How much swimming space do you need in your new pool?

The very first consideration is how you intend to utilize the pool most of the time.  Activities like water volleyball, water basketball, and other games whether it’s the kids or the adults will obviously require more space and area.

A curvy pool design will equal less swim space, period!  Most curvy fiberglass pool designs sacrifice tons of swim space as a consequence of their shape.  It should be obvious that in order to get the most swimming area that a linear designed pool like a rectangular, roman end, and similar designs will provide that extra swimming area.

Most properties look better with more of a formal feel as provided only by rectangular as well as roman end pools.  Curvy shaped pools or freeform are whimsical or natural depending on the setting.

So what’s important to you in a pool shape?  Most folks consider swim space as the number one consideration.

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52 Responses to “CURVES VS. SWIM OR PLAY AREA”

  1. Ramos. says:

    Have followed your blog for a while now. You seem to make sense especially with this one. Having owned a few pools in my life, I can say that having plenty of room to float and play in a pool is priority one.
    I never really enjoyed my one pool that was a free form design. It was just too narrow in too many places.
    Take it from experience…go for the swim area.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for following us. I think most folks will agree with your logical conclusions. Please join us again!

  2. W. Paddock. says:

    I agree with your topic here.
    Please call at 409-***-****.
    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Welcome to our American Fiberglass Pool future pool owners club! We know your family will enjoy the Brazos model you selected. Go ahead and plan your Memorial Day swim party!

  3. C. Elder says:

    Getting a pool that is large enough to really play in is a very important purchasing reason. As far as the shape of the pool is concerned, I believe that the landscape around the pool will make things flow into a natural setting. Natural stone waterfalls especially do the trick.

    • wayne says:

      Good point my friend! The hardscape around a pool can make even the simplest design look expensive and classy.

  4. Kayla Greer says:

    We discussed this very topic with you 3 years ago when we bought our Rio Bravo pool from you.
    You were so right and we cannot be happier that we did not purchase a free form pool that one of your competitors offered.
    You guys are super to work with.


    • wayne says:

      Hi Kayla and so glad to hear from you. You were very nice folks to work with and we thank you for all the kind words.

  5. Tom G says:

    I believe that in most instances that a rectangular or roman design will be structurally sounder than a curved,
    freeform design.

    • wayne says:

      I have heard quite a number of structural engineers say that too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

  6. Monica Keller says:

    Please give me a call to have a site review performed by your company for a new pool.
    We are most interested in the Frio model as it is bigger than any other fiber pool we can find.


    • wayne says:

      The Frio is truly a huge pool and it will look great at your home when we get finished with your pool.

  7. J. Zuniga says:

    I also am not crazy about all those wildly designs some fiberglass pools come in. Elegant lines are the key for me. We have been researching these pools for 2 years and looks like your company wins our business.
    You were the most professional pool man that visited with us, gave us a great pool package price, and those 40 year old references were the icing on the cake.
    Call us to set up a time to get rolling.


    • wayne says:

      We are thankful that you chose American Fiberglass Pools as your pool contractor of choice. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

  8. T. De Leon says:

    Water volley ball is our pool sport most played. We play at the neighbors all the time.
    Now we want to have our own pool.
    You have several linear designs that look to be perfect for our need.
    Please call at 832-***-****.

    • wayne says:

      The Colorado model you and Julia selected is the perfect game pool. Weather allowable, you should be swimming in a few weeks and scheduling that first water volleyball tournament!

  9. Ned Bardier says:

    My wife and I like to swim laps in our pool.
    If the pool has some weird curvy shape that is a difficult thing to accomplish.

  10. Jeanne McFarlane says:

    You are right, I am not into or interested in pools with squiggly shaping.
    Seems like it would be a drag bumping into other people on floats and such.
    Call me @ 713******* so we can can discuss you building us a new pool.

    • wayne says:

      It was a pleasure to meet you folks and thanks for choosing us to build your new, beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW, maintenance American Fiberglass Pool!!

  11. Al Nice says:

    I think a kidney shaped pool is about as exotic as I want to get.
    I don’t like all those drastic shape changing pools.
    Call us at 512-***-****.
    We want to swim in mid May if possible.

    • wayne says:

      Go ahead and schedule a Memorial Day swim fest! Your American Fiberglass Pool model Llano should be ready to splash in.

  12. Lyle F. says:

    Have had several pools in last 30 years.
    The rectangle ones were the most fun and most practical. Now when our new house is finished in a month we want another fiberglass pool.
    You guys check out as the most experienced, most reputable in the Texas market.
    Please call us at 817*******.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and thanks for purchasing an American Fiberglass Pool model San Antonio for your new casa!

