Top 10 Reasons informed buyers purchase an American Fiberglass Pool

There are reasons for everything that occurs in life.  We recently completed a survey asking a number of American Fiberglass Pool buyers what their most important reasons were that they decided to use American Fiberglass Pools as their manufacturer of choice.

The top 10 reasons informed buyers purchase an American Fiberglass Pool.

1.         American Fiberglass Pools are beautifully built, have a lifetime warranty (ask your American Fiberglass Pool dealer for a copy), and will provide your family with a lifetime of great fun and memories.

2.         American Fiberglass Pools has had the same location, same ownership, and the same phone number for 41 plus years.

3.         American Fiberglass Pools is the oldest continuously operated fiberglass pool manufacturer in North America, since 1971!

4.         American Fiberglass Pools are built without the use of core or filler materials that weaken the structural integrity of the pool shell.  American Fiberglass Pools uses only 100% pure fiberglass construction and are the strongest fiberglass pool built.

5.         American Fiberglass Pool can be full of water and ready for concrete in 5-6 days (depending on access and weather conditions).

6.         American Fiberglass Pools have incredible financing available in almost every state (on approved credit) with interest rates as low as 5%.

7.         American Fiberglass Pools have a dozen beautiful High Definition colors to select from for your family’s pool surface color!

8.         American Fiberglass Pools has been a member of the BBB since 1979 (33 years) and has an A+ rating.

9.         American Fiberglass Pool can be purchased by using most credit cards.  Can anyone say mileage points?

10.       American Fiberglass Pools are built so strong that they can be removed and reinstalled in your new home.




17 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons informed buyers purchase an American Fiberglass Pool”

  1. Chris says:

    You guys were great to work with on our 1st American Fiberglass Pool back in 1979, our 2nd one in 1991, & we are sure that our new pool you will start construction on in early February will be be even better with the addition of a spa too!
    Knowing your Dad, Mom, Brother, & yourself for all these years has been all good. I have watched your company grow from Mom & Pop into an international supplier of fiberglass pools.Congratulations to all of you! Just keep on being nice folks that take care of business & I’m sure you will be here another 40 years too!! Chris A. Semper Fi

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thank you for the kind words! It is nice folks like you that have helped make us successful over the last 41 years. It is always a privilege to assist your family. From my dad, a former Marine, Semper Fi back at you!

  2. Denise says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Just wanted you to know that we are anxious to start swimming again in the beautiful American Fiberglass Pool you finished for us last spring. The kids are already wearing their swim suits around the house since the high 70′s arrived late last week! Your suggestion for us to get the salt system was a real winner. We have not put a nickel into the pool care since we stopped swimming in November.
    Keep up the good work and we hope you build a ton of pools in 2012. We have told all our friends about you. I am sure they will be calling you.
    Denise B

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hi Denise, nice to hear from you! Glad you hear that your family has been and will be enjoying your American Fiberglass Pool. Since I’m sure you have completed your landscaping, when you have a chance kindly send us a pic of your backyard oasis.

  3. Larry Davis says:

    Just want you to know that we are very happy with the way our new pool is proceeding over the last week. Your men have been here every day inspite of the rain earlier in the week. Your foreman, Henry, is even better than you told us he would be. A tireless worker with a fantastic sense of humor. I believe you told us back in November he was a 34 year employee of American Fiberglass Pools.You are blessed to have him as we are to have him working on our pool. We can’t wait to swim in a few weeks, we are counting the days.
    Thank you for everything And may 2012 be a wonderful year for us all!

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Glad to hear thatyou like our work ethic. Everybody loves Henry! A little decent weather and we will finish up everything in a week or so.

  4. Margaret says:

    I just found your blog. We live in the Galveston area and intend to build a new pool this spring. Anything special involved when constructing a fiberglass pool on the island?
    Your input is appreciated.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Margaret, we have built lots of pools on the island over the years. The sand there is a perfect base for an American Fiberglass Pool to be installed onto. We have just finished 3 pools in Sea Isle over the last few months. If you wish to see them, let us know!

  5. Jonathan says:

    Our home is in the Texas hill country and there is solid rock that will have to be removed to build a pool. I am curious if these conditions are ok for fiberglass pools?
    If ok, does it effect the warranty on the pool?
    How long does it typically take to build a pool under the conditions I described?
    We are very interested in your fiberglass pools so your response is appreciated.

  6. R. Wayne Stringer says:

    Rock removal is common in your area. It does effect the cost of the excavation. Over the years we have installed hundreds of pools in your area. The rock conditions do not effect the American Fiberglass Pool Limited Lifetime Warranty in anyway. You likely should plan on construction taking 21-30 days since rock removal can sometimes take a week or so.

  7. Michael & Susie Dixon says:

    Wayne, as you know our home is new and custom built, and we have dealt with many companies and contractors over the last 10 months, but you guys at American Fiberglass Pools were the most professional and competent of them all. You have a great company and went out of your way to ensure that we were informed and satisfied. You’ll are the best! Although our pool is small, the design is perfect for our yard and so many people have complimented how well the entire design fits with our lake view. American Fiberglass Pools should win some award. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for the kind words! It is nice folks like you that have helped make us successful over the last 41 years. It is always a privilege to assist your family. From my dad, a former Marine, Temper Fi back at you!

  9. Muddy Miss says:

    Our part of Missisippi has red clay after you scrape off the top soil. Not too much cement like slabs, driveways, and such last long without cracking. How do your fiberglas pools do under these conditions?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      American Fiberglass Pools hold up great in expansive clay soils. We have pools all over Mississippi that have been in as long as 30 years.

  10. Larry Davis says:

    We could not be more pleased with our pool that American Pools just finished last week. The pool, the deck, EVERYTHING is top notch workmanship and beautiful.
    We are so pleased with the look and feel of the faux stone you encouraged us to get instead of real flagstone. Even though it is not hot yet, we can already tell that the pool deck is cooler to touch than our concrete driveway. We will be starting an annual 4th of July party this year, we hope that you and your fabulous staff of folks will plan on stopping by to sample my grill work. I am already practicing on my Primo Smoker you recommended too. Feel free to use us as a reference and to stop by for a cold one anytime! L.D. & Family

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hey Larry, Thanks so much for the kind thoughts! The dang rain was certainly a challenge unexpected but the proof is in the pudding. Glad you are enjoying the faux stone deck and the primo smoker. I will check with my social director regarding the 4th!!