Seven Great Reasons to Purchase a Pool in the "Off Season"

This is a subject that I have been broached with thousands of times during the last 41 years.  We all know that peak demand for pools is in the early portion of the year when folks wish to have the pool ready for action by the time school is out and also when the summertime arrives along with the heat index reaching 100° plus.  As those intense demand periods start to recede during the fall and early winter months, there are some excellent reasons for purchasing a new pool at that time of the year.

1. Absolutely one of the best reasons is that you may be able to negotiate a little better price than if your purchase was being made in the late winter / early spring.  Please don’t expect 15-20% discounts from any pool builder, but likely expect 5-10% discounts or the builder instead offering incentive items like more pool deck, salt systems, multi-colored lights, and auto pool cleaners, etc. at no charge.

2. Another reason and almost as important as reason 1 is that your pool builder can likely be a lot more attentive to your project’s needs since they have more time on their hands than during the height of the pool season.  Speaking from experience, the crews are more frisky and energetic as the temps moderate.

3. During the height of the pool season, everyone is scrambling to meet all those birthday parties, BBQ’s, and such.  If you factor in the inclement weather or tardy inspections, it is easy to miss those events since the pool is not complete in time.  You don’t have to miss those family events if you build the pool during the “off season”.  Planned events will go off without a hitch.

4. You don’t have to be caught up in the rush when most people are wanting to build the pool.  It is likely that the off season pool purchase will start and complete faster plus you are not waiting in a line along with other customers that are ahead of you on the pool company’s construction schedule.  It is much better to be 8th or 9th on a list instead of having 42 projects ahead of you!

5. Everyone landscapes around a new pool.  Would you rather do so while it is cool and low humidity outside or 108° heat index and 100% humidity?  Buying a pool now gives you plenty of time to get things looking nice and you’re not in a rush to do so.  You’ll have more time to plan and implement a landscape plan that will look like it has always been there when the swimming starts in the spring.

6. Pool construction price increases should always be expected in mid-January as pool equipment manufacturers and distributors grab for a bigger bite of the apple.  This is an annual rite of passage in the pool biz.

7. If you also get a spa with your new pool, you will get to enjoy that spa all winter long.  My customers tell me that late fall and winter if their ultimate time to enjoy their spa.

In conclusion, when to build a pool is a great topic of discussion and any experienced pool builder will tell you straight away that they wish every day for a yearlong building season instead of a frantic rush in late winter every year.

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Trinity pool and spillover spa

34 Responses to “Seven Great Reasons to Purchase a Pool in the “Off Season””

  1. Napa Style says:

    We happen to agree with your blog posting to a tee!
    Our American Fiberglass Pool was built during November of !997.
    The entire project went perfectly just like having a glass of our favorite merlot.

    Anyone thinking about a new pool for next season should strongly consider following our lead, build in the off season.

    Hey Wayne, glad to know that you and American Fiberglass Pools are doing so well!

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      So nice to hear from you and to know your American Fiberglass Pool has given your family 15 years of trouble free ownership. You should expect that trend to continue. Great advice you gave to others out there to buy their pool now if they are interested in getting an American Fiberglass Pool at a great price.

  2. G.Starnes says:

    My wife and I are very interested in speaking to you about a new pool.
    We swam in one of your pools that must be at least 30 plus yrs. old a few weeks back.
    The owners of the pool raved about how easy it was to take care of it.

    We will fill out your contact form after finishing this reply. Please call ASAP as we are wanting ti receive any promotions you have available this fall.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for joining our family of blog readers and also a HUGE thanks for allowing us to be your pool builder. We expect to begin construction by November 5 if the weather stays nice. Happy swimming (soon).

  3. Laramie 5 says:

    Our American Fiberglass Pool Dealer here in Dallas just gave us a great price on a Brazos model. The package included a diving board, 4′ of deck, light, salt system,4color light with all utility hookups for less than $45,000.
    We are so pleased and can’t wait for it to start construction!
    We have shopped pools for almost 2 years; Now we have exactly what we wanted all along.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Congratulations on your recent purchase of an American Fiberglass Pool. We promise the pool will provide your family and friends with countless hours of fun!

  4. Blaine M. says:

    Don’t want to buy a pool. Have one now. Do have to agree that when the pool is bought and built during the off peak time of the year that a better price can be obtained.
    I speak from experience because I have purchased 3 pools during the fall in the past.
    The first 2 were gunite, the last one 16 years ago was a American Fiberglass Pool.
    The fiberglass pool runs circles around the gunite pool. We have never surfaced the pool since we bought it, the pool looks like it was installed a couple of years ago, and lastly, I have saved thousands of dollars in pool chemicals.
    Could not have ask for a better experience in pool ownership,

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hey Blaine. Thanks for joining us here on the blog. We are pleased to hear that your family is well and still having a blast in your San Antonio model American Fiberglass Pool.

  5. D.Rodgers says:

    Can you have your Dealer nearest us give a call? We live in Bay City and want to have a fiberglass pool built by Christmas. The pool is the whole familys Christmas present.
    Our phone is 979-*******.
    Thanks, D.R.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hi Dave. As you know by now we have you approved at our lender and you should be able to close the loan early next week. We have your pool scheduled to start by 10/29, weather permitting. Happy swimming (soon).

