This is a frequently asked question.  According to a recent survey conducted by a Florida State University professor, inground swimming pools increased the value of homes as much as 15%, especially in warmer parts of the country.  The Florida State University included 28,000 residences all across the nation.  The study also concluded that a “swimming pool is a desired feature” in areas that suffer from extremely hot temperatures for residents to experience. So let’s take a quick look at the reasons you should consider owning an American Fiberglass Pool.

1. IT’S A COOL IDEA!  An American Fiberglass Pools with tropical landscaping around it is always going to make your guest and yourself feel like you are at a tropical resort.  Add a few frozen adult beverages or a maitai to the mix and you will have that resort feeling down perfectly.

2. CURB APPEAL.  Many home buyers are drawn to and fall in love with a beautifully landscaped backyard that includes a well done inground pool.  We get multiple calls a week from families moving into the Houston area that want an American Fiberglass Pool installed at their recently purchased home.

3. LAYOUT AND DESIGN.  Above and beyond having a pool in a yard, the size of the pool and location of the pool are also very important factors that can influence a buyer’s decision.  In my opinion, smaller pools are becoming more popular with the “baby boomers”.  They previously owned the big pools with, slides, waterfalls, and other elaborate amenities.  Due to this, adding a simple, small pool that is well installed and landscaped is the new norm.  The pool location should take advantage of existing patios, pergalas, outdoor kitchens, etc.  Locating the pool on the back forty will remove the pool from the most concentrated area of entertainment.

4. KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES.  If you have lots of neighbors with pools (new or old), you may be limiting your potential number of buyers.  If a wide majority of the neighborhood has added pools to their landscaping, you may want to follow suit.  If you are in an area with few pools, your property value will likely not go up as much if you install a pool.

A few things to keep in mind for maximizing the value you will receive for owning an American Fiberglass pool:

A. Build a pool that is consistent with your home’s value.  Rule of thumb, most pool buyers spend up to 20% of the home’s value when purchasing a new pool.

B. Keep the pool looking well maintained and swim ready.  A pool of any kind that is not taken care of properly is a real turn off.

C. Don’t cut back on the esthetics.  Just like the rest of your home, the cosmetics features (or lack thereof) can impact the home selling price.  This means in particular the pool deck.  Plain old concrete is not very appealing around a pool.  Especially when you can see plenty of it down the street at the grocery store parking lot.

D. Saving a little cash when you build the pool.  Shop around a bit and make sure the contractor is a proven one and does not have a trail of issues from coming to your area from another state.  As I have written in an earlier blog posting, DO NOT TAKE THE CHEAPEST BID!  You will more than likely regret it someday.

So now you know as much as I do, (LOL).

If you are considering, like many other people, in swimming in a cool, refreshing, beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool sometime soon and would like to discuss things with a pool contractor familiar with pool values in your area, give us a call or reply below.


  1. Kaley Moore says:

    We sold our house & pool in Houston recently.
    Our calculation is that the pool increased our home value by 18%.
    We are now in the market for another American Pool.
    Please call us at 713-*******

    • wayne says:

      Congrats young lady. It was good to see y’all again last week and you are now on our AA list as a second time American Fiberglass Pool owner.

  2. Sussaphone II says:

    We have owned 3 previous houses with inground pools all located in the Houston area.
    We have always recovered a nice return on them at the time of sale.
    We know that the pools all were appealing to the buyers and were a big portion of the equity cash we received.

    Therefore we were not hesitant in the least to build another pool. This is our very first fiberglass pool. We have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to take care of.
    American Pools did a super job for us last year and we hardily recommend them to lots of other home owners.

  3. Justin Leleux says:

    I sell real estate and find that there is a huge niche of potential home buyers searching only for homes with existing pools.
    My friends in the business around the country tell me the same applies all over.

    The homes with pools almost always sell for a premium. Of course the pool must be kept well so that it shows well and adds character with a positive influence to the home.

  4. V, Derrick says:

    Our experience selling 2 homes with pools turned out much better than we ever expected. We had multiple offers all at the same time.
    The pools were definitely attractions to the potential buyers.

  5. Lynne T. says:

    A well taken care of pool is a wonderful asset to almost any house during re-sale. Of course that means some landscaping should also be in place. You want the backyard to look and feel like a place of warmth and family times.


  6. Emile says:

    I agree with all post up to this point.
    A pool in the majority of the cases will add lots of value to a house sale.
    People living in the southwest and south especially.

  7. Joseph Barnes says:

    Our pool was inspected by a pool pro prior to putting our house up for sale. He pointed out little inexpensive things we could do to enhance the looks of our pool. We were amazed what a difference they made and buyers had no idea that the pool was a 27 yr. old fiberglass pool until they read the disclosure statement.
    They thought the pool was only a few yrs. old.
    That $300 pool inspector was worth his weight in gold. We had a bidding war between buyers and made $19k more than our asking price.
    Call me a smart cookie??

