Unpredictable but swimming weather arrived early this year!

Who could have predicted all the mid to high 80’s this year in Texas?  Not the ground hog, not Farmer’s Almanac, it just seemed to have happened.  The result has been lots of people calling in very early this year to get in on the advanced swim season.  Our phones and website sales leads have set a record for American Fiberglass Pools in early 2017.  This is not to say that we won’t have some cooler weather to still happen, but if you already had your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool, you would have enjoyed several beautiful weeks of swim weather.   We do have a tip for all or you out there that are thinking that you wish to begin your new pool construction in April or May….DON’T WAIT!  Make your life better now with a new American Fiberglass Pool.  If many predictions hold true, we are in for a very long, very hot summer and fall in 2017.  We are already a month behind on our new construction schedule and fully expect to be 60 days out in mid-March.  Good news is that pool financing is readily available now and only takes 7-10 days to typically complete.  Good news is also that it has been somewhat dry so far this year so our total completion time including inspections, pool decking, and pool school are averaging only 15 days at this time.  NOW IS THE TIME to call us at American Fiberglass Pools to have a free in home consultation on which American Fiberglass Pool model will best meet your family’s needs!

 Thought of the day…. “I’ve learned that making a “Living” is not the same thing as making a “Life”.            Mary Angelou

35 Responses to “Unpredictable but swimming weather arrived early this year!”

  1. Cindy Ray says:

    We are ready now to swim! My husband and I have been talking about getting a pool for 4 years. I am a researcher and it seems that fiberglass pools are great for moving soil conditions like Baytown.You have been installing fiberglass pools here longer than anyone else. We have the money saved up to pay cash so please give me a call to set an appointment with a representative.

    Thank you!!!

    • wayne says:

      Hey Cindy! Your research is 110% correct! American Fiberglass Pools are great for installation in expansive soil conditions. On the other hand, gunite pools tend to react like our home foundations, driveways, and sidewalks in expansive soil, THEY CRACK AND SPLIT! You are also correct that our 46 years plus of installing fiberglass pools int he Houston area confirms that our products last forever and our company takes care of our customers. We are very pleased to have your family’s American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos on our schedule to construct in early April.

  2. Tim Gould says:

    Thank you for your tip!
    We have decided that a fiberglass pool is the only pool to own.

    Call us please at 713*******.

    • wayne says:

      Hello Tim! Fantastic choice going with an American Fiberglass Pool. We are thankful to have your family’s American Fiberglass Pool model Trinity on our schedule to construct in early April.

  3. Danny Shapiro says:

    Reading your blog got me excited about enjoying a new pool sooner rather than later this year.

    I have done so much research on pools I am about to go blind!

    Fiberglass pools have a lot more advantages than other types of pools. Particularly on longitivity and ease of care.

    Please have one of your sales people give me a call @ 281-***-****

    • wayne says:

      Hi Danny! Thanks for joining us! You are absolutely correct that American Fiberglass Pools last forever and are the easiest type of pool to maintain. 15-20 minutes a week sure beats the 2-3 hours a week a typical gunite pool requires to maintain.

  4. Patrick Beck says:

    Hi Wayne!
    We want to thank you and your staff at American Pools for making our pool purchase and construction a breeze. You have a group of excellent people, Henry in particular. He had a smile on his face even when working in the rain.


    • wayne says:

      Thanks sir for the kind wishes. It helps alot to have so many employees with over 20 years with our company. Henry has been here with us for 36 years and is part of the family!

  5. Liz Tellez says:

    We have followed your blog for over a year while we were investigating pools & pool companies. Fiberglass pools are the ticket for us since they are so easy to maintain. You may call me at 832******* to compare your schedule with ours. Ideally we would like to swim by early May.

    • wayne says:

      We are very happy y’all decided on American Fiberglass Pools as your pool builder. We expect to be starting the pool work in mid April when your HOA paperwork is due to return. Until then, don’t do any rain dances!

  6. Will Marriott says:

    Call me at 512******* to confirm a day & time to meet with one of your reps.

    Your company has a fantastic reputation for being around for 46 years. You must have built a lot of pools!

    • wayne says:

      Last we checked we are over 19,000 pools located thru out the USA in 37 of the 48 continental states. We are so pleased that we will be working together on your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool model San Marcos in 6 weeks or so.

  7. Tina Tyson says:

    It was nice to read your suggestions that we should talk pool now instead of later.
    I was referred to you by an associate that says you built her pool in 1981.
    She brags that she has never had the body of the pool or the pool deck worked on.
    To me that is amazing.
    Please call me at 281-*******to set up a visit with us.
    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for the kind words! We have also thanked Mrs. Hutchins for referring you to us. Sure makes it great to expect close to 60 referrals on new pools every year from previous American Fiberglass Pool owners. We are elated to say thank you for deciding to work with us and your American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos II is scheduled to being construction in mid April.

  8. Hal Jacobson says:

    Please do us a favor. Call me to have an appointment set to review our yard for a new pool.

