The Guadalupe


A New Model Now Available Exclusively from American Fiberglass Pools. This is truly the LARGEST fiberglass pool available in the world. With inside dimensions a true 19 x 43 ft., you will have lots of room to swim, perform water aerobics, swim laps, and enjoy a cool dip during the long, hot, humid, summertime. No other fiberglass pool available offers you over 760 sq. ft. of pure uninterrupted aquatic enjoyment. Just like the river of its name, the Guadalupe will offer you a lifetime of gentle water induced relaxation.

A Pool Feels right, Day and Night …

The morning air, a walk in the garden, especially by the pool, gives a certain satisfaction. It just feels right. That special feeling also reappears in the evening, under a full moon or in the light cast from garden lanterns. It’s quieter there, more natural and far away from the pace of everyday life. It’s okay to linger and take in all the beauty that you see.

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