Fiberglass pools are available in a wide variety of colors these days.  I was around back when your only choices were white, light blue, or aqua blue.  I can say that inventory control back then was much easier to maintain.  I have to say I’m pleased that we have so many colors now because the lack of colors was often time a sticking point with potential pool buyers.  So let us now get into the meat and potatoes of fiberglass pool colors.


It stands to reason that darker color pools absorb heat better than light colors.  The ultra violet light that the sun creates on all pools is especially noticeable on darker pools.  The pool shell will absorb and radiate heat into the surrounding pool water.  A lighter colored pool will reflect a lot of the heat and radiation.  In short, this will lead to a loss of energy offered by the sun and thus cooler water temperatures. Just like the difference between a white and a black automobile.  I’m sure each of you can identify with this analogy.


A lighter colored pool will always show dirt, sand, and debris on the pool floor more than a dark colored pool will.  The water in a light colored pool can also magnify this stuff even more than a dark bottom pool.  A dark colored pool will do a much better job of masking a dirty pool.


A pool purchase is often based solely on the “look” of owning a pool.  A light colored pool can create more of a tropical or beach feeling with lighter colored pool water.  A dark colored pool may convey or give a feeling of deeper water as in an ocean or a lake.  Pools that are too dark can distort depth perception making the pool seem much deeper than it actually is.  NOTE: Some municipalities will not allow dark bottom residential pools for this reason.  Very few states allow dark bottom public or semi-public pools due to this depth perception issue.


A dark bottom pool can save you on energy cost compared to a light bottom pool.  As mentioned earlier, the dark bottom pools absorb more of the sun’s heat and increases the water temperature accordingly.  This can be a benefit that can make your swim season start earlier and last longer.  In other words, less gas for a pool heater and less electricity for a heat pump.


A dark colored pool will require a little more TLC than a light colored pool.  WHY?  The warmer the water, a better breeding ground for algae.  This only becomes an issue if you are not maintaining proper chlorine levels.  A saltwater chlorination system and a monthly water test by your local pool store will greatly diminish any chances of algae getting out of hand.

So now you have it.  What is my personal choice of colors for American Fiberglass Pools?  Without being coy, the easy answer is whatever our customers want.  It’s their pool and they need for the pool to meet their expectations.  Likely some of you other pool guys / gals have opinions on this along with you that already own pools.  What are your thoughts?  Just hit reply to let me know.

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  1. Bob Harrington says:

    I have owned both light & dark pools in my life.
    I still have to say that a clean, crisp, tiled, white pool suits me best!

    • wayne says:

      Bob, I am a big fan of tiled white pools too. However, some of these shimmer colored pools are pretty awesome too!

  2. Ted Carr says:

    Dark floored pools look awesome.
    They add a rich looking appearance to any backyard.

  3. Lew Sanborn says:

    you are starting a nice debate with this topic I am sure.
    Personally I like a more natural looking pool in a residential setting.
    Dark colors combined with a LED multi colored light is a million dollar look that few can resist.

    Like your blog and are impressed with your writing style!


  4. Arturo Zamora says:

    I like my lite blue American Fiberglass pool a whole lot.
    We live in the country and I like being able to turn on the pool light prior to having a nighttime splash.
    We occasionally have a critter in the pool. The light color makes them more visable.

    • wayne says:

      Hola amigo! That blue on your pool is still our biggest seller. Hope your bride and kids are all doing well.

  5. Benjamin B. says:

    Guess I can agree with everyone’s opine so far.
    Is the answer really as simple as flipping a coin?

  6. Lydon Starks says:

    Are the dark pools any stronger or easier to take care of when compared to the lighter colors? Are there any other mechanical advantages or is it just a different material to make either or?

    • wayne says:

      Light and dark pools are equally strong. The only change is the cosmetic color of the pool surface. Good questions BTW.

  7. O'Hare says:

    I have to put my vote in favor of darker pools.
    That little extra heat they gather come in handy especially now & in the spring.

    O yea, I think they look nicer too!

  8. Thiessen Bunch says:

    We too have owned dark & light colored pools.
    We like the light color better since it does not get as hot during the summer.

    We have owned a gunite pool & a fiber pool. The gunite pool was a pain to clean, absorbed more chemicals,& lastly had an aged look in only 3-4 years.

    Won’t make that mistake again.

    • wayne says:

      That also is an advantage for light colored pools. A lot of American Fiberglass Pool owners previously had gunite pools. They made the switch to avoid everything you listed and more.

  9. Dorothy and Case Bradshaw says:

    We chose the light blue color for our recently completed American Pool.
    The color makes the water a beautiful blue and is so easy to clean.

    • wayne says:

      Hi there young lady! Have not seen you in several months. Glad you joined us and it’s stirring to hear that y’all are having a blast in your American Fiberglass Pool model San Jacinto.

  10. Lynn Arttensen says:

    Who cares whether the pool is dark or light colored?

    All I care is that the pool is cool and wet.

  11. One cool dude says:

    I like a dark blue pool cause it reminds me of the open ocean.
    Back when I was in the US Navy I was always overcome with the mightiness and grandeur of the big waters.

  12. Regan Theiss says:

    After owning both light and dark pools my vote is for the light colors. Why? The pool water is more comfortable during the hot times of the year.

  13. Ken Leatherwood says:

    Dark colored pools are the winners for me. I think they make the pool more ‘custom’ looking. I also like that they don’t show dirt on the bottom as much as lighter colored pools do.

  14. Sol says:

    Dark pools are best. They do not show dirt as easy as light colored pools do.

  15. Ben Danke says:

    My vote is for light colors for pools.
    We like the visability of them.
    Our American Fiberglass Pool was put in 5 years ago and all has been well with everything. We would work with you guys again in a heartbeat!!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words Ben. The feelings are mutual. All the best to Judy and the little ones.

  16. Anne Weiser says:

    I am inclined to prefer light colors due to the pool water taking on the blueness of the sky anyway. I think white pools are less expensive to purchase[was for us anyway].