Why Fiberglass Pools are Best for All Adverse Soil Conditions

Seems like lately that some of our “gunite /concrete” pool builder brethren are hiring a bunch of uninformed sales people. Why do I say this? Quite frankly it seems like they are reciting the same old scare tactics we used to hear often 40 years ago back in the 1970’s. What are they saying? Well, here we go again….
“We don’t offer fiberglass pools in this part of the country since they don’t stand up in our expansive soil conditions. So we only recommend and build gunite pools.”
My first reaction whether on the phone or in person with a potential pool buyer that tells me what the gunite salesperson said is always the same, a big smile. Why? Because American Fiberglass Pools has been manufacturing and installing fiberglass pools now for over 42 years. A chunk of them are located throughout the Houston, TX metro area. My first response is always the same to the potential buyer. Does it make any sense to you that if that gunite sales person was telling you a truth that American Fiberglass Pools would still be here installing fiberglass pools in this area for the last 42 years? The potential pool buyer’s response is almost always the same too. It is “You’re right. What the gunite sales person said can’t possibly be true based on your success.”Fiberglass Pools
Come on gunite pool builders. Try a little harder to inform and teach your sales people better before sending them out into the market place. Teach them to sell their products and themselves without the use of those “trite” scare tactics that seemed to have disappear for the last 30 years or so. I mean come on, it is 2013 for crying out loud!
Fiberglass Pools are and have been installed under every possible soil conditions for close to 50 years now. In every state in the USA and most countries around the world, from the frozen tundra of the Russian Steppes to the earthquake zones of California, Mexico, and Hawaii. I venture to say that in my long career in the pool biz I have seen 20 times more problems with gunite pools than I have with fiberglass pools. Just think a little bit. Don’t our streets & freeways crack and shift? Don’t our home’s foundation crack and shift? Even our driveways and sidewalks tend to crack and buckle over time. Most of these things are stronger and thicker than gunite pools. Bottom line, when a potential buyer actually educates themselves on the well-known flexural and tensile strength of a fiberglass pool and then compares it to the unmitigated, unyielding rigidity of a gunite/concrete product, the real truth will be apparent. Upon completion of that education on pools, it will be obvious that fiberglass pools are completely ideal and the best choice of pool construction in even the most adverse soil conditions.
A fiberglass pool is the most resilient, most adaptive pool structure made, period. It truly does not matter whether the soil condition is clay, rock, sand or as we call it hear in Texas, black gumbo soil. The fiberglass pool is able to adapt to any type of soil conditions and is the only type of pool construction that can.
Now I know that some of you reading this are thinking, “Sure Wayne, what else should we expect you to say.” My answer is to encourage you to follow our blog on a regular basis and you will know how much experience that I speak from and that I am a fair and respected member of the pool industry for over forty years.
So in closing, don’t be hoodwinked, misinformed, or swayed by the scare tactics of a clueless gunite sales person. I always welcome all replies to our conversations or better yet, give us a call at 800-324-7665 and let’s talk about this together.

44 Responses to “Why Fiberglass Pools are Best for All Adverse Soil Conditions”

  1. Sailaway says:

    You are so right. When we bought our fiberglass pool 2 years ago a gunite pool builder that advertised they did both kinds of pools blasted fiberglass pools. When I ask why then did his company have fiberglass pools offered on it’s site, he said they did not work in the Texas Gulf Coast area. What a LIE! A little bit of research found you and that tens of thousands of fiberglass pools are all around here. We are so glad we found you and enjoyed meeting a few of your 40 plus year old pool owners.
    You folks are simply the BEST!

  2. Hef says:

    The simple truth is that concrete pools are the pools with issues in expansive soil areas.
    My neighbor’s concrete pool popped and cracked recently. The pool was built only 3years ago.

    My suggestion to concrete pool builders is don’t throw rocks when you live in glass houses.

    • wayne says:

      You are right sir! In my computer I have close to 60 pics of “floated” gunite pools. The problem is a lot more common than anyone knows.

