Creating a Water Fitness Routine

A water fitness routine can be an ideal exercise solution for many people of differing ages and levels of fitness. An older person with arthritis or perhaps a back condition may find a pool the perfect place to obtain a lower-impact aerobic workout. An athletic youth can use a pool to build strength and endurance. A home pool can provide a healthy exercise regimen for the whole family without the cost of joining the gym.

Your backyard swimming pool can truly become your very own fitness complex. To help get you started, there are many books, videos and online articles available that can help you design a routine and learn the correct techniques for safety and success. Equipment designed for water fitness, such as swim bars and buoyancy belts, can also be purchased to help you maximize your fitness routine. Before beginning your own exercise program, be sure that you consult your doctor.

One thing to remember when designing your workout is that to get an effective cardiovascular workout in a pool, you must move rapidly and work with effort. There are numerous exercises you can do to achieve this. For instance, you can put on a buoyancy belt and do some deepwater running — just move your arms and legs as you would if you were running on land. You can also do jumping jacks, knee lifts, karate kicks and punches to get that heart rate up. Even just swimming several quick laps in the pool will help boost your heart rate.

A good routine should also involve some resistance-training exercises to help tone your muscles. One of the great things about water is that it naturally provides resistance, or drag — that resistance you feel as you move through water. To increase the effectiveness of your workout, water barbells can be purchased and used to do water weightlifting. Bicep curls, arm raises and other barbell exercises can be performed in the water just as you would do them on land.

Those with arthritis and other painful muscle or joint conditions may need to create a less rigorous exercise routine, but water fitness can be an ideal solution for people with these types of conditions. In general, the buoyancy of pool water makes exercising easier on the joints. The pool’s water pressure can even, in many cases, decrease joint swelling. The warmer the pool water, the more relaxed your muscles will be, thus making movements easier and less painful. Always make it a habit to let your muscles relax before and after the exercise routine. It is also best to move your arms or legs slowly and gently when attempting a full range of motion and never force a movement. Begin and end your routine with the easiest exercises.

Whatever your particular fitness needs and physical condition may be, a water fitness routine can be designed to meet your needs. Once you find the routine for you, you can start your path to better health and fitness with a regimen that is both low-impact and effective. And of course, playing in the water is always fun!

22 Responses to “Creating a Water Fitness Routine”

  1. R. Hicks says:

    Nice suggestions on how to stay fit. I am 67 yrs. old and swim every morning for 3 hrs.
    My weight has stayed the same for 23 yrs. 184 lbs.
    Swimming is the best way to stay in shape, period!

    • wayne says:

      You are obviously a very dedicated chap and based on your response to our blog, I whole heartily agree that swimming is the best form of exercise. Congratulations to you and keep up the great routine!

  2. Furious & Fast in Galveston says:

    Love my workouts in my American Fiberglass Pool.
    The pool floor is easy on my feet unlike the concrete pool I owned a few years back.
    Everything you told me about the ease of care, the smooth surface, the need for less chemicals were all true.

    • wayne says:

      Hi Ted, Glad you are enjoying your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool. Glad you like the feel of our pool’s surface on your feet and most glad that I met such nice folks like you and your bride!

  3. Wilson Clinton says:

    It amazes me everytime I get into my pool how the aches and pains seem to go away.

    I tell anyone that will listen that a pool is a great way to ease the pains of life.

  4. Dean Corstyn says:

    I had to have major back surgery back in 2009.
    I had to lose 65 lbs. for the Doc to do it.

    Happy to report that I had the surgery in 2011.
    I owe it all to my American Pool pool that I purchased to exercise in. It takes time and a lot of effort but I feel like a new man today and will continue to enjoy my daily routine in my pool.

    My pool has truly has become a part of my life!

    • wayne says:

      Kudos for your weight loss success Dean! Keep up the tremendous effort. All the best to you and your family.

  5. Showboat3 says:

    people are constantly asking me how my family always looks so fit and tanned.

    Our backyard pool I reply!

  6. Bryan says:

    Swimming is a wonderful cardio workout.
    Plus not having all that pressure on our joints makes swimming the all around best way to get and stay in shape!

  7. Mike Vail says:

    I have had multiple back surgeries.
    My recovery from them includes lots of pool exercise. Frankly, I don’t know what I would do without my pool. Maybe have to use a wheelchair instead of walking?

    • wayne says:

      I hope that wheel chair never rolls your way. Keep on exercising in that pool to prevent it. Good luck!!

  8. Andy A. says:

    Swimming every day also helps to take the stress of the day away.

    • wayne says:

      Stress can make your whole body ache and sap your energy. An American Fiberglas Pool, can as you say, “help take the stress of the day away”.

  9. Water Yoga Master says:

    I have found that water yoga is more stimulating for me than on a floor mat.
    More resistance while in water makes for a better workout.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for joining us. I know nothing about yoga, but will take your word for it about yoga in pools being better.

  10. Reneau 8 says:

    We have had our American Pool to enjoy for almost 34 years now.

    It was all for the kids back then.

    Now it is for us oldsters to exercise in. Most of the many aches and pains seem to subside while in the pool.

    We swim every day, many of the aches we used to have stopped completely after we started an every day pool exercise routine.

  11. Harry says:

    Time catches up with all of us. Having a pool certainly helps keep us in somewhat shape to meet the rigors of each day.

    The thing I like especially about my fibre glass pool is that the surfacing is smooth and does not damage my feet like the gunite pool I used to have.