party to the topic of this blog posting. We hope that someday soon your friends at the pool company you mentioned decide to use American materials on fiberglass pools they are selling to Americans. Join us again please mate!

  13. Blake L. says:

    How can any red blooded American buy a large purchase like a pool & stand for the $$$ to be sent somewhere out of the USA?
    We need to unite & boycott any products made elsewhere as much as possible.
    We have obvious choices that are made here, using American materials, using American labor,paying American taxes.
    Who needs a bunch of inferior companies using inferior raw materials, taking our hard earned greenbacks & shipping them elsewhere????

  14. Kyle A. says:

    A bit of my thoughts…..It appears the fiberglass pool industry conducts business in this order.
    1. Manufacturer of the pool unit
    2.Distributor stocks and delivers pool unit
    3.Dealer sells pool unit to public
    4.Dealer installs pool

    I say that any Distributor or Dealer that handles or sells the pool units that knowing realize that the pool unit is either foreign made or American made using cheaper, inferior foreign products are equally at fault for harming the American economy! It does not take someone with a MBA to conclude that good business practices start with support of your own country’s products and services.
    As for that Steve guy above, I have a few suggestions, learn to type and spell, and go back to Australia, Singapore or China. If you do not wish to support America 100%, you do not belong here in the LAND OF THE FREE !!

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      You are correct in the manner the fiberglass pool biz is conducted. Frankly, I don’t think anyone outside the fiberglass pool manufacturers know the nation of origin on the materials being used. This topic has only been discussed behind closed doors until this blog came along. As for your thoughts on Steve, give the mate a little slack before he hangs himself.

  15. Brittney. says:

    It is somewhat disconcerting to know that some of the fiberglass pool manufacturers think so little of our country that they use foriegn materials and cost us JOBS here in the USA.
    My husband and I want to purchase a fiberglass pool this November for our lake home in Livingston Texas. I can promise you that we will research absolutely the material origins of the pool we buy. We will also require a legal affidavit stating the pool is made of 100% USA made products.
    Thanks to Steve’s admissions located above, we won’t bother getting a bid from at least one company.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for joining us Brittany. You are well spoken. We can certainly assist you with a beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pools at your lake home in Livingston, so give us a call.

  16. F. Dudas says:

    Our American Fiberglass Pool was built in 1977. We have have had a wonderful time in the pool and even our great grand kids learn to swim in our pool.
    We are building a new home in Richmond that is 99% complete.
    We would like to visit with you again, get a small pool this time, and have the pool ready before February.
    Give me a call at 832-***-**** so we can get the new pool underway.
    BTW, glad to read that you are still using all American made products!
    Thanks, The Dudas Bunch

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      So nice to hear from y’all and glad to hear the whole family is still enjoying a 35 year old American Fiberglass Pool! I am looking forward to seeing you again this Saturday and of course to assisting your family again!

  17. H. Cutler says:

    You are right, I always thought all fiberglass pools were pretty much made alike.
    I am shocked to hear otherwise. The usage of materials from overseas to build pools for American consumers is just not right. Every one knows that 99% of foreign made stuff and shipped to us is junk. The only exception to this seems to be in autos.

  18. Lisa Chu says:

    My parents were both born in China. My Dad until the day he passed away 6 years ago refused to buy anything made in China. He was adament that Chinese made products are inferior to American made goods.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Your parents were very wise folks. You are a lucky young lady!

  19. Rick Taylor says:

    Please count me in on wanting to buy only 100% American made products that are made with 100% American made materials !
    We are looking to purchase a fiberglass pool before the end of the year. Do you have a rep in the Vidor, TX area?
    If so, please call at 409-*******.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Glad you joined us and glad to have met you last Friday! We sent off for your building permits yesterday and should be ready to rock in a few days on your pool construction.

  20. Ray Barry says:

    Here is a great analogy that I think explains best how to think about this topic of discussion.
    Who here in the states are building houses with Chinese concrete for the foundation? Who here in the states are using Singapore lumber to frame the houses?
    Who here in the states are using Australian paint to paint the houses?
    Who here in the states is using Mexican pvc to plumb in gas and water lines to these houses?

