That’s right! 228 years of experience by only six of our close to 40 total employees. Each of these 6 men have actually manufactured American Fiberglass Pools, installed American Fiberglass Pool, transported American Fiberglass Pools, and serviced American Fiberglass Pools.  No other fiberglass pool manufacturing company or installation company can boast of such an experience level with 25 of their employees, much less 6 employees.

How do we retain our valued employees for so long? I am asked this questions all the time!

We are a great company to work for, that cares about our people, provides their family’s benefits, and appreciates in multiple ways that they always work hard, do a great job, and keep our clients happy!

Our clients all appreciate clean cut, respectful, and hard working men building their new, beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pools.  Our clients are able to communicate with our team, establish relationships with our guys, and not have to worry about the quality of the men working in their backyards.  Besides, we should all want the best people possible to work in our own backyard, right?

American Fiberglass Pool employees go to great lengths to make sure that the construction process goes as smooth as possible, keep things as clean as possible, and to bring the pool construction to an on time, on budget conclusion.

It takes a lot of extra effort from our American Fiberglass Pool team to make all this happen, but we are always up for the challenge.

If you want to work with the most truly experienced, professional and motivated team in the pool industry to build your new backyard oasis, call American Fiberglass Pools today!

Thought of the day:  “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.”  General George S. Patton

Rio Grande

Rio Grande

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  1. Lynette Fornier says:

    Great product, great company, & extra special workers! We built a new home & expected your guys to leave the same kind of mess in our yard that the home builder’s subs did. Amazingly the yard was always clean of trash & debris. Next time when we build a new pool, American Pools will do that one too!

    Thanks, Lynette

    • wayne says:

      Hi Lynette, you and Tom were extra nice folks for us to work with too! We always keep our job sites clean and safe for our client’s sake as well as our workers.

  2. Larry Howard says:

    What a super group of people you are to work with. I have built commercial buildings for over 23 years so I am accustomed to seeing how my sub contractors work and handle situations.
    Your guys were courteous, detailed, and very hard working. It was refreshing to see such a well oiled machine working for me. I much appreciate the really nice job they did on our pool. Henry was remarkable and you are very lucky to have him. May you have much continued success!

    • wayne says:

      Hey Larry, we are pleased that you like our people and the workmanship! Everybody loves Henry!!! Best of luck with your commercial construction biz too!

  3. Ned Hauser says:

    If you can hold onto employees that long, you must be great people to work for.
    We want only the most experienced men building our new pool.
    Call us at 713-******* to give us an estimate.

    • wayne says:

      Hello Ned, you selected American Pools to be your builder so you are going to get the most experienced fiberglass pool installers in the industry when your pool starts next week!

  4. Sam Barnes says:

    Holding on to so many key employees for so long speaks volumes about your company’s commitment to maintaining quality.
    We want to talk to a rep about you building our pool this summer. 936*******

    • wayne says:

      Hi Sam. Thanks for the kind words! We are looking forward to starting your pool in 10 days or so if it ever stops raining!?!

  5. Joy McConnell says:

    Amazing! No wonder your company is so highly recommended! With that kind of talent level you know that any pool will be built to last.

    Call us please at 979*******

    • wayne says:

      Hello Joy, we look forward to you examining our talented troops in action first hand when we start your pool in a couple of weeks!

  6. D. Sproles says:

    Congratulations for having such outstanding troops working for you!
    They did an awesome job building our pool back in the early spring.
    Our pool is sooo beautiful and the kids are swimming all day long every day!
    We wanted to find something to keep them here rather than down the street. The pool was the perfect choice.
    Thanks to all of you again that assisted us!!

    • wayne says:

      David, you and your bride are quite welcome. That butter cake with the chocolate icing Linda makes is outstanding! I appreciate her introducing it to me!!

  7. Talia & Bob says:

    Thanks for the superior job you did on our pool recently. We waited & researched pool builders for 4 yrs. before we chose you guys.
    after reading this blog, we now know why we had such a wonderful experience with your workers & why the work was done so well!

    • wayne says:

      Congrats on your recent install of a beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos II. We enjoyed working with you too!

  8. Adriana N. says:

    228 years is plenty enough experience for us!

    We want a fiberglass pool so call us at 361-***-****

    • wayne says:

      Hey Adriana. Congrats on your selection of American Pools as your pool builder of choice. I understand that all the paperwork at your bank is almost ready. We have your San Jacinto pool manufactured and look forward to getting started in your backyard.

  9. Bailey Goode says:

    We are completely impressed with your reputation, experience, website, and blog!
    We have gone back two years and read most of your blog entries.
    Interesting topics to say the least!

    Please call us about an American Fiberglass Pool for our backyard @ 512*******.

    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Glad you enjoy our blog so much. We try hard to keep interesting topics posted. Your American Fiberglass Pool model Frio will be starting in a couple of weeks. Just do not do any rain dances!

  10. Phillipe Michaels says:

    Your workers obviously do not require much if any supervisory attention.
    Having so many workers with that much experience is quite amazing.
    Please contact me about constructing a new fibre glas pool.


