If you guessed American Fiberglass Pools, you are correct!   You can now pass go and collect $200!  American Fiberglass Pools have been blessed to assist all these states and countries because we have a well-built pool, timeless shapes and sizes, a fantastic warranty, a worldwide reputation for integrity and quality, and use all US manufactured materials.  What are the other countries that American Fiberglass Pools are located in?  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Angola, Sweden, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman, Aruba, Mexico, Canada and India.  Anyone of you want to sign up to travel with our pools to make sure they get to their end destination?  Truly we have quite an international resume that rivals any fiberglass pool manufacturer.  When you are investigating pool companies to build your family’s pool, I know that no other fiberglass pool seller can match our record of achievement around the world.  I’m sure that you want the best choice for your family and will want to select a pool company that does not need practice, but has soon to be 47 years of fiberglass pool experience, 4 generations of the founders family in the company, all with the SAME NAME, SAME LOCATION, SAME PHONE NUMBER, and SAME OWNERSHIP since 1971!  Now is the time to call about your own personal backyard resort!  A dry and mild winter is predicted in the South this year.  Conditions will be perfect for a quick and thorough installation of your family’s American Fiberglass Pool.  All work will be completed in plenty of time for you to have your yard landscaped and beautiful prior to the traditional pool season beginning in March.

Thought for the day:

“Honesty is a very expensive gift.  Don’t expect it from cheap people.” Warren Buffet

What this means to me….work only with people that have long histories of trust and experience.  Don’t expect the lowest bid to provide you with the most value.





San Jacinto

San Jacinto





  1. Katherine says:

    Wow! You guys are all over the world!! I just want a pool like your San Jacinto installed PDQ. Please call me at 713******* to chat.
    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Hey young lady! We are pleased to report that the HOA documents just arrived. Our plan is to begin the installation of your new American Fiberglass Pool next week!

  2. Beau Forrest says:

    I had no idea that you guys did this kind of business. Congratulations! We live in Grimes county in a rural setting. We have wanted a fiberglass pool ever since we moved into our home 3 years ago.
    Do you build pools in our area? If yes, contact us at 936-***-****.
    Would like to have the pool complete before our Christmas company arrives from out of state.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for the kind words. We expect to install your concrete pool deck next week once this rain stops. The pool will be ready before Christmas as we promised.

  3. Scared Silly says:

    Very cool to know this info about your company.
    I have an estimate from another fiberglass builder but the sales guy was too pushy and I did not feel comfortable.
    I would like to see what you can do with my backyard.
    My phone is 832-***-****

    • wayne says:

      Unfortunately I hear about other pool companies pushy sales guys all the time. I truly believe it is a disservice to the industry and the buying public for sales guys to act like ‘used car salesmen’. I’m glad we were able to get together and want to thank you again for selecting American Fiberglass Pools as your pool builder of choice. We are expecting to start the installation of your pool right after the new year when your new home is expected to be completed.

  4. Edward Saba says:

    I am from the Holy Land. Fiber glass pools have become the most popular pool for homes there. I am very interested in conversing with your company as a supplier to my construction company. You may contact me via email at ERS@************.com

    • wayne says:

      Thank you for contacting us and we are excited to ship you that first load of 8 American Fiberglass Pools in late January. We are not surprised that fiberglass pools are so popular in the Holy Land.

  5. Lawrence G says:

    Thanks for letting me know all this about you guys.We live out in Huntsville and have wanted a pool forever. Seems that fiberglass is the way to go. We have done a ton of research about pools of every kind. Call us at 936*******. Best time to call is after 6pm.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for selecting us to be your pool company! Hope your new home will be completed in February as you expect. We will begin our work shortly thereafter.

  6. Darin & Zaina says:

    Wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did on our new pool last month. We absolutely could not be more pleased with every step of the process.
    The crews were all courteous, had patience and were very willing to answer our million questions during the construction.Henry was a great guy, a hard worker, and was really in to the details.
    We love our pool and will be letting every one know that the pool builder was American Pools.

