The Do's of Purchasing a New Pool



No one, including most pool contractors wants customer issues.  While no one, customer or contractor is perfect; there are a number of common interest items to follow that should make your pool purchasing experience a pleasant one.

1. DO your research first!  There are several types of pool construction methods out there you can take into consideration.  There are gunite (concrete), fiberglass, and vinyl pools.  Each type of pool has advantages; each type of pool has disadvantages.  Study to find out which type(s) of pool best meets your family’s needs.  Then find out what pool companies you want to select to visit and discuss things with you.

2. DO your research on the pool companies you decide to visit with.  Are they members of the BBB?  If so, how long have they been a member?  While it is true that BBB membership is voluntary, it is also true that some companies have their membership request denied.  It is also true that occasionally a pool company does not elect to be a BBB member for whatever reasons.  This is not a common stance.   There are also many public records available to the most diligent of us that can reflect bankruptcies of manufacturers, builders, and individuals.  Not to make all this a negative sounding process, but it is your money and no one is going to be responsible for the ultimate decision other than you!

3. DO have the pool company send a representative to your home to provide an exact price.  As discussed in a previous installment, there is NO way to get an exact or final price unless the site review provides the contractor with all the necessary information about the site itself and your help in providing exactly what your family wants and expects a new pool to provide.

4. DO make sure that you have your list of questions ready when the pool contractor arrives.  No question is off limits, seemingly ridiculous, etc.  Once again, you need all the right questions to receive all the right answers that make you comfortable in selecting the right pool and contractor to meet your family’s needs.

5. DO take the time to fully understand what you are purchasing; exactly what the warranties are, etc.  You should request a complete copy of all warranty documents on the entire pool package.  You should understand all the documents you are required to sign.  Lastly, the signing should take place only in your home, not at a place of business.

6. DO request that if you move forward, a certificate of general liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance certificate.  The only way for you to be 100% sure the policy exists is to receive these certificates naming yourself as additionally insured.  In some states, including Texas, the sub-contractors being utilized, even if insured, do not fully protect you if the general contractor is not insured.  While the chances of having an issue where insurance is going to have to step in to resolve something is remote, you may want to be 110% prepared if it becomes necessary.

7. DO expect to receive a range or pricing.  It is a bad idea to have the lowest price you receive be the only considered proposal.  Frankly, rarely are things 100% the same between contractors.  Although most of the time they are 90% the same.  Some examples of differences are type of equipment specified, construction techniques utilized, product manufacturing methods, types of personnel utilized to perform the job, and whether or not a contractor had general liability and worker’s compensation insurance cost calculated in the cost of the project.

8. DO buy a pool for the fun, relaxation, and health only a pool can provide.  Just use a little common sense in the process

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12 Responses to “The Do’s of Purchasing a New Pool”

  1. J. M. says:

    I agree that NO ONE should ever build a pool with a company that does not want to look at the premises prior to contracting! My brother in law made that mistake and the pool man kept asking for additional money thru out the pool construction on things he said were not included in the contract. Like a dunce he kept paying the guy. I would not have done so and warn all of you to stay away from that type of individual. I am a home builder and would never think of doing such shameless acts to my customers!

  2. Dena. says:

    Sure seems that the pool biz has a lot of shady members. Guess it just like most industries where the few can tarnish the deeds of the many. Do you have anyone in Arizona that sells your line of fiberglass pools?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      More good advise Dana! Contact us at 800-324-7665 for information on the nearest American Fiberglass Pool dealer near you.

  3. Frankie. says:

    Do you have a recomendation for a f/g pool instalation fifm in Virginia? Will they represent your line of pools?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Contact River Pools & Spas at 888-358-7665. They don’t utilize our product line but they are a great group of people to do business with!

  4. Saints Fan says:

    We have a number of fiberglass pools available here in Louisiana, I guess they must work very well here. You have some BIG pools that I have not seen in our area near Rayne. Can we get your pools delivered and installed here? My husband is a contractor so we will take care of all electrical and cement work.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      You are right. We have soime really big models available. We can work direct with your hubby since he is a contractor. We deliver American Fiberglass Pools into Louisiana all the time.

  5. Hobie Scat says:

    Do pool companies have to have some kind of license to be in business?
    Also, do they have to have insurance like workers comp?
    How do we know if they have any of the above?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Many states and/or cities do require licensing. Texas does not and most cities here do not. If you live in a state or city that does not require licenses, they will not require insurance as well. If you want to assure that a contractor has insurance, ask for a certificate of insurance for general liability and workers compensation. Ask to be additionally insured and also call the provider to verify coverage.

    • Horace says:

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      • R. Wayne Stringer says:

        We are pleased that you enjoyed our blog and found it informative. We trust that you will visit us again and tell your friends to join us.