  3. Greg,Jr. says:

    Poor sales people always make up stuff to steer people away from the truth. Truth is always the best salesmanship. Smoke, mirrors & such are nothing more than mind games.

    On the other hand, public documents & articles, real news is all fair to present to a client so that they can make an informed decision.

    • wayne says:

      I agree sir! Some sales people do not know how to sell. They can only bad mouth the competition whether it is true or not.

  4. Brady D. says:

    Your posting hit the nail on the head. I really believe that some of these gunite sales people get desperate when they lose so many pool contracts to fiberglass pool builders. They are smearing a fantastic space age product that people fly on, float on, & drive on every day.
    The world cannot turn without the use of fiberglass.

  5. Douglas Pettite. says:

    My investigation shows that there are a lot of pool companies that build both gunite and fiberglass pools.
    Seems that they may be the smartest pool builders yet since they can offer the pool buying public a choice.

    • wayne says:

      Pool builders building fiberglass and gunite pools are becoming more and more prevalent every day all around the country.

  6. XLman says:

    There are too many advantages with fiberglass pools to sell against them.
    All a gunite sales guy can do is tell lies & innuendos to try to make a sale.


    • wayne says:

      The advantages of fiberglass pools are many. The disadvantages of fiberglass pools are few. A large portion of our sales are to folks that had a gunite pool before and just won’t have one again.

  7. M. Carlisle says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Remember me? I was one of your Dad’s early customers from back in 1972.
    I took quite a beating from friends way back then since I bought a fiberglass pool instead of the concrete pools they all had.
    Guess what, I am smiling since I have never put another penny into my pool all these years and my buds have had to pay for numerous replasters, tile replacements, and crack repairs.
    In direct response to your blog, I heard all that garbage from the concrete pool guys too. They flat out lied.
    Your Dad’s sales guy, Eric Portier, was correct in telling me that my American Pool would last a lifetime. It has!
    Best wishes, Melvin

    • wayne says:

      So nice to hear from you sir! Glad to know that you are still enjoying all the benefits of an American Fiberglass Pool after 42 years!

  8. Sassy Suzy II says:

    Our experience was as you so deftly described when we had pool salesmen visit our house early this year. Our minds were made up that a fiber glass pool was best when we decided the gunite salesmen were obviously truly afraid of losing us to a fiber glass pool.
    The decision was easy once we absorbed all the advantages that fiber glass had to offer over the gunite.
    Knowledge is something that smears and tale tales cannot overcome.
    BTW, we sure have enjoyed our American Fiberglass Pool this summer.
    We will send you some pictures soon when our outdoor kitchen is completed.

    • wayne says:

      Glad to hear you are having a blast in your American Fiberglass Pool. We look forward to receiving those pics.

  9. Okie Pool Dude says:

    I do not grasp the sales concepts of some of these concrete pool builders. Fiberglass is once again the fastest growing segment of the inground pool industry for over 20 years in a row.
    Those concrete pool guys need another pot or two of cowboy coffee in order to wake up and see the pool industry changing all around them.

    Fiberglass pools are here to stay!


    • wayne says:

      Truly spoken sir! Fiberglass pools have been the fastest growing segment of the pool market nationwide for 23 years now.

  10. John Weeks says:

    I used to sell fiberglass pools for a pool builder in Florida back in the 70′s.
    I have continued to watch the product continuous growth thru the years. I just cannot believe that those gunite pool guys are still up to the same old tricks as way back then.
    I still think that fiberglass pools are the only way to build a pool.

  11. Liza Ivey says:

    Seems like the gunite pool boys are really afraid of all the advantages that fiberglass pools have.
    Why else then would they make up such outrageous lies?

    Everyone should know by now that gunite pools are too difficult to take care of.


    • wayne says:

      Gunite pools require more chemicals, more cleaning, more attention, and in most cases more money to build.

