American Fiberglass Pools are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional (concrete) pools.  Choosing an American Fiberglass Pool is an environmentally responsible choice.


●American Fiberglass Pools have low embodied energy.  Embodied energy is defined as     “the total energy required to produce a product from the raw materials through delivery”.

●American Fiberglas Pools are a great insulator against heat and cold.  Fiberglass helps to conserve energy while reducing operating cost.

●American Fiberglass Pools are made from super durable materials with an indefinite life cycle.  This eliminates replacement cost and expensive repairs.  You won’t find fiberglass Pools going into a land fill like a  broken out concrete structure.

●American Fiberglass Pools’ main ingredient is fiberglass which is made from sand that is an abundant resource.

●American Fiberglass Pools use less chlorine and other chemicals due to the inert  smooth interior finish as compared to concrete pools.

●American Fiberglass Pools do not emit chemicals into the pool water or the soil behind it.  Concrete pools emit alkaline, calcium, lye, and other chemicals into the pool water and adjacent soils.

American Fiberglass Pools is dedicated to environmental leadership.  We maintain full compliance with the 1990 Clean Air Act.  Our factory meets or exceeds all required EPA and TWAQC requirements.

So make your next pool an American Fiberglas Pool that will provide your family with a lifetime of enjoyment and will be a beautiful addition to your yard.  It will also be an environmentally sustainable green product that will not hurt our precious environment.


Quote of the day:        “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time”.

Abraham Lincoln

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  1. F. Staniel says:

    It is good to know that your company cares so much for the world around us all.
    My congratulations for your success up to now & may you always enjoy life as a”green” machine.

  2. Gregory Harrison says:

    I would expect no less from you guys.
    You are a top shelf group to work with and we appreciate all that you did for us while building our new fiberglass pool last year.


    • wayne says:

      Thanks sir! You were extra nice folks to work with and it was certainly our privilege to assist your family.

  3. Tim Larroca says:

    Way to go!

  4. Erika Kleinhurst says:

    Your company owners obviously make the right choices in life. Your clients should be pleased about that and want to do business with environmentally respectful people like you.

  5. Nancy Roberts says:

    We built a concrete pool 3 yrs. ago. In spite of my well known “green” thumb, the chemicals put into the soil by my pool kills my landscaping efforts every few months. I wish we had known about your pools back then..sigh.
    We could have saved a ton of money and frustration.

    • wayne says:

      I have heard a lot about this phenomenon numerous times over the years. Threes, oak trees in particular, are very sensitive to the alkaline the gunite shell emits into the soil. Other chemicals like calcium and lime are also negative by products of buried concrete structures like pools. These can definitely effect many types of plants and flowers. We are pleased to say American Fiberglass Pools DO NOT cause the same soil contamination issues that gunite / concrete pools do!

  6. John Carey says:

    You guys are incredible when building pools.
    Both my neighbor and I are pleased to the moon about the beautiful jobs you did last year for us!

    Did not know that our pools were green products but it makes perfect sense.

    J C

    • wayne says:

      Hey John! Nice to hear from you and very pleased that your family as well as the Bradfords are so pleased with our workmanship! Happy swimming this year.

  7. Paula O. says:

    You folks are really great to work with.
    Your crew is very friendly and super efficient.
    The pool is a breeze to take care of and we are recommending you every time someone we know says they want a pool.

    Being a green product makes us even more pleased that we have an American Pool!!!

    • wayne says:

      Hi Paula, You were wonderful to work with too! Glad you’re well pleased and thank you for all the folks you send our way!!!

  8. Kyle Cline says:

    My wife and I are interested in having a fiberglass pool built this spring. Our home is in Victoria. Please give us a call at 361-***-****.

    Thanks, Kyle

    • wayne says:

      In spite of all the bad weather, we are happy to say your final inspection occurred yesterday! Your pool school is scheduled for this Saturday at 9. We were privileged to work with your family! Happy swimming (soon)!

  9. Ed Shelby says:

    Lots of storage tanks are made out of fibre glas. They do not allow chemicals and various toxins to pollute the soils adjacent to them.

    Fibre glas is such a safe and diverse building product that is used for many every day products around us that most people are not even aware of.

    • wayne says:

      Thanks for joining us! Your thoughts are appreciated and absolutely correct. Please join us again.

  10. Ramirez6 says:

    We were born in Mexico where until recently no one paid much attention to the environment.
    We are pleased to know that the pool we purchased from you last year is beautiful and safe for the environment our children will grow up to inherit.

    • wayne says:

      Hey Raul, Nice to know you joined us! Wish y’all a lifetime of healthy swimming activity.

  11. Larry Hardin says:

    We need you to call us about getting a pool.
    We have checked out the background of your company and you are definitely the kind of people that we are looking for to help us.


    Thank you.

    • wayne says:

      Glad we were able to assist you in getting your home refinanced along with including your new American Fiberglass Pool in the process. We will be beginning the pool construction next week if the weather allow! Happy swimming (soon)!