  8. Sheila Cornish says:

    My experience has always been a good one when selling a home with a pool. We have always made a tidy profit. I also must admit that we take exceptional care of anything we own. I am sure that has something to do with profiting too!

    • wayne says:

      Glad to hear of your multiple positive experiences. Maintenance and care of anything you own always pays off.

  9. Garry McNair says:

    I think that pools having a pool in an area where other pools abound is a good thing. Our street has 16 house in a double cul-de-sac fashion. 13 of those houses have pools. The houses on our street are typically sold within 45 days from listings. I have come to the conclusion that buyers EXPECT houses in my area to have pools. The sales prices on the houses with pools are always 20% plus higher than the ones without pools.
    Glad to own a pool and even happier to have been able to cool off in it the last 6 yrs.
    BTW, American Pools built my fiberglass pool, they were nice people to work with and also stay in touch with us to make sure that we have no problems.

  10. Colin Boykins says:

    I have always found that selling a house with a nice pool sells the house faster and increases the equity return on the property dramatically.

    Colin B.

  11. Liz Sharp says:

    Well maintained homes & pools are important assets during the selling of a property.
    Rule of thumb during my real estate career is 37% of all buyers are looking for homes with pools. Further, homes that are sold along with pools have a very nice return on that pool investment, I would say close to 24% better.
    These are my own statistics and I have not seen national industry wide statistics.

  12. Dean F. says:

    A pool is also an asset of fun & family times. There is much more than just the return on investment at the time of the sale of the home.

  13. Judson Hale. says:

    I know a lot of people that have owned up to 4 swimming pools. Pools would have to be a good investment or why else would they continue to buy a new one every time they move?

    • wayne says:

      Great question sir! Bottom line, most previous pool owners can’t imagine life without another backyard swimming hole.

  14. Yance Sperry says:

    Pools are an investment in your self. Think of all the exercise that will help keep you in shape and feeling good. Start calculating fees at fitness centers, the gas to get there,& such.
    That backyard pool starts getting less expensive all the time, huh?

    • wayne says:

      Love that name! You don’t have to be a CPA to figure out all the financial advantages of owning an American Fiberglass Pool.

  15. Tom says:

    Lots of home buyers are looking specifically for homes with existing pools.

  16. Harry says:

    We did well on the sale of 2 out of 3 houses that we previously owned with pools. The 1 that did not meet our goal was a 13 year old gunite pool that needed a whole lot of work.
    It needed new tile, plaster, and brick.
    The other2 pools were in very good condition.

    • wayne says:

      By nature we are all afraid of the unknown. You likely had a lot of potential buyers think the needed pool repairs would be ultra expensive. That’s not often the case. It would have paid for you to be proactive with a pool inspector prior to selling the home.

  17. DeVon Stamford says:

    How can anyone that has had a pool possibly put a price on all the family fun & health benefits they enjoyed at the time of selling a home??

    To me, even if you break even on the original cost of the pool that’s a HUGE win!

  18. Connie Berger says:

    Timely topic Mr. Wayne.
    We just sold our home with the pool you built us 8 years ago. We made 31% more on our equity return solely on our beautiful pool area.

    We are moving to the Hill Country to retire and would love to work with you again on another pool.

    You can call me at 281-***-****.

  19. Kyle Sensenbaugh says:

    Great read! This is a topic that every pool owner and potential pool owner should think about.
    Glad to know that so many readers are sharing their positive pool experiences.
    Now for my own. We live in San Antonio and definitely made a nice chunk of cash both times we sold our houses with pools.
    The pools were well kept and were the focal points of our backyards.
    Just like selling a car, a well maintained house and pool are the way to maximize your ROI.

  20. Emma Gertz says:

    Been following your blog for about a year.
    Kudos for pulling subjects like this out of a hat.
    Keep up the good work!

  21. Jayson Hooper says:

    I guess it really boils down on where you live and how you take care of things in order to get the best return as possible.

    • wayne says:

      Jayson, you’re right. Especially about taking care of things.

    • wayne says:

      I recommend pool inspections when selling or buying a home with a pool. I do a ton of them a year myself. Little things really do mean a lot to max out your return on the pool investment.

  22. Will Lightfoot says:

    This topic was a concern to me and frankly is why we have never purchased a pool before. In spite of this, we have always wanted one. After reading this blog and all the positive results of selling homes with pools, we are now ready to get one.

    Please call us at 979-*******

    Thank you, W.L.

    • wayne says:

      Hey Will. I know the pool we built for you and finished last week is still a little cold to have a swim. I know you are enjoying the hot tub though. We much appreciate building your family’s new pool and would love to assist you in any way if the need arises.