American Fiberglass Pools have become a fancy to many families due to our summer conditions lasting longer and becoming more unbearable with each passing swim season.  Add to this the affordable pricing and the ease of maintenance and you have a truly winning combination that is soooo appealing during the hot and humid days that are with us each year.

American Fiberglass Pools can be small cocktail type pools or as large as our 43’ long by 19’ wide Guadalupe.  Add a spa to any American Fiberglass Pool and you have a year round backyard resort ready for your family’s enjoyment in a matter of minutes or as long as it takes to slip into a bathing suit!

American Fiberglass Pools can turn your backyard into a multi-recreational play ground that can include a diving competition in one or our diving capable models, a slam dunk contest of water basketball, or a water volleyball tournament.

Almost everyone that purchases an American Fiberglass Pool does so with the intent of using the pool for recreation or for exercise purposes and fully intends, and do, use the pool as their backyard’s center of attention.  There are so many items that are available to enhance your new American Fiberglass Pool for both therapeutic and recreational use such as floating chairs, games, flippers, mask and such.

American Fiberglass Pools are widely selected due to the non-abrasive interior finish made of smooth, non-porous gelcoats.  These gelcoats are especially adept at avoiding stains and algae penetrations that plague gunite / concrete pools in particular.

American Fiberglass Pools are constructed of materials that last basically forever.  Fiberglass reinforced products (FRP) are manufactured on large molds in a building that has a temperature controlled and dust free environment rather than outside conditions subject to rain, wind, dust and pollution.

American Fiberglass Pools have proven for almost 43 years that unlike gunite/concrete pools, that they are not prone to cracking due to soil conditions.  American Fiberglass Pools have even been installed in earthquake prone areas with a great track record of success.

American Fiberglass Pools require a minimal amount of maintenance.  Most of our customers report that they spend literally minutes a week keeping the pool clean and the pool water balanced to perfection.  Many of our customers have previously owned other types of swimming pools that they report pale in comparison to the easy to care for American Fiberglass Pool surface.

Further, since the American Fiberglass Pool is manufactured and delivered to your backyard as one monolithic unit, it tends to install much quicker than gunite/concrete pools.  This means you are ready to swim much quicker, get your landscaping in place much faster, and are ready to plan those pool parties on summer holidays, birthdays, and graduations.

What better way to keep the kids playing at home and not down the street outside your area of supervision.  So now all you have to do is make the educated, easy choice of pool ownership.  Owning an American Fiberglass Pool will provide you with a constant source of pleasure, recreation, healthy exercise and all this is available right outside your back door.

Quote of the day: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”   Mae West


  1. T. L. Charles says:

    Bought our pool from your Dad in 1973.
    Never forget how he got on his hands and knees to eyeball the levelness of the pool installation or how he personally poured our large concrete deck in only 45 minutes with one helper.
    Everything has remained pretty much the same with the pool after all these years, FANTASTIC!

    Guess your Dad is retired now but please impart our thanks to him for a job well done and we wish your company continued success.

    • wayne says:

      Thank you Mr. Charles. I remember your pool well. I was that one helper getting the pool deck poured! My dad was a one-of-a-kind guy and passed away back in June of 2012. We miss him a bunch but he has sons, grandsons, and great-grand sons carrying on his legacy.

  2. Walt Boerne says:

    Our plans are to have a fibre glass pool built at our lake house on Lake Sam Rayburn before Xmas.
    Can you call us to set up an appt?

    936-***-**** gets me most any time.

    • wayne says:

      Hey Walt, FYI, your beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool was manufactured this week. Our ETA on commencing work is 12/15 or so with allowable weather.

  3. Shawn says:

    Keeping the kids at home, safe, and entertained makes our pool invaluable.

  4. Mary Morgan says:

    Our family watches very little TV since we built our American Fiberglass pool 3 years ago.
    My husband is always outside in the kitchen we had built, the kids are always swimming or entertaining their pals, and I lounge beside the pool more than I ever imagined.

    It is a tough life huh?

    • wayne says:

      An envious life style you have there Mary! Tell Ted I said hey! I also appreciate the pics you sent me of your backyard resort.

  5. Hoss Cents says:

    Pools are a safe, clean, beautiful alternative to more costly activities that require gasoline, airline tickets, etc.

    Our family swims almost every day.

  6. Bryan says:

    Swimming pool time at our house is only bested by meal times.

    • wayne says:

      I’ve been there many times between growing up with an American Fiberglass Pool and my own kids later being like little piranhas!

  7. M.L. Dukes says:

    I have followed your Blog for almost a year.
    It is time to pull the trigger on one of your pools. We do not want a odd shape that confines our swim space. The Rio Bravo model is our first choice. Guess you need to see our yard first to make any suggestions you have.
    Please call us at 936*******

    • wayne says:

      Welcome aboard. We are expecting your HOA paperwork back anytime. We will start your pool shortly after that.

  8. Reilly says:

    Great fun, great exercise, great atmosphere, great entertainment, great to own a pool!

  9. G. Parkware says:

    Pools will change your lifestyle and spending habits at the same time. You will spend less $$$ since you will not feel the need for traveling, your pool will be the best get-a-way you have ever had. It is also the handiest one you will ever have.

  10. J. Meriweither says:

    Get a hot tub with your pool so you can reward Mom & Dad too!
    We use our HT all winter long when the pool is too cold to swim.