Have you always wanted an elegant, serene, edenesque type of setting in your backyard?  Or is an oasis like lagoonish setting more to your liking?  Water features as described above and other design embellishments are a perfect way to fully integrate your pool into a “total design concept”.  Water features can be natural looking or modern looking and can be large or small.  All of them are intended to provide a relaxing or intimate environment.  To follow are a few types of popular water features.

1.         NATURAL STONE – This type of waterfall is priced by the “ton” which is the weight of the rocks being used for construction.  Probably the most common type of waterfall installed.  Usually the stone selected is a moss rock variety.  Moss rock is available in many color variations.  Typically you will find a lot of different sized and shaped stones to add to the natural appearance.  Most residential pool owners select 2-3 ton waterfalls.

2.         WATER SHEERS – Water sheers are available in many lengths ranging from 1’ – 4’ long.  they can be utilized by installing just above the waterline or by constructing a raised wall adjacent to the pool.  Often times pool buyers select to have multiple water sheers installed.  If a raised wall for the water sheers is constructed, the façade of the wall can be tiled, stoned, or covered with an overlay material that can also be installed on the pool deck.

3.         WATER WALLS OR WEEPING WALLS – These types of water features require the construction of a raised wall adjacent to the pool.  The idea is to have just a trickle of water rather than sheets of water or water falling over multiple levels of rock.  These are a nice addition to any pool, but out of all options, the least dramatic.

4.         MISTERS – They may be called by several names but all work for the purpose of spraying a mist of water over the pool surface.  As that mist falls back into the pool, the air cools the temperature of the water.  This is a rather nice effect when the 90-100 degree temperatures arrive.  The mister heads are located on the pool walls just above the water level in the pool.

5.         DECK JETS OR WATER ARCHS – These are pretty dramatic looking feature in any size pool.  The jets are adjustable and with the addition of LED or fiber optic lights, the WOW factor is very high!  These can be pricy but if you’re into adding a drop dead drama effect to your night time pool look, this is it.

Now a few tips for water feature construction.

a. Make sure the pool deck is capable of supporting the water feature weight.  This may require additional steel reinforcement of the deck and a thicker concrete pour at the water feature location.

b. Always pressure test the piping to the water feature prior to pouring concrete.  It can be quite a chore finding and repairing a leak if it entails having to remove concrete to do so.

c. Determine early in the pool design process exactly what you expect from a water feature.  Do you want lots of noise, a more serene sound, or is a trickle just right for your relaxation level?

Let me know which one is right for you.  We will be happy to send you lots of pics of each of these water features.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Pictures are nice! I guess you can do just about anything on a fiberglass pool just as you can on a concrete pool.
    I did not know that until I read this on your blog.
    Thank you for the info.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Glad you enjoyed our pics! It is true that it is possible to do almost every feature on a fiberglass pool thatis available on a concrete pool.

  2. Randy Young says:

    How do saltwater filters work with fiberglass pools? I have heard that water falls can have problems sometimes if a saltwater filter is installed. Thanks for the replys. Randy

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Saltwater chlorination units do not replace having a filter or pump. They are used in conjunction with them. On occasion saltwater units do effect natural stone waterfalls and natural stone decks. Discuss this with your potential pool guy/gal to see exactly what their recommendation is. As for us, we LOVE saltwater for chlorination and have never in close to 20 years ever had a client insist that we remove one for any reason.

  3. Stephen Moore says:

    You have a very good blog going here! The information is interesting and pertinent.
    Keep on keeping on!! Look forward to reading your future postings. S. M.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Thank you for the compliments! We are very happy that you enjoy our blog and please visit us again!

  4. Fisher says:

    I like the pictures you posted. I have heard of artificial rock that is put in place with gunite. Is this also availible on fiberglass pools? Do you have an opinion on the look of that type of waterfeature?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      We are always pleased that someone enjoys looking at our beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pools. Yes, the type of water feature you mentioned is available on fiberglass pools too. My own opinion is that nothing looks like natural rock except natural rock.

  5. Vincent Petters says:

    I also like the pics you posted. Have you ever seen or used any pre-formed waterfalls? We live in Arizona & they are pretty common here. Do you know how these hold up in our intense heat? Thank you, Vince

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Nice to know that you also enjoy looking at some of our handiwork! I have seen the artificial water features that you mentioned but have not seen older ones. My own guess is that the UV (ultra violet) from the sun out there will eventually lead to some degradation.

  6. Dalton Renner says:

    Hello Sir, What do you think about the addition of water slides to pools?
    When I was a kid we had one on my parents pool and it was a real blast!
    Seems like most of the newer pools I see rarely have a slide. Why is this?

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Water slides can be a lot of fun for kids. MOst of the slides have a 250 pound weight limit so leave them to the kids. Over the last 20 years or so manh pool guys / gals have refrained from installing them primarily due to potential injuries if the slide isused inappropriately.

  7. Remi says:

    I was borned in France. These fibreglass pools are very popular in my home country.
    France is the location of the first fibreglass pool facilities that uses only pre-programed robots to manufacture the pools. There are many other facilities across my country and the rest of the Eurozone that make fibreglass pools too.
    Fibreglass pools are the most common type of home pools that are provided in the Eurozone.
    I am interested to represent your pools in France. Please contact me at your earliest opportunity on my email. remi@———— Merci, Remi

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Statistically close to 70% of all pools installed in Europe are fiberglass pools. I have also seen pics of the robotic fiberglass pool manufacturing facility you reference. Just an amazing concept in my opinion! We have sent you information on how to become a distributor for us in France. We will be privileged to welcome you aboard.

  8. Thomas Hearne says:

    Nothig more relaxing to me than the sound of water trickling down the rocks into a pool. Takes away most of the stress of the day. Helps me relax so much that I swear the sand man comes sooner and my sleep is more restful.

    • R. Wayne Stringer says:

      Hi Thomas, glad to hear your American Fiberglass Pools we built last year is providing your private corner of paradise.
      When you get a chance, send me some pics of your pool. Thanks!


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