  13. Gerard . says:

    We own a home near Bay City and are looking to buy a fiberglass pool. Is this something that we can install ourselves and do you have an assisted installation program? I am very handy and feel confident that with some instruction I can do this.


    • wayne says:

      We will soon be able to being construction on your American Fiberglass Pool model Rio Bravo. You doing the electrical and concrete will save you some money.

  14. Rocky . says:

    My opinion on the right pool shape is to go more traditional. You will always have the space you require to do any type of pool activity.
    A kidney shape is ok too but stay away from wild & crazy designs unless you want to be cramped for space.

  15. Noele M. says:

    Please give us a call at 713*******.
    My husband and I wish to have a rep come to our home for an estimate.
    We are leaning toward fiberglass instead of a concrete pool.
    To us, ease of maintenance and a lot of swim area are the 2 biggest factors.
    We really like your Guadalupe model as it is 19 feet wide.

    • wayne says:

      We were pleased to visit with your family and i”m sure you and the 8 kids will have more than enough room to play in the Guadalupe you scheduled us to build for you.

  16. L. Pigott says:

    Your Rio Grande unit is interesting to us.
    Please call during an evening.

    • wayne says:

      The Rio Grande will be a nice addition to your very large backyard. We look forward to getting started soon.

  17. O.L. Walker says:

    Your reputation is great. We want a pool very soon.
    All our investigation keeps leading to fiberglass pools and your company.
    we wish to have an estimate asap. Reach us at 512***-**** or 512-***-****.

    • wayne says:

      We work very hard to keep 99.999% of our almost 40,000 customers happy. You can’t please every one, but we almost get there.

  18. Linx says:

    Buying a new pool is a big decision. You have to get it right. So get one with plenty of room as your family will grow. That will be hard to do if the pool you get is some kind of funky shape like a free form.

  19. Wade The Pool Guy says:

    Owning a pool that is large enough to have ALL types of activities in is a must. You will that statistically find that 70% of the fun in the sun that a pool will offer will be in 5′ of water or less.
    As a pool builder I try to get my customers to build traditional shaped pools in order to maximize the space in the pool.
    I have of course built some pretty odd shaped pools in my time, but have had a number of those type pool buyers that have told me that they wish they had listened to me and built more rectangular or Grecian designed pools.

  20. Gigi Falkenberg says:

    This is a good topic. Seems that some people want the pool shape for ‘looks’ rather than being practical.

    Having been the owner of 2 pools and soon a third one, my vote is for a fiberglass pool and for any shape other than squiggly shapes.

  21. The Browns says:

    Our interest is in your pool the Guadalupe. We want a very large pool in a roman design. Our home is in Rosharon out in the country so a big pool is a must.
    Call us @ 281-*******.


    • wayne says:

      Also welcome to the American Fiberglass Pool future pool owners club. As you said to us when we visited your home, no other fiberglass pool builder could offer you a pool near as large as the Guadalupe.

  22. Hot Rod Gene says:

    I have been reading your blog for quite a while.
    Have to admit that you are typically on the money with your observations.
    This one especially hit the mark.
    What is the use in having a pool unless you have lots of room to play?
    I have seen a lot of ‘pretty’ designs that just are not very practical for use as a lap pool or for play.
    Please give me a call to talk about my pool needs.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for the kind words! We look forward to assisting your family. Your pool is scheduled to begin construction in 2 weeks if it ever stops raining!

  23. H. L. Robbins says:

    Are you familiar with a system that can cool pool water during the summer?

    We actually want to both cool and heat the pool we will build within 45 days from now.

    Perhaps you can contact us to make these suggestions?


    • wayne says:

      Yes sir! There are various pool water chillers available. We like the Hayward heat/chill pumps a lot. We get superior service from Hayward! We look forward to working with you on your American Fiberglass Pool model Rio Grande. Your kids will have a real blast on the jump board.

  24. Pancho Vargas says:

    I live on the pacific coast of Mexico.
    I am interested in building fiberglass pools.
    I am a builder and developer of condos and homes.
    I have a home in Houston and would like to stop by your factory and talk about new business.
    My Houston phone numero is 713*******.

    • wayne says:

      Glad to have met with you last week and I will be pleased to provide your custom built fiberglass pools for your projects in Ixtapa.

  25. Edward says:

    Freeform pools are a big waste of $$$$ if you are purchasing a pool to swim laps in. I swim 2 miles a day in my pool. This requires a linear shaped pool, not a freeform.

  26. Brad says:

    My vote is for traditional shapes for pools.