  7. Tony Hermes says:

    Great read. Have enjoyed your blog for 3yrs! Keep on making a awesome product. Need one at my place.

  8. Brett Peirson says:

    There sure is a ton of nice info on the web about fiberglass pools and your company. I have previously owned a gunite pool and I can truthfully say that it was a lot of work even though it was only 3 years old when I bought that house. I am looking for lower maintenance, less chemicals, and less money to spend taking care of the pool. Call me please at 832***-****.
    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Look no more for a pool with “lower maintenance, less chemicals, and less money to spend taking care of it”. The beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool model Pecos we will be installing for your family after the first of the year will cover all your requirements.

  9. Jorge Marin says:

    I live in Seguin TX. I would like to own a large pool, fiberglass only. The pool builders here can provide only 15 ft max widths. It seems you have POOLS up to 19 ft. Wide.

    Please call me at your convenience. 210-***-****.

  10. Tim Chandler says:

    Our interest in a new pool is solely for a fiberglass pool. I want to enjoy my pool, not have to spend hours a week scrubbing it.
    Sure would like to speak with a representative from American Pools to get your suggestions on what pool model will work best for us. We kind of like the LLano if it will fit.
    Call at 512-*******.

    • wayne says:

      The Llano American Fiberglass Pool model will be a real treat for your family to enjoy this spring. It perfectly fits your yard. Look for us to be there to start the project in January.

  11. Eric hogan says:

    Do you work with anyone in utah?

    • wayne says:

      Hello Eric, we will soon have a couple of dealers in Utah. In the mean time we will do all we can to assist you from here at the American Fiberglass Pool factory.

  12. Henri Breder says:

    Please contact me at 713*******.
    I want a small fiberglass pool.

    • wayne says:

      Sorry that your yard was all utility easements. Please keep us in mind if you decide to move to another home.

  13. Rob Samuelson says:

    I know 2 other family’s that have your American Fiberglass Pools. They are both at least 10 yrs old. The owners are still happy and the pools still look beautiful.
    Now I need one for my family too.
    Call at 281-***-****.

    Thank you!

    • wayne says:

      Welcome aboard Rob! We thank your friends for referring you to us. We know you will be as happy as they are once your American Fiberglass Pool model San Jacinto is completed.

  14. Marcus B. says:

    A call would be appreciated from one of your sales persons. We are looking at your pool called the Frio.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for your recent purchase of our American Fiberglass Pool model Frio! Just wait until you see how much swim area is in an 18′ x 42′ pool!

  15. Gerald Valencia says:

    Thanks for sharing this info with us.We want to have our pool built by a company that has a resume like yours.

    Have someone contact us at 281*******.
    We live in Magnolia so there are trees and a septic system that will have to be worked around. We need your expertise to let us know what will fit in our space.

  16. Cherie Eakins says:

    Congratulations on having a such a spectacular biz history! Can you provide an elevator speech on the differences between your fiberglass pools and your competitor’s fiberglass pools?

    You Can call me at 979******* for an appointment.

    • wayne says:

      Absolutely! American Fiberglass Pools are made locally with only USA made materials. Our almost 50 years in business allows us to offer long term, meaningful warranties at affordable prices. Guess you like the “elevator speech” since we are going to construct your American Fiberglass Pool model Trinity in January!

  17. P. Salas says:

    Please contact me. Your pool the Guadalupe is an intriguing size & design.


  18. Teo Pagan says:

    I have followed your Blog for many years. I have wanted a fiberglass swimming pool for longer than that! Could you kindly have someone from your company give me a call?
    My cell number is 936-***-****
    Always best to call me during the evening before 9pm as I work a night shift.


    • wayne says:

      We are so pleased to be your pool builder of choice. You will truly enjoy the American Fiberglass Pool model Rio Bravo you have purchased.

  19. Quinton says:

    Impressive that you do so much biz overseas.
    We have been studying types of pools available and pool contractors locally for several years. Fiber glass is the only way to go. You can call at 713*******.