    • wayne says:

      You’re right. Each and every install crew is filled with guys with 20-30 years with our company. They have seen it all and know their way around the job site even in the dark!

  11. Rona Twaine says:

    All of our many hours of research about pools keep leading us back to fiberglass pools & your company to install the pool.
    Call us at 713-***-**** so that we can meet with you.


    • wayne says:

      Your research has paid off! Your pool is scheduled to start in early August! We promise to provide you a beautiful, cool, and refreshing American Fiberglass Pool.

  12. Ned Bennett says:

    Thank you for the great job you guys did on our new pool! Your men were even more hard working than you described to us during your very 1st visit. It was a pleasure to do business with such a group of pros.

  13. Rueben says:

    Incredible amount of experience within your staff. That is the kind of company that we wish to build our pool here in Pearland.
    Give me a call asap.


    • wayne says:

      Glad y’all decided to have American Pools build your new pool. We will make your backyard oasis the envy of your neighbors.

  14. Ken Dodd says:

    Call us at 713-***-****.
    You guys check out as a fantastic company!!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for the accolades! Your new American Fiberglass Pool model Trinity will be installed soon.

  15. V. Patel says:

    I have been involved in years of evaluation on swimming pool construction in India.
    Fibreglass pools have increasingly become the choice method for residential pools.

    I was pleased to find your website and would like to discuss an arrangement where our two companies can work together to offer your products in India. This can perhaps lead to a factory someday .
    You have my email and I will much appreciate your reply.

    • wayne says:

      Mr. Patel, things seem to be progressing nicely. Perhaps we can bring our business plans to fruition for next spring.

  16. Jim Hayler says:

    My research seems to indicate that pool companies seem to come and go.
    That you are able to retain such long term employees speaks volumes about your business longitivity of 43 years.
    Congratulations and please call us at 936-*******.
    We have been waiting a long time for you to build our family pool.

    • wayne says:

      Your long wait is over! Your American Fiberglass Pool model Rio Bravo is set to be installed in the first week of August!

  17. Tommy Doyle says:

    We cannot say enough thanks for the impressive job American Pools did recently on our new pool.

    Your men paid attention to every little detail.

    After watching one of our neighbor’s pools take almost 4 months to build, we almost did not get a pool. The steady stream of sub-contractors that pool co. used were late to arrive and much of the work was torn off and redone. Supervision on the job was non-existant.
    Your men arrived the same time every day and even better were real WORKERS! It seemed like all your men were supervisors!
    All the best to American Pools and to you we wish much continued success!!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks Tommy! We take great pride in being detailed in all our work. It was a privilege to assist your family.

  18. Dean Lyttle says:

    It was easy to work with your men. All of them were friendly, hard working, and also spoke English.
    I am happy to say that we are very satisfied with the entire project and happy as well to be an American Pool owner.

    Regards, Dean and Family

    • wayne says:

      Thanks Deano! Glad to know that the pool building experience you had with American Pools was enjoyable.

  19. Jeanna Simms says:

    You guys are the best!
    Henry especially made us feel comfortable during the construction and was a real pro at running the tractor that dug the pool, installing the pool, and keeping our yard as clean as possible.
    Blas was a true artist when doing our pool deck. We were even more surprised when Wayne arrived to do our pool school. The owner of American Pools took time out of his schedule to instruct us on how to operate our pool!
    Great job! Great people to work with! Great pool to swim in. Thank you, thank you, thank you all at American Pools!!!!!

    • wayne says:

      Henry is the best there is at installing fiberglass pools period! Blas is a remarkable technician on concrete and overlay work. As for me, I enjoy going out to visit our clients every now and then to hear their feedback on the construction process. Can’t make every job personally, but enjoy interaction with nice folks like you!

  20. Mellie Aguilar says:

    During the construction of our pool last year we found your crews to be all that you had bragged about during our first meet with you.
    They were all nice, courteous, kept their shirts on inspite of the heat,& kept our yard incredibly clean for being a construction site.
    I am often ask if we would do it all over again with the same pool company, the answer is an absolute yes!

    Thanks again for the job you did for us,
    Mellie & David

    • wayne says:

      Mellie, you and Dave were fine people to work with. We appreciate all the hospitality you provide our men during the job. The guys still talk about your ginger/peach ice tea. I agree with them. It was very refreshing on a hot day!

  21. J. Swinson says:

    Your company certainly appears to be the most experienced fiberglass pool manufacturer/builder out there.

    We want a pool to swim in by mid August. If you can oblige this, give me a call @409-***-****.

    • wayne says:

      We are the most experienced fiberglass pool installers anywhere. You should be swimming by your daughters birthday on the 16th.

  22. Thom Gardner says:

    You really have quite a story to share.
    Not only is it rare to find a company that has been in business for so long, but to also have such long term employees, yikes! When you have a chance to call us about a pool, please do.

    713******* is my cell phone.

    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Thom, thanks for becoming a part of our story to share. Your pool is scheduled to start in a couple of weeks, weather allowable.