Having an inground swimming pool installed can light up the life of your family and make that drab backyard a place your family will want to be all the time. What decisions are to be made? Your biggest decision is should it be a fiberglass pool or a gunite pool? Another is do you want a form of concrete deck or wood deck? How about pavers? The pool builder you choose to ultimately build your pool of dreams should be a big part of that decision-making process, too.

Let us now look at some of the pool and pool area features that are available to spice up that “dead zone” in your backyard.

1. SPA: A spa delivers warm, soothing, pulsating water in combination with thousands of massaging air bubbles. Adding jets to your pool creates a soothing, therapeutic area to relax and drain off the stress of your day.

2. WATERFALLS: A very popular feature, a waterfall, whether it is built of stacked natural stones or a sleek modernistic sheer of water, provides a soothing sound of rushing water and helps block out traffic noise or your noisy nextdoor neighbor.

3. POOL DECKING: Lots of colors, materials and textures are available to select from when creating a deck for your pool. Natural stone is always a winning choice. Wood or composite decks are cooler to walk on and can provide an easy way to add multi-levels, benches and such. Concrete overlays are cooler and much less expensive than the other options.

4. PATIO COVERS: Palapas can add the feeling of relaxing on an exotic beach. Gazebos and other types of patio covers can add character to your yard and offer room for tables, chairs and even a ceiling fan.

5. OUTDOOR KITCHENS: Just think about cooking your favorite meal while your family has fun in the nearby pool. Outdoor kitchens can be designed to offer all the same amenities as indoor kitchens, so you can prepare any kind of meal for your family while remaining right in the middle of all the action.

6. PUTTING GREEN: Quite a bit more common than you think, incorporating a putting green into your pool area provides extra fun for your family and may even improve your golf game. The green will blend in nicely with the look of your pool and add to your backyard decor.

Now that you have some ideas, you are ready to begin transforming your blah backyard into your own personal piece of paradise.


  1. Amy Shelton says:

    I have been reading your blog for over a year.
    I must say that you are helpful with all the design ideas and acessesories you have written about.
    When we are ready to build a pool in January, we have already decided to have you build it.

  2. Bill Lewis says:

    My family spends all our spare time in our pool and spa. Our American Fiberglass Pool is the best ‘Home Entertainment Center’ we have ever owned.
    If we ever move, we will be having another pool built from your company.

  3. O'Hare says:

    Our clan swims almost every day year round.
    Our pool is dark blue, we have a solar heating system that gets a little help from our gas heater every now & then.
    Lastly living in south Texas helps too!

  4. Cruz Sanchez Flores says:

    My American Fiberglass Pool is located in Ixtapa Mexico.
    My familia has enjoyed our pool since 1987.
    We have had several earthquakes since the pool was built.
    We have never had cracks, this is why we bought fibre glass.

    • wayne says:

      What a testimonial! While I did not personally sell your pool to you I remember making all the transport arrangements to get the pool to you by ship. Please visit us again.

  5. USMC-1 says:

    After being in the sand boxes the last few years I promised myself a swimming pool once I retired and settled in to a civ lifestyle.

    I’m ready to go so call me at 713-***-****

  6. Kai Bailey says:

    A pool has always been on our bucket list.
    We have researched for years now. Sure seems like fiberglass pools are the only way to go due to all the advantages over other types of pools. Are your pools available in the Port Aransas area of Texas?
    You can reach us at 361-*******.

    • wayne says:

      Yes sir! I enjoyed our visit last week and look forward to being your pool guy of choice when your home is complete.

  7. Mollie says:

    We almost never did a thing in our back yard until we purchased a pool from American Pools. Now you can hardly get us out of the backyard.
    My husband has discovered how to grill in our outdoor kitchen and the kids almost never want to go any where other than in the pool. Can a person actually swim too much??

  8. K. C. Eldridge. says:

    We have read this blog religiously for 7 months.
    We appreciate all the work that you put into it.

  9. Sol says:

    A pool in the backyard will light up you and your kids social lives. Parties, BBQs, sports events, tea and crumpets are all good stuff….