    The answer is……….NOBODY!!
    So why should we have to purchase pools with all those foreign materials?
    The answer is………WE DON’T!!

  21. J. A. Nagel says:

    I don’t see Americans lined up to build their homes with foreign materials either.

  22. Happy Talk says:

    The fiberglass industry in China is owned by the Chinese communist goverment.
    There is definitelyan advantage in the labor rate as the workers average $12 a month.
    The workers have no education and no concept of quality control. When a container of Chinese fiberglass arrives here for use, our company has to sort thru the entire container in order to remove the visable off spec material. the average amount of material that cannot be used is close to 35%. That is why the stuff is so cheap since even the Chinese expect a lot of the material to be tossed aside and unusable. I cannot understand why any companywould use it if structural integrity mattered. much less on pools.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Good points you made! When you can figure out a good reason that people use that stuff, please advise.

  23. Hauser 3 says:

    We have a keen interest in speaking with you about a new pool. We would like to begin construction as soon as possible. Our hardscape planned is extensive so we anticipate that part of the job to take 45 days to complete after the pool is completed.
    Please contact us at 713-***-****.
    We are elated to know that your pools are constructed with only materials made here in the USA.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      I appreciate your interest in our American Fiberglass Pools. I look forward to meeting you this Sunday afternoon. It will be our privilege to work with you!

  24. W. Stafford says:

    How long have those other fiberglass pool manufacturers been using that Chinese garbage material to make their pools?

    Is there some kind of policing agency that can prevent this from continuing?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      10 years or so. The pools made overseas likely 15-20 years. There are no agencies to police the use of this material, only concerned citizens like you.

  25. Haak says:

    Been following your blog several months now. I build fiberglass pools in the northeast.
    I am shocked that my area is a hot spot for use of Chinese material made pools.
    I intend to investigate further and to drop my current pool line if they are using that crap from overseas
    Thanks for the heads up!

  26. Bobble Head 007 says:

    Do other types of pool constuction methods use Chinese materials (gun-nite or vinyl)?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Yes! Chinese steel re-bar for sure. Vinyl, I’ll bet some of the liners are made overseas too.

  27. Rodney Cadus says:

    We are fortunate that someone like you is willing to expose this kind of information.

    All of us should be watchful of goods from or goods made with foriegn materials.

    Our country is at a crossroads in it’s history that requires us all to support the USA by purchasing only American made goods.

    Let’s keep all our money here in the states!!


  28. Allier4 says:

    Making a fine wine is much like building a fiberglass pool. The best oak barrels are made in France. The best FRP materials are made in the USA.
    You don’t see French wine makers bringing in Chinese oak barrels do you? The French oak is a key part in making the wine turn out the way it should.

    Same way with the materials that should be used for the manufacturing of an American made fiberglass pools. The American made materials make the pools turn out like it should; lasting forever.

  29. Maningo says:

    Judging from your post, all fiberglass pools are not made alike.
    I think a prospective buyer should remember to ask the right questions including the origins of the various materials used to assemble the pool shell.

    We have the right to know this prior to purchase.

  30. Geary Watt says:

    Please add my name to the list of potential pool buyers that is bewildered that some of these fiberglass pool manufacturers that refuse to use American made materials.

    When we purchase our pool shortly, we will not buy a pool that is not made with American made materials, period.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Your name is added sir! Make sure to check back with us about that fiberglass pool you want to build soon.

  31. Jimmy says:

    It is our right to know how our fibre glass pool is manufactured.
    It should be a requirement that ALL fibre glass pool manufactures disclose the complete origin of ALL materials they utilize.
    This ought to be a law!
    It takes guts for a company to disclose this.

    Congratulations American Fibreglass Pools for being the 1st to do this!!

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks Jimmy! We are so proud to offer our valuable clients 100% American made American Fiberglass Pools! Please join us again.