  12. Rahm Dinnerstein says:

    Selling a product correctly does not require telling fibs about the competition.

    Fiberglass pool owners will tell you that they LOVE their pool.

    • wayne says:

      We build pools for a least 12-15 repeat customers every year. People just love all the advantages of owning a fiberglass pool.

  13. George Torres says:

    The biggest problems while owning a gunite pool are cracking of the structure due to soil expansion or contraction and that weak, pourous plaster finish. A fibre glass pool cannot be beat for longitivity or for having so much LESS maintenance.

    • wayne says:

      Correct sir! We have a ton of 40 plus year old American Fiberglass Pools that have never required any work on them since original construction.

  14. Franklin Janacek says:

    We were shopping for a new pool to be installed in October. It was really sickening to hear gunite pool sales people bash fiberglass pools as well as each other.
    We enjoyed our meeting with you and were impressed by your knowledge and professionalism. Some of your 40 yr. old references were a hoot to speak with.
    Your explanation on fiberglass pool attributes made perfect sense to us. We are so glad that we decided to have an American Fiberglass Pool built for our family and look forward to the start of the pool in a couple of months.

    • wayne says:

      We are so proud to have assisted your family and wish you many moons of cool, refreshing, and carefree pool ownership.

  15. Lana Choice says:

    I agree that the gunite salesmen we talked to were gave us some pathetic responses regarding our questions about fiberglass pools.
    None of their negatives made any sense.
    I suggest that anyone looking at pools fully investigate the differences between construction materials available.
    If you do, it is likely you will like what you find written about fiberglass pools. We sure did & so did 2 of our neighbors this spring.

    • wayne says:

      It’s customers like you that make our biz a lot of fun. I enjoyed all the fresh strawberry tea you provided us while building your family’s pool.

  16. Samuel Curtin says:

    I really like the way that you set things straight and tell things like it is.
    Been following your blog for 8-9 months now.
    Have told my pals about it and they check in regularly on it too.
    Just thought you should know this so keep up the great work!!!!!

    • wayne says:

      Thanks sir! We also trust that we will be able to assist you and your friends with a beautiful, affordable, VERY LOW maintenance American Fiberglass Pool someday. Please visit us again.

  17. Ralph Jonnmeir says:

    I like your writing style!
    You have no fear about writing on subjects that others would not even approach.

    Please keep things as interesting[controversial] as you can.

    Great , great read you have here!

  18. C Daws says:

    I think the reason you are seeing the garbage from the gunite salesmen again is because you are seeing a new generation of salesman. I think the older guys knew better than to knock fiberglass pools. They KNEW how to sell a product & themselves. These young guys will have to take the time to learn how to really sell & to understand the products they are saying is so bad has been successful in the market place for longer than they have even been alive!

    • wayne says:

      Spot on! Hopefully as these young sales people get seasoned they will know the truth sets you free!

  19. Jaymes Bronsonn says:

    Time will not ease the pain of these gunite pool salesmen as they compete against fibre glass pools.
    Expect fibre glass pools to continue to become more and more popular as pool buyers research the web more and more to read the tons of advantages.

  20. Gere Grossman says:

    Fiberglass pool sales will get their percentage of sales no matter what the other guys say. There is just too much positive info out there on the web.

  21. Niles Britainy says:

    This is not quite on topic but I had to say my family thanks you from the heart for our American Pool that you finished on August 5.
    You folks are tireless workers and wanted everything to be perfect for us and it is!!

    Niles and family….

  22. Russell Makris says:

    I sell gunite pools for a national pool company. I believe 100% that you are correct that as a whole, we as sales people are somewhat lax in the knowledge of fiberglass pool advantages. After reading this blog, I now understand that your type of pool is popular for a number of valid reasons. Never again will I speak ill of fiberglass pools.
    Thank you for enlightening us.

    • wayne says:

      Russell, Welcome to our blog. I congratulate you”seeing the light”. All the best to your career in the pool biz. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.