  6. Tom says:

    I am a pool builder in the southeast. Your description of the type of discounts potential pool buyers should expect is spot on.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for the confirmation of my thoughts ol’ buddy! I always appreciate speaking with other pool biz folks. When you have a free moment, give me a call at 800-324-7665.

  7. Craig Menke says:

    My opinion is that buying a swimming pool in the offseason is like buying a 2012 car model when the 2013 models arrive.

    You should expect a discount. A 10% discount sounds fair to me.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Great analogy my friend! Thank you for taking a minute to join us here on the American Fiberglass Pool blog.

  8. Mario says:

    Just happened to find your blog this morning. Buyers need to understand that an inground pool builder’s cost of construction likely goes up in the winter due to inclement weather conditions. Yet we still offer discounts because that is what a lot of people expect us to do.
    10% as a discount is as far as I can push the envelope of profitability.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for sharing you opinion sir! I agree that it often costs more $$$ to actually construct pools this time of year. Please join us again!

  9. B. Churchill says:

    Thumbs down on your up to 10% discount ! My subcontractors do not charge a penny less for offseason working.

    I build a great pool and am worth every cent of what I charge !

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      You are correct. Most subtrades do not offer pool builders off-season discounts. I am confident you are a good pool guy and if you can stay busy without discounting the pool to your clients, more power to you. I recommend that you strongly consider that most pool buyers do expect more consideration this time of year.

  10. Mike Ducote says:

    We live in NW Louisiana. We are wanting an inground pool built over the next 45 days so that all construction is complete by Christmas.

    Can you tell me the main difernces between a fiberglass and a vinyl pool? Do you come up this way to build your pools?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thanks for joining in our discussion. We can surely help you have that pool ready for action in a few weeks if the weather is allowable. As for vinyl pools, liners have to be replaced ever 4-6 years. They can be punctured by tree limbs and shredded by varmints such as opossums and raccoons. If you get lots of water under the liner it will stretch and also possibly tear at the seams. My opinion, get an American Fiberglass Pool and forgo all of the above.

  11. L.Van Slyke says:

    How many colors are your pools available in? Can we get a sandy color?

    We are not into blues or whites. We want the pool to look natural.

    Please advise. LVS

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      We have a dozen colors available and several are natural looking tan or coffee colored. Contact the American Fiberglass Pool dealer near you and he will personally show you all available colors.

  12. C. Castillo says:

    Our yard can easily handle one of your bigger pools. The problem is that we have a very restricted access, 6ft,. getting into the huge backyard.
    Is it a possibility that you can still aid us in getting your Guadalupe model pool?
    Please let us know as we want to begin the pool right away.


    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      I would suggest that we perform a site inspection. At that time we can figure out the best way to get into your yard and an exact construction cost. We quite often have to utilize 5′ wide machinery to do our excavations.

  13. Bob Schroder says:

    It is not my habit to answer blogs.
    I do want you to know that I have read all your postings and congratulate you on the very diverse topics that are packed with truly interesting info.
    Especially the one you did on the new Dreamliner jet having a composite fiberglass fuselage.

    Bravo !!!

  14. Kay Chase says:

    What is the proceedure to get an estimate on your pools?
    Is it necessary that you come to our yard or can you do one without that trip?

    We live in Sugarland,TX.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      The only way to receive an exact quote is for us to visit the project site and we are happy to do so. Any pool guy that gives you a price on a pool without visiting the site is setting you up for a drop kick!

  15. David Gilardi says:

    My wife and I owned one of your pools in Orange,TX that we put in in 1987. Your dealer that installed it was Arlo at Morgan Pools. We have had a real ball in that pool so many times they cannot be counted. We just moved in to our new home in Bridge City and would like to get another of your American Pools. Please call us quickly at 409-*******. We want to continue our family’s swimming habits in an American Pool.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      25 years is a long time and American Fiberglass Pools are made to last forever! As you are aware, we are scheduled to visit on Saturday at 3:00. I promise your new American Fiberglass Pool will swim as good as the one Arlo and Betty Morgan built for you so long ago!

  16. Jay Thibideaux says:

    Our American Fiberglass Pool model Trinity was built in 1995. Wayne explained in advance to us exactly what to expect during the construction. Guess what, he was truly right.
    Everything went as planned and the pool we bought in early Nov. was completed just before Thanksgiving.
    We recieved a lot of great incentives to buy when we did and have enjoyed 17 years of fun.
    BTW, is Henry and Daniel still around? They were really fine folks and hard workers.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hey Jay, Glad to hear from you and thanks much for the kind testimonial about your experience with American Fiberglass Pools. And yes, Henry is in his 36th year with us and Daniel his 39th year. Thanks for asking about them.

  17. E. Henderson says:

    I noticed in a previous blog tha you provided pool buyers with free salt water generators if they purchased a pool from American Fiberglass Pools.
    Is this a program that you intend to re-implement sometime soon?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      You must have ESP!! We are starting the same program again tomorrow. Any buyer of an American Fiberglass Pool, whether through a dealer or the factory, gets a Hayward saltwater chlorinator at no cost. How does that sound?