We all know that we can enjoy a lifetime of low maintenance and fun in an American Fiberglass Pool.  Did you know that the use of fiberglass in the manufacturing of commercial jet liners has some incredible advantages too?  Let us take the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as an example.  Did you know that the use of composite (fiberglass) structure is a primary  contributor to the 787’s lower maintenance cost?  Use of these materials, particularly in areas that are susceptible to corrosion and fatigue, substantially reduces time consuming and very expensive inspections.  The one piece barrel construction on the 787 greatly reduces the number of joints and fasteners that must be constantly attended to.  Another little known fact is that the composite (fiberglass) fuselage is designed to be much more impact resistant than previous planes made with aluminum.   This plane is designed with the use of fiberglass materials to reduce the cost of maintenance and allow the airplane to spend less time in the hanger and more time in the air!

The light weight structure made of composite (fiberglass) is one of the primary reasons that the 787 is 20% more fuel efficient than previous counterparts.  It is now possible to easily fly non-stop from New York to Hawaii or to Johannesburg or to Hong Kong in what is considered to be a mid-sized airplane.  No longer are those routes exclusive for the “jumbo” jets.

The composite (fiberglass) construction of the 787 allows the cabin to be pressurized at an altitude 25% lower than most other aircraft.  What does this mean?  Your body will absorb almost 10% more oxygen into the blood quicker so passengers experience fewer headaches, less dizziness and fatigue.  In Aluminum airplanes, pressurizing the aircraft at the same altitude would be weight prohibitive and cause structural fatigue concerns.  The composite (fiberglass) fuselage on the 787 will allow cabin pressurization at the lower altitude with almost no weight impact.

Did you know that the windows on a 787 are 30% larger than a similar size plane?  Ever sit in the aisle seat and wish you could see outside?  Now you can!  Why is this possible?  Like so many innovations, this is possible due to the strength and durability of the composite (fiberglass) fuselage.

So why are we talking so much about planes on this blog?  Only because fiberglass pools

have made a huge positive impact on the pool industry over 50 years ago like the Dreamliner has to aviation today.  I can’t wait to fly in one.  Come to think of it, I can’t wait to start splashing around in an American Fiberglass Pool in another 3-5 weeks too!


  1. Built For Speed says:

    I am not interested in a pool, I live on the water in Panama City in Florida. I was just scoping out the net and found your site. I can say that I have several pals with fiberglass pools here. They all appear to really like them. My friends with marcite pools don’t seem to have the same love affair with their pools. They seem to dislike the extra work involved with the marcite finishes.
    I enjoyed your post. I never knew that fiberglass was so incredibly strong and had so many uses in aviation.
    I will check back on you from time to time. I like learning about stuff.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      You obviously know thru experience that fiberglass pools are much easier to take care of when compared to concrete pools. Thanks you for visiting with us and please do so again.

  2. Adam Nerrant says:

    Remarkable info on this blog! You should start your own TV show about fiberglass things.
    We have been interested in owning a fiberglass pool for years. Looks like the time is finally right to start swimming at home. We have already filled out your contact sheet so give us a call.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for the compliment. A TV show dedicated to all the advantages of fiberglass pools would be so cool! Speaking of cool, y’all should be able to have your 1st pool party this weekend, just in time since the 100 degree days are here!

  3. D. L. Whiteside says:

    i have owned previously both fiberglass pools and gunite pools .My experience has proved that fiberglass is the easiest pool to maintain hands down. My gunite pools also required re-surfacing every 4-5 years. The cost after the initial purchase just seem to never end with those gunite pools.
    Thank goodness that someone invented fiberglass!!!!

  4. Paul Curtis says:

    Great stuff to know! I have enjoyed reading your post for the last few months. I am sure from the things you write that your fiberglass pools must be some of the best that are made.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Glad you like our blog information. American Fiberglass Pools is the oldest continuously operated fiberglass manufacturer in North America, 41 YEARS!

  5. KJM says:

    We have owned a fiberglass pool since the mid-seventies. It has never been surfaced or worked on. The pump has been changed 4 times and the filter 3 times. We are not the original owner of the pool but we know that American Pools manufctured and installed it in 1973. The pool has been a source of great joy to our kids and now our grandchildren. Who knows, it may last another 40 years!
    Fiberglass materials are used to make things that last forever!!

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for sharing your long term experience with an American Fiberglass Pool. It is people like you especially that we like to hear from.

  6. Nathan Frede says:

    This is an informative website. We are interested in your pools but only the ones that are 18 or 19 feet wide. Do you have any like these??

  7. Forever 30 says:

    If they can make planes that carry hundreds of people out of fiberglass, it must be a wonderful product to make swimming pools out of!

  8. H. Gillman says:

    Gl ad to be able to review your site information. Adear friend of ours has owned one of your pools for 23 years.She has convinced us that American Pools is the only company to deal with. She says she remembers your Father quite well and appreciated the family run atmosphere and work ethic. We have already completed your contact form andlook forward to meeting you personally.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Most of our pools that we install are referrals from friends like yours. My dad passed away on 6/13 and I appreciate the nice memories your friends have expressed to you. I hope y’all can decide on exactly what American Fiberglass Pool model best suits your family since you like the Rio Bravo and your wife likes the Pecos II. It’s over 100 degrees so let’s get you swimming soon!!

  9. GPS says:

    Next thing you know our houses and autos will all be made of fiberglass. It sounds like amazing material. Super strong, cost effective, long lasting. What else can you ask for ?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      There are houses and cars being built that utilize a ton of fiberglass material in the end product. Someone else thought about this a long time before I mentioned it.

  10. Tom and Veronica says:

    Our American Fiberglass Pool has been a lovely addition to our family life for over 21 years. Our 4 kids learned how to swim in it and now our grand kids are as well. We are soooo happy that we met you all those years ago.
    We are building a new home in the West Columbia area and will be getting another pool from you. Simply put, no one other than American Pools will be our pool company.

    So please contact us so we can start the ball rolling on the new pool! Tom and Veronica Sm******

  11. Matthew Doty says:

    Wanted you to know that I found this blog to be an interesting read.

  12. CPR says:

    Thought you should be aware that there are other people out here that appreciate your efforts on this blog! We are very happy with our fibre glass pool over the last 19 years. Keep up the good work!

  13. The Rill's says:

    Amazing that a pool man would write such an interesting article about planes!

    We have enjoyed reading your entire blog over the weekend and will continue to do so.