    • wayne says:

      Glad to hear from you and glad we will be working together shortly on your American Fiberglass Pool model Frio!

    • wayne says:

      Hello Hal. We are all set to begin your American Fiberglass Pool model San Jacinto when your HOA completes their paperwork. ETA on that is April 11th. We look forward to providing your family with a long, cool, refreshing swim season!

  9. Paul N. says:

    Good ideas!

    713-***-**** to reach me. Live in Sugarland. I think you built a pool for a neighbor down the street a couple of years ago. You were in and out in a couple of weeks.

    • wayne says:

      Turns out we did build your neighbor’s, the Rabandans, pool like you thoughts. We expect your HOA approval on or around April 10th. After that, happy swimming very soon!

  10. Randy Thomas says:

    You guys have definitely got a great reputation! We have been studying pool types & pool guys now for over 2 yrs.

    We want to get a pool, it has to be fiberglass, and has to be over 40ft long.


    • wayne says:

      Thanks sir! We work very hard to keep our customers happy. You and Liz have selected the largest fiberglass pool built in the USA, the American Fiberglass Pool model Guadalupe. It is 19′ wide and 43′ long. Once your house closes around the first of May, look for us shortly after that to break ground.

  11. Edward Stanton says:

    Just wanted to take another opportunity to thank all of you at American Pools for the beautiful new American Fiberglass Pool we have in our backyard. Your workers were incredible at the details and really kept our yard amazingly clean through out the construction.
    I will strongly recommend to all our friends that you guys are ‘Pool People Extraordinaire’!!

    • wayne says:

      Thank you so much for all the kind words! We strive to make the pool construction process as easy on our clients as possible. We also wish to thank you for referring us to your family and friends.

  12. Guadalupe Jimenez says:

    My wife & I are most interested in obtaining a fiberglas pool for our home in West University.

    We have 2 friends that have utilized your company’s services 4 & 11 years ago. We have swam in both pools and really enjoy the smoothness of the pool’s surfaces the most.

    Please call me during the morning hours at 713-***-****.

    Thank you very much!

    • wayne says:

      We are very happy that your friends referred you to us and glad you like the way American Fiberglass Pools feel while you are swimming. We began the city permitting process today and expect to see you again in 4-5 weeks if the weather cooperates. The American Fiberglass Pol model Colorado you purchased is a great choice for your limited backyard space.

  13. Marg Talbot says:

    We really like that your fiberglass pools are made locally here in Houston. I understand that other fiberglass pools available around here are manufactured 600-1200 miles away.
    Sounds like that could be a real problem if you needed help quickly.

    Kindly contact us at 281-*******. Thanks!

    • wayne says:

      I have to admit that i have had calls from pool owners that selected a fiberglass pool competitor to build their pool. They have a real hassle dealing with fiberglass pool factories that are so far away and wait sometimes 5-6 months to get someone out to even look at the issue. We strive to have any issue evaluated within 72 hours and to address things promptly. Once your American Fiberglass Pool model Trinity is installed in a month or so, we promise not to forget you if you need us again.

  14. David G. says:

    My research says fiberglass pools hold up better than concrete pools in moving soil conditions like along the gulf coast. Your bigger pools intrigue us. The Guadalupe is a huge pool and will look nice in our very large backyard.

    We live in Palacios and would like an estimate ASAP.
    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your family last evening and I’m proud to say you will be enjoying your American Fiberglass Pool model Guadalupe in 4-5 weeks. The large size Guadalupe fits perfect in your huge yard.

  15. Tom Franke says:

    We know three other people you have built fiberglass pools for in the last 25 years. They are all still happy with their pools and with your service after the sale. Each of them said that we should request Henry as our installer. You can call me at 281******* at anytime. Do you have some good financing available?

    • wayne says:

      Happy that the Ramey’s, the Dyess’, and the Pridgeon’s that referred you to us are all still happy American Fiberglass Pool owners in spite of all the years since their pools were installed. I promise that Henry will be your installer too. Even after him being here for 36 years, I wish I could clone him! I am working on the numbers for the San Jacinto and spillover spa as you requested on Tuesday.

  16. Bradford E. says:

    I am just amazed at your 46 years in the pool biz. Seems like you always hear about pool companies here today and gone tomorrow.
    Congratulations and please give me a call @ 979*******. We live in Boling. Thank you.

    • wayne says:

      It’s been 46 years since I walked around my first American Fiberglass Pool and 48 years since I walked around my very first fiberglass pool. Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday. You are quite right that lots of pool builders seem to come and go like walking thru a revolving door. This is all the more reason to have your pool built by a pool company with a lot of history. We are pleased that you made the decision to have American Fiberglass Pools build our model Frio at your ranch. As discussed this past Saturday, expect us there in mid-April.

  17. Pete says:

    I am looking to have a fiberglass pool installed this spring.
    Call please at 281***-****

    • wayne says:

      Welcome to our family of American Fiberglass Pool owners! The American Fiberglass Pool model San Jacinto has been our #1 seller for the last 3 years.